7 Awsome places for a day trip from Shiraz by car
Last Updated on 16 November 2022

For a long time, Shiraz has been Iran's cultural and artistic capital and is recognized as one of the oldest cities in the country. However, have you ever heard about the attractions in the surroundings of Shiraz? If you are one of the tourists who have traveled to Shiraz, you may want to visit the places of interest in the surroundings of Shiraz after touring the city and go on a day trip from Shiraz. During the spring and summer, when the weather in this region is very hot, you can escape to nature and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

There is no shortage of Shiraz attractions, but in this article, we will talk about some of these attractions so that you can enjoy them while planning your trip. Indeed, all these 7 places we will introduce to you in the following sections of this article are among the best tourist attractions in Fars province and around Shiraz city, allowing you to comfortably visit them by car and go on a day trip from Shiraz. Stay tuned with Navaran Magazine throughout this article.

Mount Derek

7 Awsome places for a day trip from Shiraz by car

Derek Mountain of Shiraz is among the famous mountains of Shiraz, and it is located along the Zagros Mountain Range. This large and beautiful mountain is located northwest of Shiraz. It has an interesting stone tablet on the peak revealing some information about Mount Derek in Fars Province. In 2013, Shiraz Municipality decided to construct a mountain park in this recreational area. Before that, the peaks of Derek Mountain, covered with snow until the beginning of December, were obviously a place for recreation and climbing for the travelers.

Derek Mountain Park is considered one of the largest parks in Iran, constructed on Derek Mountain's slopes in Shiraz. The park's clean air, beautiful views of the city, and nearby nature from Derek Shiraz Mountain are among the most popular attractions of this park. Needless to say, the beautiful nature of the Red Mountains in the west of Derek Mountain and the presence of attractions such as Golestan Mountain Park of Shiraz draws many tourists from around Shiraz to this area.

There are facilities such as a bicycle path, a hiking trail, a pavilion, toilets, a children's playground, a zip line, a medicinal plant garden, an artificial lake and a cafe in this park, all of which are the perfect choice to spend an unforgettable getaway in the heart of the mountains and makes it a perfect place for a day trip from Shiraz. You can rent bicycles and motorcycles for the hiking, biking and motorcycle routes in this park; however, because of the mountainous location of the route and the big slope, you must have the necessary skills and be careful.

If you are thinking about going to this mountain, you can find it in the northwest of the city of Shiraz, near the Hosseini Al-Hashemi highway and Barf Foroushan town. This mountain starts in the west of Shiraz and ends in the village of Aliabad when coming from the northwest. You can rent a car in Shiraz and drive to this mount. You can park your car in the parking lot of Ehsan Complex on the way to Derek Mountain.


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Maharlu Lake

7 Awsome places for a day trip from Shiraz by car

The Maharlu Lake is one of the most spectacular natural places to visit near Shiraz and known as a great place for a day trip from Shiraz. Lake Maharlu is also famous as the pink lake. This is due to the growth of a type of algae in the water, giving the lake a pink and red color. This lake is regarded as part of the forbidden hunting area of Maharlu in Shiraz, making it a refuge and habitat for migratory birds such as flamingos.

With an area of 24 thousand hectares, the lake is located at an altitude of 1560 meters above sea level. Maharlu lake's length is 31 km, and its maximum width is 11 km. On average, the lake's depth is 50 cm, and its deepest point is 3 meters when the lake is full. This lake's water contains sodium magnesium chloride and sodium sulfate. During the dry season, it is recognized as one of the largest salt deposits in Iran.

Maharlu is a seasonal lake that is mostly dry in summer and becomes full of water again in autumn and winter when it rains. This lake is fed by rainfall and the Khoshk, Chenarah and Sultan Abad rivers. Together, these rivers collect the floods from the west of Shiraz and discharge into Lake Maharlu. In the catchment area of Lake Maharlu, many springs also flow into the lake.

Lake Maharlu lies about 18 km southeast of Shiraz and about 60 km from the road from Shiraz to Fasa. You can find this lake near the village of Maharlu or Dasht Gol. You have to travel to the province of Fars and the city of Shiraz to get to Maharlu Lake. You will then take the road from Shiraz to Fasa, and about 60 kilometers later, you will arrive at the village of Maharlu. You can drive to the lake from there. As it is not far from Shiraz, Maharlu lake is a perfect choice for a day trip from Shiraz.

Dom-e asb canyon

7 Awsome places for a day trip from Shiraz by car

Dom-e asb canyon is 40 kilometers south of Shiraz in the Kohmereh Sorkhi area of Korehbes village. It takes about an hour from Shiraz city center to Dom-e asb canyon. Dom-e asb canyon and its beautiful waterfall are regarded as one of the most charming places to visit in Shiraz, thanks to its exciting and beautiful route. Its name comes from a waterfall that looks like a ponytail. Indeed, this waterfall represents an extension of the dom-e asb river, which flows down from the high cliffs and resembles a ponytail. This waterfall's height reaches thirty meters.

This beautiful area was formed from a terrible earthquake that shook the neighboring land and transformed the river that flowed through this area into a Dom-e asb canyon, a Dom-e asb waterfall and a two-hundred-meter-long lake. Going to Dom-e asb canyon can be exciting and fun for people planning group and social adventures. To get to the beautiful waterfall of Dom-e asb canyon, you must climb the slopes of the high rocky mountains and follow the water path.

Several sections of this river path are very narrow and have the width of a man, allowing only one person to pass through. The trail to the Dom-e asb Waterfall is filled with lush oaks, pomegranates, oregano, shrubs and short-leaved plants. All sorts of wildlife, reptiles and large hunting birds live in this area; however, because of the presence of tourists, they are not visible near the narrow area of the ponytail. You should definitely consider Dom-e Asb canyon among your list of places for a day trip from Shiraz.

Barm Firooz Lake and Mountain

7 Awsome places for a day trip from Shiraz by car

Let's go 90 km from the north of Shiraz city. We will arrive at a city with a pleasant climate, one of the most picturesque cities in Fars province. This place's cool climate will provide us with freshness and a great state of health. Within this area, where there is nothing but green for our eyes to see, there is a mountain with a beautiful lake on its slope. The highest point of this mountain is called "Riz Boland" peak, which is 3720 meters above sea level. In this regard, it is the second-highest peak in Fars province and the first-highest peak in Sepidan city. Known as "Barm Firooz" peak, it has a unique and special lake in the north.

There is another mountain located near Barm peak, called "Qalagerd" mountain, which has an altitude of 3650 meters, helping to create a unique landscape. The high altitude of Barm mount resulted in a lot of rain and snow, and many springs arose in the heart of Barm mount thanks to the blessing of these rains. If you are a nature lover, you should consider visiting this place for a day trip from Shiraz.

Among the most famous springs from this high mountain is the "Shesh Pir" spring, of which the clear and mineral-rich water has brought a soul to the people of this region and other cities. Rainfall on the top of Barm Firooz, which can reach 1000 milliliters, has made this mountain covered with snow most of the year. When the snow melts, the lake of Barm Firooz bursts into life and turns into one of the most water-rich lakes in Fars Province. All these make it a good choice for a Shiraz one day tour.

Traveling to Barm Firooz is a very interesting and exciting trip. Experiencing climbing the peaks of the Zagros Mountains and arriving at a beautiful and dreamy lake will make this trip an unforgettable experience full of happy memories. To reach this charming place, you must drive about 19 kilometers north of Ardakan Fars.

Ghalat Village

7 Awsome places for a day trip from Shiraz by car

Ghalat village is a favorite tourist attraction around Shiraz, attracting many visitors with its pleasant and cool weather even in the hot season. You will be attracted to this summer village at first sight with its paved paths, terraced houses on the hillside, green trees, unique nature, water springs coming out of the heart of the mountain, deep valley and historical sights. When traveling to Shiraz, do not miss out on visiting the village of Ghalat for your day trip from Shiraz, where you will find traces of the great Iranian poet Saadi.

Located next to a beautiful spring and amidst many trees and green gardens on the road from Yasouj to Shiraz, Ghalat can be reached in about 40 to 50 minutes from the heart of Shiraz. The village of Ghalat is about 940 kilometers away from Tehran. The village is located near the mountain Ghalat (red mountain). The mountain surrounds the village from the south, east and west as a big wall, and the village is only accessible from the north. The Qara Aghaj River, rising on the heights of Tusk Mountain and flowing to water the lower reaches, has given the village of Ghalat a beautiful sight.

Ghalat village has two parts, the new and the old settlement. The new settlement is located at the entrance of the village of Ghalat. Having crossed this section and Qezel Arsalan Street, you will arrive at the old Ghalat complex. This section will lead you to see the unique architecture of famous masters with a wide and paved passage. Ghalat village’s buildings are constructed in the form of stairs, one or two-story houses with a flat roof. You cannot see the terraced houses well when you move a kilometer away from Ghalat village since they are hidden by tall trees.

To reach the village of Ghalat, from Shiraz you take the road to Sepidan (Ardakan). After driving approximately 25 kilometers, you will arrive at the sign of Ghalat village and its underpass. You should know that the asphalt road leading to Ghalat village is actually not of good quality; however, the road inside the village is paved and you can drive your car to the center of the village. Leave your car parked and continue walking from the village center.

Margoon Waterfall

7 Awsome places for a day trip from Shiraz by car

Margoon Waterfall, with a height of 70 meters and a width of 100 meters, is among the most splendid and tallest waterfalls in Iran and a landmark of Sepidan and is said to be one of the highest spring waterfalls in the world. Located 130 km from Shiraz and 55 km from Sepidan, this beautiful 70 meters high waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. A lot of tourists visit this waterfall in spring and summer and appreciate the pure environment, the beautiful view, the pleasant sound of the water, and so on, all of which make this place a good choice for a day trip from Shiraz.

Margoon waterfall is definitely one of the most beautiful natural sights of Iran and one of the tourist attractions of Fars province. Given that there is no river at the top of the waterfall and that the springs bubbling and flowing from the heart of the mountain are the water source of this beautiful waterfall, Margoon is called the Spring Waterfall. A river is formed from the sources of Margoon, reaching the vicinity of Sepidan.

Around Margoon waterfall in spring is very green and spectacular. There are many apple and walnut trees and orchards along the river. Walking along the waterfall on the mossy green rocks is also a breathtaking experience. Moreover, the summer season is a good time to escape from the hot air of the city and enjoy the fresh air with the small drops of water from the Margoon waterfall. The maximum temperature in summer is 10 degrees Celsius, at times you need warm clothes. Spring and summer are the most appropriate time to visit Margoon Waterfall.

In contrast to most waterfalls in Iran, reaching Margoon Waterfall is easy. From Shiraz, you should drive in the direction of Sepidan to reach this beautiful waterfall. It is about 50 kilometers from Sepidan to the waterfall. You should definitely pay a visit to this waterfall for a day trip from Shiraz.

Dalaki River

7 Awsome places for a day trip from Shiraz by car

The Dalaki River, one of the most beautiful rivers around the city of Shiraz, is a big river and it is actually located in the provinces of Fars and Bushehr. In terms of climate, there is a Mediterranean climate here. The average annual rainfall and the average temperature in this watershed are 325 mm and 23.5 degrees Celsius, respectively. Rainfall increases in this basin from west to east and south to north.

This river is called Akhshin River in some documents of ancient geographers. The Dalaki River is known by local names such as Serkhon, Jareh, Shirin and Shoor. For nature lovers, Dalaki river can be considered a perfect choice for a day trip from Shiraz city. Using our car rental in Shiraz services, you can easily drive to this beautiful river with your friends and family.

Shabankareh Dam has been constructed near Saad Abad district on this river. Around the dam and the vegetation of the river's northern part, the necessary facilities were created for people and tourists to enjoy and spend their free time. Thanks to the existence of this river, whose water is of good quality, its surrounding areas are very green. It is a fabulous place for sightseeing in the cool seasons, with many people coming to this area and enjoying their time along the river. You have to go from Shiraz to Dashtestan to visit this place.

Best places for a day trip from Shiraz: Conclusion

Being one of the most famous cities of Iran among tourists, Shiraz attracts many travelers annually. While in Shiraz, one might want to explore sights around the city, which is why this article introduced 7 of the best places for a day trip from Shiraz. You will surely enjoy spending time in all of these places during your time in Shiraz.

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