The ultimate guide to a road trip from Tehran to Bushehr
Last Updated on 30 November 2022

Bushehr province is one of the southern provinces of our country and is located between the three provinces of Khuzestan, Fars, and Hormozgan. Bushehr's mild climate in the cold season makes many tourists travel to Bushehr by car in the second half of the year and during the Nowruz holidays. Not only is Bushehr a tourist destination, but it is considered a strategic historical region as well. Inhabitation of Bushehr goes back to the period before the arrival of the Aryans, making this region one of the most important settlements of the Elam civilization. Owing to its economic location, Bushehr has been the focus of various governments in different historical periods. In this article, we will let you everything you should know for a memorable road trip from Tehran to Bushehr.

Bushehr, the energy capital of Iran

The port of Bushehr is the capital of Bushehr province and represents its largest city of it. Bushehr is shaped like a small peninsula, which is bordered by the Persian Gulf on three sides and surrounded by the Zagros Mountains on the other side. Having an old structure in the northern end, this city has many old sites and historical monuments with the beautiful background of the Persian Gulf coast.

In the past centuries, Bushehr has been of great political importance and that is why many activities have been taken for the first time in this city; for example, the first stone mill, electric industry, ice production, and the first telegraph line were all established in Bushehr. Throughout the Qajar period, the Bushehr harbor achieved considerable progress both economically and culturally, while earning the title of the most prestigious commercial port in the southern part of Iran. The city's numerous attractions draw domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Bushehr has amazing and different natural attractions to offer for nature lovers. Distinctive natural phenomena and the geological heritage of the country's south will be one of the attractions of this road trip from Tehran to Bushehr. Due to its favorable location for export and economic activities, along with the existence of a nuclear power plant and oil and gas deposits, this port is known as the energy capital of Iran. People in Bushehr speak Farsi in a Bushehri dialect. Local culture and handicrafts of Bushehr are some of the other highlights of this special road trip from Tehran to Bushehr.

Road trip from Tehran to Bushehr distance

Road trip from Tehran to Bushehr distance

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to traveling to Bushehr by car is the distance of this city from other large cities of Iran, in particular the capital. Located at the bottom of the Iran map, the road trip from Tehran to Bushehr takes a lot of time.

As per the information obtained from the maps, the road trip from Tehran to Bushehr is about 1050 km; thus, you will have to spend 11-12 hours to reach Bushehr by car. It is important to note that this time is calculated for a non-stop trip and taking into account the short and long stops, the time needed for the road trip from Tehran to Bushehr will exceed 12 hours.

The best route for a road trip from Tehran to Bushehr

The best route for a road trip from Tehran to Bushehr

You have two options to get to Bushehr by car. The first route goes through Isfahan and Fars provinces and it is shorter. With an exact length of 1048 km, this route links Tehran and Bushehr via the north-south highway. The journey on this route will take about 12 hours and 32 minutes, judging by the information provided by the route planner apps. Following this route, you will pass through the cities of Isfahan, Yasouj, Kazeroon, and Borazjan to arrive at Bushehr.

A second route for a road trip from Tehran to Bushehr by car is through the provinces of Markazi, Lorestan, and Khuzestan and it requires two more hours to reach Bushehr. This route's precise length is 1216 km. With this route, you will pass through the cities of Arak, Khorram Abad, Andimeshk, and Ahvaz. To cover this route in one go you need more than 14 hours. For this article, we will consider the first one as the route to Bushehr, but any traveler can choose their route according to their liking.

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Sights to see in your road trip from Tehran to Bushehr

The route to Bushehr from Tehran includes the historical and big city of Isfahan, having many historical and tourist sites. We suggest you stay a day in Isfahan and visit the numerous attractions of this city.

There are many historical and tourist sights in Isfahan. The Naqsh Jahan Square featuring the Ali Qapu Palace and the historical Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is the perfect place to begin your tour. Moreover, Khajoo Bridge, Chehel Sotoon Palace, Chahar Bagh Abbasi, Vank Church, Soffeh Park, and Menar Jonban are some of the historical and tourist attractions of Isfahan.

Ali Ghapoo Isfahan

Ali Ghapoo Palace, Isfahan

Yasouj, the capital of Kohgilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, is the next city that you will encounter on your road trip from Tehran to Bushehr, and it is the third provincial capital that lies ahead of you on this route. Among the attractions of Yasouj are Tel Khosro, Yasouj waterfall, Yasouj forest park, and Dena ski resort. There are many natural attractions in Yasouj, and should you be interested in nature tourism in the Zagros Mountains, do not miss the opportunity to stay and travel in this city.

Driving on your road trip from Tehran to Bushehr by car, you will pass through Kazeroon having visited Yasouj, and the ancient city of Bishapour, dating back to the Sassanid period, is one of the sights of this beautiful city. Also, you can visit Shapour Cave to see the large statue of Shapour I of the Sassanids there. Kazeroon Fire Temple and Kazeroon Baram Plain are two more tourist attractions in this region.

Best hotels on the way from Tehran to Bushehr

The road trip from Tehran to Bushehr by car is so long that no family would be likely to do it without any stops. If you want to rest on the road trip from Tehran to Bushehr, you may visit Hotelyar's website and pick one of the accommodation options in the cities along the way.

 Bishapour Kazeroon Hotel

Bishapour Hotel, Kazeroon

Seemingly, the first city which can be your host on the road trip from Tehran to Bushehr is Isfahan. There are 65 hotels in Isfahan according to the information on the Hotel Yar website, so you can choose one of them for your stay depending on your budget and interests. The Kosar Hotel Isfahan, Abbasi Hotel Isfahan, and Aseman Hotel Isfahan are three popular and trustworthy accommodations in this city that can host you for a night.

Yasouj is the next important city on your route. There are three hotels in Yasouj, all of which are available to book through Hotelyar. The Azadi Yasouj Hotel, Eram Yasouj Hotel, and Jahangardi Guest House are the three lodgings in the capital of Kohgilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces.

If you want to make a stopover while passing through Isfahan and Yasouj, Kazeroon is a good place for your overnight stay. Bishapour Kazeroon Hotel, the only hotel in this city, is a low-cost and good accommodation for travelers.

Best restaurants on the way to Bushehr by car

A long road trip from Tehran to Bushehr demands time to rest and eat. Luckily, there are plenty of cities on this route, plus there are several rest stops on the way to Bushehr; therefore, you won't have any problems with eating on your road trip from Tehran to Bushehr. We will introduce you to some restaurants in the three cities of Isfahan, Yasouj, and Kazeroon in this section.

Best Restaurant in Isfahan

Jarchi Bashi Restaurant, Isfahan

Isfahan is a huge city where you can find different restaurants. Some of the restaurants in Isfahan also offer live music, providing a pleasant ambiance for the guests. Shahrazad Restaurant, Jarchi Bashi Restaurant, and Khan Gostar Restaurant are three prestigious dining places in this city.

The next city on your road trip from Tehran to Bushehr is where you can dine in Yasouj, and some of its best restaurants include Shandiz Restaurant, Venus Restaurant, and Shahkar Traditional Restaurant. In case you don't make a stop to eat in Yasouj or Isfahan, you may spend some time in Kazeroon. The Shahr Ghaza Restaurant, Konjed Restaurant and Setareh Fars Kazeroon Restaurant are highly regarded and popular restaurants in this city.

The best places to stay in Bushehr

As we mentioned in the initial part of the article, Bushehr is a refreshing and historic city. It will take you time to see the sights of Bushehr, and therefore you should look for accommodation in this city. From the information available from Hotel Yar, there are thirteen hotels in Bushehr, and from them, you can choose one for your stay according to your requirements.

Best Hotel in road trip from Tehran to Bushehr

Nako Hotel, Bushehr

Nako Bushehr Hotel, Delvar Bushehr Guest House, and Pasargad Bushehr Apartment Hotel are among the three reliable accommodation options in this seaport city. But, there are many other accommodations in this city for you to choose from depending on your preference.

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What to see in Bushehr?

Considered one of the oldest port cities in Iran, Bushehr has many attractions to offer, among them Bushehr Old Market, Golshan Mansion, Bushehr Historical District, Persian Gulf Maritime Museum, and Heleh Nature Reserve. Heleh Nature Reserve is among the tourist destinations near the Persian Gulf city of Bushehr, located only 10 km from the city center.

Approximately half of this 42,600-hectare area is a wetland that is fed by the Heleh River. This wetland was formed in 1965 by the flooding of the river. In this wetland live many aquatic plants, water birds, and other aquatic animals. Furthermore, you can observe many animal species such as jackals, wolves, foxes, cranes, flamingos, herons, and ducks in the Heleh Reserve.

You are also advised to visit the historical district of Bushehr. It is one of the nationally registered heritage sites that includes the four districts of Behbahani, Dehdashti, Koti, and Shanbedi in the heart of the city. This district's area is about 38 hectares, and if you happen to visit it, you will witness one of the most unique and exciting residential structures in Iran, going back to the time of the reign of Nader Shah Afshar. There are beautiful buildings such as mansions, consulates of different countries, mosques, churches, old markets, and beautiful alleys in the historical area of Bushehr.

Golshan mansion is another state-registered monument in Bushehr, which was built in the Qajar period. Located on the coastal road in the Behbahani neighborhood, it is only 10 meters away from the sea. The ancient buildings of Bushehr can be seen around this building. Golshan Mansion's owner is a businessman named Mr. Golshan, who utilized it for residential and commercial purposes after the mansion was built. Golshan Mansion has three floors, with the first floor comprising a water reservoir, a bathroom, a toilet, a kitchen, and a room for the crew. Its second and third floors were also used for residential, hosting guests, and business purposes.

The best time for a road trip from Tehran to Bushehr

Best time to see bushehr

Like any other city, the best time to travel to Bushehr, the capital of Bushehr Province, will depend on the purpose of the visit. This city, which has always been regarded as one of the most popular destinations for winter tourism in Iran, hosts many tourists in the cold season and autumn with its warm-hearted people and spring-like weather.

Generally, the best time to go to this city is from the beginning of March to the beginning of May and from early November to early December. During these months the average temperature of the city and Bushehr weather does not exceed 23 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature never drops below 15 degrees Celsius. Naturally, the months of January and February are also great for a road trip from Tehran to Bushehr and based on the information, the average temperature of Bushehr in these two months ranges from 14 to 15 degrees Celsius.

There is no doubt that summer is not a good time to travel to Bushehr, and hardly anyone chooses this city for travel during this time of the year. During the month of August, which the locals call Khormapazoon, the heat reaches its peak and truly becomes unbearable; moreover, the severity of the humidity of the air makes the problem even worse, and even breathing becomes difficult for many people.


Hopefully, you have found a comprehensive answer to the question "How to get to Bushehr from Tehran?" after reading the article about the road trip from Tehran to Bushehr. A road trip to Bushehr is an enjoyable and wonderful time to spend during the holidays, particularly during the winter when the weather of the region is just perfect. So, if you are thinking of a road trip from Tehran to Bushehr, it is recommended to rent a hotel and choose a restaurant on the way before arriving at your destination.

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