• How to make sure that the requested vehicle is available?

    When "BOOK ONLINE" icon appears next your information you can make sure that the vehicle is available.

  • What is the mileage policy?

    It's 300 km per day.

  • What forms of payments are accepted for renting a car?

    Renting a car with a Credit Card, Renting a car with Cash (COD).

  • Can I rent a car at one location and return it to another?

    If Navaran has a station in that city, it is possible. With considering the number of reservation days the cost of transportation will be calculated.

  • How long it takes to apply my documents?

    Depending on your documents it takes from one to 72 hours.

  • When and how I will receive my deposit?

    Depending on your terms of payment you will receive your deposit by cash or credit card after returning the car.

  • How do I receive the deposit of traffic fines?

    The total amount of traffic fines is deducted from the deposit. The remaining amount of the deposit will be transferred to the renter's bank account form 60 days after the date of return of the vehicle.

  • What happens if I return the car after office hours?

    If returning after hours when a booth is closed, the customer is responsible for the vehicle until the satisfactory check-in the next business day.

  • Can I ask for an Official Receipt?

    For all car rentals, Navaran provides official receipts. Tourists; companies and agents can always ask for an official receipt. It can be used to legally minimize or decrease tax payable.

  • What is the waiting list?

    When there is no car available, you will go to the waiting list, and you will be notified when the first canceling car to be booked , occurs.

  • How to check available vehicles and prices?

    Simply go to Navaran.com ; by choosing date , vehicle and station you can check the availability , prices and T&C

  • How can we reduce the car rental fee?

    By renting a car more than one day, there will be an automatic reduction in price.

  • What are the periods that include the reduction?

    1 day - 2 to 4 days – 5 to 12 days – 13 to 19 days – 20 to 29 days – more than 30 days

  • What are the periods that include the reduction on Kish Island?

    1 to 10 days – more than 10 days