Road Trip to Kerman | The Ultimate Guide to a road trip from Tehran to Kerman by private car
Last Updated on 12 December 2022

The city of Kerman, being the capital of the province of the same name, is recognized as one of the most important economic and cultural centers of the southern region of Iran. Kerman is an ancient city that dates back to the Achaemenid period. Nowadays, as the capital of the large province of Kerman, it is an important economic center and the connecting bridge between Tehran and the country's southern ports. Because of this, a road trip from Tehran to Kerman is a very common journey for many people. With Kerman being an important economic hub in the country's southeastern region, the variety of economic activities in this region has resulted in the flourishing of services such as car rental in Kerman.

The road trip from Tehran to Kerman is a long route, mostly passing through the deserts in the central part of the country. Driving this route in a short time is possible, but if you want to enjoy the trip and the sights of Kerman, you will need to allocate enough time. Stay tuned with Navaran magazine for a glimpse of how to enjoy your road trip from Tehran to Kerman in the following.

Kerman, the desert metropolis of Iran

Kerman City

Kerman, covering an area of almost 14,000 hectares and with a population of 738,724 (according to 2015 statistics), is considered the capital of Kerman Province, which is one of the largest provinces in Iran, and the third highest provincial capital in the country. Judging by the development plan, this city is going to be one of the most modern cities in Iran in the future.

According to some historians and researchers, the city of Kerman is among the oldest cities on the Iranian plateau, and the history of human settlement dates back to the fourth millennium BC based on the testimony of historical documents, it has experienced a period of ups and downs over many centuries, witnessing many changes in its life history. Throughout history, Kerman is a city that has endured many human and financial losses, firstly due to successive attacks and wars from outside and secondly as a result of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, famines, droughts, and outbreaks of diseases.

The majority of Kerman is surrounded by mountains, with the mountains south of Joupar, Polvar, and Joftan being covered with snow for most of the year. Having an average altitude of 1756 meters above sea level, Kerman is ranked as the third-highest provincial capital in Iran after Shahrekord and Yasouj. The summers are relatively cool and the winters are very cold in this city.

The vast area and the tectonic formations structure of Kerman province have resulted in this province occupying first place in the country regarding the numerous and rich mines. In Kerman province, there are mines for iron, copper, lead, and zinc, some of which have been mined for several thousand years. The major mines in the province are Sarcheshmeh copper mine, Midok copper mine, Golgohar Sirjan limestone, Pabdana coal, Esfandieh and Faryab chromite, and Kahnuj titanium.

Traveling distance from Tehran to Kerman

Traveling distance from Tehran to Kerman

If you take a look at the location of both Tehran and Kerman on the map, you will soon realize that the distance between these two cities is very long, which is why the travel distance from Tehran to Kerman cannot be underestimated. If you want to know how far Kerman from Tehran is, we should let you know that the direct route to Kerman is about 990 kilometers long, meaning a driving time of eleven hours with no stops.

This direct road trip route from Tehran to Kerman passes through several highways. As a result, you must pay tolls to use this route. Sometimes there is high traffic on this route and if you want to avoid traffic, you can travel to Kerman via Isfahan and Abarkooh. This second route from Tehran to Kerman distance is 1200 kilometers long and will take you more than 13 hours.

The best route for a road trip from Tehran to Kerman

The best route for a road trip from Tehran to Kerman

As we mentioned earlier, two routes are available for a road trip from Tehran to Kerman. One is about 1000 km long and the other is 1200 km long. Naturally, the shorter route will be the better choice. This route is a direct road connecting the two cities of Tehran and Kerman straight away.

This route's exact length is 988 km, and to reach Kerman, you must pass through the cities of Qom, Kashan, Nain, Yazd, Mehriz, and Rafsanjan. Some of this route is highway and some of it is an expressway. You can easily cover this route by choosing the right time for your road trip from Tehran to Kerman.

What to see on a road trip from Tehran to Kerman

There are several historical cities on the way from Tehran to Kerman, as we mentioned earlier. Kashan, Nain, and Yazd are the three most significant cities on this route, and we will explore the sights of each of them below:

Baq-e Fin, Kashan

Baq-e Fin, Kashan

Attractions of Kashan

Being a historical center on the road trip from Tehran to Kerman, the city of Kashan can host you for a short period. In this city and its surroundings, there are plenty of historical sights. Kashan Fin Garden, the historical house of Tabatabayis, and Silk Hill are Kashan's three famous tourist attractions. Also, you can visit the historical village of Abyaneh while passing through this city and driving on the Kashan-Natanz highway.

Attractions of Nain

The city of Nain is also one of the oldest cities on this route, connecting the central and western parts of Iran. The castle of Narin Nain, the historical house of Pirnia, and the historical market of Nain are three historical and tourist attractions of this city.

Attractions of Yazd

Yazd is the only provincial capital located on the road trip from Tehran to Kerman. There are numerous attractions in this city. Dolat Abad Garden, Yazd Bahram Fire Temple, and Amir Chakhmaq Square are the three famous attractions of Yazd city. Needless to say, this city has so many historical attractions that you require enough time to visit them all.


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Which hotels to stay on the road trip from Tehran to Kerman

Driving from Tehran to Kerman takes half the day, so we recommend you take a short break on this route. Many cities are located on this route, and it is possible to view and book accommodation centers on this route on Hotelyar's website.

The first city in which you can stop for a short rest on the journey from Tehran to Kerman is Kashan. There are 43 hotels in this city, based on the information on the Hotel Yar website, where you can choose one according to your budget and needs. The Mandegar Kashan Hotel, Saraye Kasian Kashan Traditional Residence, and Falahati Kashan Traditional Residence are among the three popular accommodations in this city.

Hotel Jahangardi, Naein

Hotel Jahangardi, Naein

The next city on the road trip from Tehran to Kerman for a short break in Nain. Nain Narges Hotel and Jahangardi Hotel Nain are two accommodations in this city. Staying in the hotels of Nain will not cost much, and because Nain is in the middle of the road from Tehran to Kerman, it is a good place to rest.

Yazd, being the only provincial capital on the road trip from Tehran to Kerman, has 65 hotels and offers travelers a large variety of options. Dad Hotel Yazd, Bagh Moshirul Mamalek Hotel Yazd, and Safayie Hotel Yazd are three well-liked and reliable places to stay in this city.

Best restaurants on the journey from Tehran to Kerman

Traveling from Tehran to Kerman takes a long time, so you may need time to eat on the way. In the following, we will have a look at some reliable dining places in a few cities on the road trip from Tehran to Kerman.

The Melal Restaurant, Mozaffari Traditional Restaurant, and Abbasi Iranian Restaurant represent three great dining places in Kashan. Meanwhile, suppose you are interested in foreign food and fast food. In that case, Toot Farangi Fast Food and Kashan Mall Food Court are both recommended in this city.

The next city on the road trip from Tehran to Kerman is Nain. Though it is not a big city, there are a few famous restaurants in Nain. The Kavir Restaurant and the Kolbeh Zaferooni Restaurant are two good places to eat in this city.

Vakil Mansion Restaurant

Vakil Mansion Restaurant, Yazd

As the city of Yazd is the largest city and the only provincial capital on the way to Kerman; consequently, you will find a good variety of restaurants in this city. Dragon Restaurant, Vakil Mansion Restaurant, and Gole Sorkh Restaurant are three favorite restaurants in Yazd. The choice of restaurants in this city is very large, and you may choose a different restaurant to eat at depending on your taste.

When you want to eat before arriving in Kerman, you can select one of the restaurants in Rafsanjan. Gilani, Khatun, and Golha restaurants would be three good reliable choices in Rafsanjan.

The best places to stay in Kerman

Well, the last destination of our trip is the city of Kerman. You can visit the website of Hotel Yar to check out the best accommodations in Kerman. There are 14 hotels in Kerman available on this website. We can consider Pars Kerman Hotel as the best lodging in this city because it has a high reputation and also offers car rental in Kerman to its customers in collaboration with Navaran.

In addition to Pars Hotel, there are other reputable accommodations in this city. Kerman Jahangardi Hotel, Assam Apartment Hotel, and Hiva Apartment Hotel are three other well-liked lodging options in this city that have been endorsed by other travelers on HotelYar's website.

Attractions in Kerman you should visit

Because of its long history and the rule of various governments, Kerman's attractions are exceptionally diverse. In the meantime, the more pleasant weather in Kerman compared to the cities of Yazd, Isfahan, and Shiraz in the summer season makes this city very popular among tourists. Considering that it is one of the oldest cities in Iran, there are numerous sights to see in Kerman, and you should allocate enough time to visit the various tourist spots in this city. In the following, we briefly introduce some of the sightseeing places in this city.

Ganj Ali Khan Market

Ganj Ali Khan Bazaar, which retains a very interesting architectural style from the Safavid period, is a straight line leading to the city's entrance and exit gates on both sides: The citadel gate and the mosque (Vakil) gate. The caravanserais and timchehs of this 3 km long market are all in two perpendicular directions. Arches on the left side of the bazaar offer a beautiful view. Below these arches, one can observe the peddlers at their work. There are 16 arches connecting this market with the square.

Anahita Fire Temple

Anahita Fire Temple, or Old Castle, is the oldest historical landmark of Kerman, also known as Dokhtar Castle. Located in the east of Kerman on a rock, this castle is built of raw clay and mud. The ruins of Dokhtar Kerman Castle provide a glimpse into the long past of this city and have many surprises for visitors. This castle's buildings are divided into 2 separate parts. The first part is situated above the relatively high southeastern castle (mountain castle) and is detached from the castle due to its nature. And the second part is located on a smaller hill (Dokhtar Castle).

The Garden of Prince Mahan

Prince's Garden is situated 2 km away from the city of Mahan on the slopes of Tigran Mountain. Dating back to the Qajar period, this garden is the largest and most beautiful historical Iranian garden. Tourists always enjoy visiting this spectacular garden. That contrast between the desert in the heart of the hottest region of Iran, the green trees, the cool breeze, and the fountains and garden flowers discloses a lost paradise that will drive away the tiredness from the soul and body of any visitor. Today, the royal mansion of this garden is a restaurant that welcomes visitors.

The best time for a road trip from Tehran to Kerman

Being one of the most important and historical cities in Iran, the best time to travel to Kerman will depend on the purpose of traveling to this city. Regarding the Kerman weather, the hottest time in Kerman is from July 10 to September 10, when the average temperature reaches 27.2 degrees Celsius, and the highest and lowest temperatures in these months reach 35.7 and 18.7 degrees, respectively.

The coldest period in Kerman is from the beginning of January to the start of February when the average temperature is 4.7 degrees Celsius, and the highest and lowest temperatures during this time of the year reach minus 2.8 and 12.3 degrees, respectively.

Generally, the best time to visit Kerman is from early May to late June and from the start of September to the beginning of October. During this time, the average temperature in the city is about 21 degrees Celsius and will not exceed 31 degrees. For desert trekking, the best time is from the beginning of December to the beginning of March.

While Kerman is one of the cities that attracts many travelers during the Nowruz festival, the number of travelers decreases significantly in the summer because of the hot air. During autumn and winter, those that are interested in the historical monuments of Kerman and the Lut desert are drawn to this city; as a result, we can say that the most peaceful time to travel to Kerman is usually the three summer months.


In this article of Navaran, we talked about a road trip from Tehran to Kerman. The road trip to Iran is the first option to reach Kerman. But there are other ways to travel to this city and visit the sights of Kerman. You can travel to Kerman, for example, by plane or public transport, and use the services of Navaran to rent a car in Kerman.

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