Driving Tips in Iran - Everything You Need to Know
Last Updated on 01 November 2022

As a great historical country, Iran has always been a very attractive destination for tourists from all over the world. Although most of these tourists travel to Iran by plane, there are also some of them who are very interested in road trips and prefer to travel to Iran by car. In this guide for driving in Iran, In this article of Navaran Travel Magazine we are going to share with you some driving tips in Iran and tell you everything you need to know about traveling to the country with your own car. Stay tuned!

Drive to Iran

Iran is one of the oldest countries in the Asian continent and having a rich civilization, it always had a lot to offer tourists. From natural attractions to historical places, the tourism capacities of this country are extremely high. You can explore many cities and even experience driving the silk road in Iran.

Meanwhile, traveling by car in Iran is one of the most interesting experiences that a tourist can have. Some people may wonder if a tourist can travel to Iran with his own car. The answer is yes. If you have certain conditions we will discuss in this article, you will have no problem traveling to Iran in your own car.

Driving Tips in Iran

On the other hand, some tourists may like to travel to Iran by plane, for example, and rent a car in the country to go on a road trip in Iran. This scenario is also a very good option to travel around Iran and see its beauty and does not involve the trouble of driving thousands of kilometers from the country of origin to Iran.

Many companies in the country offer car rental services in Iran. One such company is Navaran which enjoys a large share in the car rental market in Iran and various cities of the country, offering a fleet of modern cars and easy car rental conditions. Now stay tuned for some driving tips in Iran in the remainder of this article.

Things You Need to Do Before Driving to Iran

If you are thinking of traveling to Iran with your car, you should do a few things in advance. In the remainder of this article, we will talk about what you need to do to get an entry permit to Iran for yourself and your car and also to get your driver's license in Iran.

Iran Visa

Citizens from Western countries need a valid entry visa and a passport that is valid for at least 6 (six) months on the day of entry. For children, a valid children's passport with photo and nationality registration is required. An entry visa should be applied for at the appropriate embassies or consulates of the Islamic Republic of Iran before beginning travel.

Driving Tips in Iran

A tourist entry visa for a stay up to 14 (fourteen) days can also be requested at the international airports upon presentation of the passport valid for at least 6 (six) months remaining on the day of entry, a passport photo and payment of the fee for the visa. It is up to the border authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran if a visa will be issued.

We strongly advise against obtaining an entry visa at international airports, since travelers have been refused entry on several occasions. We recommend that you get your entry visa before you start your trip. Travelers who overstay the length of stay specified in the entry visa may face a heavy fine and arrest. An exit visa is also required and is provided along with the entry visa.

International Driving License

Any tourist who possesses a foreign driver's license will be permitted to drive for 180 days upon entering Iran, assuming that they have a valid and original foreign driver's license, the translation of the foreign driver's license issued by the embassy of the issuing country, bearing the embassy's official stamp, copy of the first page of the passport (photo and detail page) together with the page stamped with the entry visa and the copy of Article 22 of the Driving License Issuance Regulations which must be stamped by the traffic police.

Only tourists holding an international driver's license with a sufficient validity period can drive for six months from the date of entry into the country. So as you can see, if you have the required documents, you can drive a car in Iran with your own driving license, and there is no need for an international driving license. In the next section of our article about driving tips in Iran we will discuss driving laws in Iran.

Driving Rules in Iran

Driving Tips in Iran

In the following, important notes and recommendations for drivers of motor vehicles are included, which should be strictly followed in Iran:

  • In the Islamic Republic of Iran, traffic is on the right; people drive in the right lane and overtake on the left. Because of the right-hand traffic, the right-of-way rule is applicable.
  • Overtaking is strictly prohibited in the Islamic Republic of Iran on curves, at intersections, in tunnels, and on bridges as well as at railroad crossings.
  • The horn must be sounded when coming up to road junctions or curves outside urban areas in Iran.
  • In accordance with Iranian road traffic regulations, vehicles (motor vehicles) that are registered in another country are required to have a nationality plate affixed to the rear of the motor vehicle (motor vehicle).
  • Using Iranian highways requires the payment of a toll.
  • Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Islamic Republic of Iran. For this reason, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the 0.0 alcohol limit is applicable for driving a motor vehicle.

If a car accident occurs, you should contact the Iranian police immediately, without exception, even if the damage is insignificant (fender bender). In the event of car accidents (traffic accidents) involving injuries to people, the driver may be taken into custody in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In such cases, you should immediately contact the embassy of your home country in Iran. Stay tuned for some driving tips in Iran in the remainder of this article.

Gas in Iran

One of the issues for tourists who plan to travel to Iran with a private or a rental car is gasoline. Fuel prices in Iran are very cheap for tourists. While almost all passenger cars in Iran use gasoline, tourists who travel to the country with a diesel car may face some problems in finding fuel.

Driving Tips in Iran

For example, it is difficult to find diesel in gas stations in cities, and you can only find diesel for your car in gas stations around the city or on the roads. Also, the quality of diesel fuel in Iran is not as good as gasoline. The price of regular gasoline in Iran is 3 thousand tomans per liter and the price of super gasoline is 3500 tomans. We should also note that you will not need a fuel card to fill up gas in Iran.

But the situation is not the same for diesel. When you get to a gas station offering diesel, you must deal with the card issue. You need a special card to get diesel in Iran, which is only available to truckers and some petrol stations. As a tourist, it is impossible to get this card. Therefore, the solution is to find a diesel service station where the pump attendant has a card or borrow one from a trucker.

Once again, it is not that simple. Truckers have quotas to use their card. This means that they can't always fill up your tank but will share a few liters with you. Generally, if they can, they do. The only thing you have to remember is that you will fill up little by little. Some gas stations take advantage of their fuel card by raising the price. Therefore, make sure you check the price before you fill up.

Highways and Roads in Iran

In general, the roads in Iran are perfectly maintained. The roads are mainly used by trucks, but on highways you will mostly see passenger cars or bus. Highways cost only a few cents or almost nothing for foreigners. Some of them even let tourists pass for free at the tolls.

Mountain roads offer magnificent landscapes but are frequently closed in winter because of the weather conditions. You should not hesitate to ask for information before going there. There is a main road in the desert that crosses and is maintained. However, if you want to go further, you should have a suitable vehicle.

Driving Tips in Iran

The Iranian road network covers the country very well. Moreover, it is often a real pleasure to drive in Iran because of the wonderful landscapes that one crosses. Driving in Iran requires time to adapt, in particular in the cities. You have to stay focused and avoid rush hours to make things easier.

In the next section of our article about driving tips in Iran we will talk about what documents you should bring in case you want to drive in Iran either with your own car or with a rental car.

Documents You Need for Driving in Iran

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, as mentioned, motorists need a valid international driver's license or their national driver's license and the vehicle registration document. It is recommended, however, to have the international vehicle registration certificate along with the national vehicle registration certificate. In case you are not traveling with your own vehicle, you will need a multilingual power of attorney for the use of motor vehicle in the Islamic Republic of Iran which is signed by the registered vehicle owner.

You must carry an international green insurance card for motor vehicles (Kfz) bearing the country code IR for the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the absence of the international green insurance card, an Iranian motor vehicle liability insurance has to be taken out at the Iranian border crossing.

Furthermore, a so-called Carnet de Passage is needed for duty-free motor vehicle (Kfz) imports lasting up to 3 months. In most cases, without the Carnet de Passage, when entering and leaving the Islamic Republic of Iran, time-consuming customs paperwork has to be completed. The vehicle can only be driven by the person who is registered in the Carnet de Passage.

Driving Tips in Iran

Should the traveler wish to stay longer than 10 days in the Islamic Republic of Iran with the vehicle, a short-term Iranian license plate needs to be applied for at the Iranian border. The Iranian short term license plate has a validity period of 3 months. Stay tuned for some driving tips in Iran in the remainder of this article.

Speed Limit in Iran

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the following speed limits apply:

  • In urban areas on main roads: 50 (fifty) kilometers per hour (km/h) in the daytime and 40 (forty) kilometers per hour (km/h) at night or according to signs.
  • In urban areas on smaller roads and in places where there are people present: 20 (twenty) kilometers per hour (km/h) or according to signs.
  • In urban areas at intersections without traffic lights: 5 (five) kilometers per hour (km/h) or according to signs.
  • Out of town and on roads: 95 (ninety-five) kilometers per hour (km/h) during the day and 80 (eighty) kilometers per hour (km/h) at night or according to signs.
  • In the expressways and highways: 70 to 120 kilometers per hour.

In the next section of our article about driving tips in Iran we will talk about car rental in Iran and things you should consider when looking for car rental in Tehran and Iran services.

Rent a Car in Iran

As mentioned earlier, for many reasons some tourists who love to experience road trips in Iran prefer to come to the country by a plane and rent a car later on. You can easily rent a car in Iran and travel across the country. In the following, we are going to share some tips so your car rental in Iran experience would be enjoyable.

Book as soon as possible

Make sure you book as early as possible, things usually get more expensive when you wait. In major cities like Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Esfahan and Tabriz, prices often go up the later you book. You may also find getting cars at large airports difficult if you wait too long.

Have a quick check-up when you pick up the car

Visually inspect and examine the rental car when you pick it up. Double check that all damage, scratches and dents are included in the condition report. Verify how high the deductible is! Something that often separates smaller and cheaper companies in Iran from larger businesses is the amount of the deductible.

Ensure you also read the terms and conditions thoroughly regarding how the car is to be returned. Stay tuned for some driving tips in Iran in the remainder of this article.

Driving Tips in Iran

Fill up the car with fuel before you return it

There are different fuel terms and conditions at different companies. If you need to refuel the car before returning it, make sure you do so to avoid additional fees from the car rental company. Several smaller companies will charge an administrative fee for refueling the car when it is returned empty, which will be stated in the terms and conditions but not always in the total price. Be particularly aware of the refueling policy!

Are free kilometers included?

Make sure to check if free kilometers are included in the rental. Assuming no free kilometers is included, double check that the number of kilometers in the contract is enough. All major companies like Navaran offer unlimited mileage, but cheaper companies may only have a maximum mileage per day.

Will there be more than one of you driving the car?

Any additional drivers? When more than one person is driving the car, you must specify this at the time of booking or when you arrive at the company. Please keep in mind that there may be limitations on driving the car to other countries and taking the car to or from islands such as.

Driving tips in Iran: Conclusion

In our driving guide in Iran, we talked about everything that you should know about driving in Iran and shared some valuable driving tips in Iran to make your road trips in Iran easier. As a big country, you can enjoy unforgettable road trips throughout Iran, with either your own car or a rental car. If you decide to rent a car in Iran, you can use our automobile rental in Iran services at Navaran.

We offer a wide range of cars for rent, be it a small sedan or a large van, Navaran has something for you. What makes us different when it comes to car rental in cities of Iran is that our terms and conditions for renting cars are much easier and straightforward. For example, unlike many other car rental companies, you can rent a car from Navaran by paying a deposit which will be returned when you give back the car.