The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Shiraz
Last Updated on 23 November 2022

Shiraz is one of Iran's major urban centers, a huge city with many tourist attractions and landmarks, which requires careful planning to visit all of them. While Shiraz has a cold and dry climate, this city's spring and summer months are incredible. The smell of greenery and fragrant flowers in this city makes breathing pleasant. Shiraz is among the cities attracting tourists and convincing travelers to choose this beautiful city as their destination. Indeed, it is a city that has everything a tourist could wish for. This guide to the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz will provide you with everything about this journey.

When planning a road trip in Iran, a lot of famous cities are there which can be great unique destinations; among them, Shiraz is a famous city which is known not only in Iran but all over the world for its unique beauty. There are attractions in Shiraz ranging from tourist and historical sites to natural attractions and Iranian gardens, and each one of them is popular among tourists. Generally, Shiraz is among the cities with a very happy atmosphere, and a journey full of peace and joy is waiting for you.

The road trip from Tehran to Shiraz is a fascinating journey

As already mentioned, Shiraz is considered one of the most attractive cities in Iran for tourists. If you plan to travel to Shiraz in the south of Iran and if you like to drive relatively long distances, traveling to Shiraz in your own car is a very good choice. Feel free to stop wherever you want, have a break and continue your journey.

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

By driving all the way to Shiraz, you will reach your destination in 10 hours. However, it is better not to do this. The cities you come through on the way are also worth stopping and spending a while. For example, Isfahan, Kashan and Marvdasht are among the cities that are located on the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz.

The distance of the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

So now that you've decided to travel from Tehran to Shiraz by a car, you may have questions about the distance to travel from Tehran to Shiraz. Generally, you can travel from Tehran to Shiraz via three different routes. Two of them, one via Saveh and the other via Qom, are nearly identical and have a distance of 920 kilometers.

You can cover such a distance in about 10 hours if you travel without stopping. However, the third route does not pass through Isfahan but instead passes through cities such as Nain and Abarkooh, and therefore the distance increases slightly to 1030 kilometers or about 11 hours of travel time.

The best route for the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

The distance between Tehran and Shiraz varies depending on the route and the means of transportation. A private car is among the most common and popular vehicles for traveling to Shiraz. You can stop anywhere and see the sights along the way with your own car. In general, if you want to make this unforgettable trip in your own car, you can choose three routes.

The first route from Tehran to Shiraz is via the road from Qom to Abadeh. This route is 917 km long and will take you about 10 hours if you drive non-stop. Having passed the Tehran-Qom highway, you will enter the city of Kashan and then take the Natanz road towards Isfahan, a journey that will take about an hour and a half. Starting from here, you have the choice of taking the road from Isfahan directly to Abadeh and then to Shiraz or going from Shahin Shahr to the road of Yasouj. The cities you will pass on this route are Qom, Kashan, Natanz, Isfahan, Shahreza, Abadeh, Abadeh, Safa Shahr, Saadat Shahr and Marvdasht.

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

The second route on the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz is via the road from Qom to Yasouj. You will need about 11 hours for the whole distance of 927 kilometers. Like the first route, drive to Kashan after crossing the Tehran-Qom highway and then onto the Natanz road. Here, instead of going directly to Isfahan, you will drive from Shahin Shahr road to Borujen city, and after crossing Yasouj road, you will drive directly to Shiraz. You can admire the attractions of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province on this route. The cities you encounter on this route include Qom, Kashan, Natanz, Shahin Shahr, Borujen, Yasouj, Ardakan and Homashahr.

The third and final route from Tehran to Shiraz is via Saveh road to Abadeh. Its length is 922 km and requires about 11 hours of non-stop driving time. In this route, you will drive from Azadegan highway to Saveh road. This time instead of driving via Tehran-Qom-Isfahan road, you will drive via Saveh-Meymeh road to Isfahan. Then from there, you will go as in the first route from Abadeh to Marvdasht and then to Shiraz city. Along this route, you will pass through the cities of Saveh, Meymeh, Isfahan, Shahreza, Abadeh, Safa Shahr, Saadat Shahr and Marvdasht.

Attractions of the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

As we have explained above, there are different routes from Tehran to Shiraz, but because of the many attractions, we will choose the route via Qom and Kashan instead of the route via Saveh. The first big city you will reach on this route is Qom. The city of Qom, which is most famous for the holy shrine of Hazrat Fatima Masoumeh and the holy mosque of Jamkaran, boasts green areas and many natural sights despite the hot and dry weather.

Villages located near this city, despite being located in the desert, enjoy a pleasant climate and breathtaking nature, which, together with its historical attractions, may be considered one of the tourist destinations of the region. Among the attractions of this city are the holy shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh, the holy mosque of Jamkaran, the old market of Qom, the tombs of the green dome of Qom, the desert national park and the castle of Qomroud.

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

Bagh-e Fin, Kashan

The city of Kashan is the second largest city on the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz. Being one of the most important and famous tourist destinations in Iran, Kashan has an important role in the country's tourism industry. This city is more than 7,500 years old, and Silk Hill is proof of this claim. Historical and archaeological findings indicate that Kashan is one of the oldest collective human settlements in history, and luckily, it has managed to preserve its historical setting until today.

As a result, the sights of Kashan are very diversified and attractive and can be classified into two general categories: historical-ancient and natural. Among the historical-ancient sights are historical buildings such as the Bagh Fin, the houses of Borujerdi, Tabatabaei, Ameri, the historical bazaar, the underground city and so on. Among the natural sights of Kashan is Niasar Cave.

The next city on your road trip from Tehran to Shiraz is Natanz, which is worth a stop and a visit. Located in Isfahan province, 125 kilometers from the city of Isfahan, Natanz is regarded as one of the garden cities of this province. It is located on the foothills of Karkas Mountain at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level. It is distinguished by a mild mountain climate and has a history dating back thousands of years.

This city has many attractions like historical buildings such as palaces, castles, baths and mosques, along with many recreational areas and natural attractions; this is why many tourists travel to Natanz every year. This city's sites are Natanz Jame Mosque, Natanz Fire Temple, Taj Abad Palace, Matin Abad tourist area and Toroqroud Castle.

Isfahan is another famous city located on the route from Tehran to Shiraz. Located in the center of Iran, Isfahan is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country and draws thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. During the three periods of Al-Buya, Seljuk and Safavid, Isfahan was the capital of Iran. Because of this, you can see many historical buildings and monuments in Isfahan, such as bridges, mosques, palaces, mansions and churches with stunning architecture.

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

Naqsh Jahan Square, Isfahan

The majority of Isfahan's historical sites are on the list of Iran's national monuments, and a number of them are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and you can visit them at any time of the year. The attractions you should visit at least once in your life. Naqsh Jahan Square, Ali Qapo Mansion, Imam Mosque of Isfahan, Jame Mosque of Isfahan, Chehelsutun Palace and 33-Pol Bridge are among the attractions of Isfahan city.

Before reaching Shiraz, the last city you can choose for sightseeing is Marvdasht. One of the cities of Fars province, Marvdasht, is situated 40 km north of Shiraz. The historical and natural sights of this city, of which Persepolis is the flagship, reflect the history of ancient Iran's great and magnificent dynasties, namely the Achaemenids and Sassanids, and visiting them, you will feel the glory of ancient Iran with your whole being.

Visiting these attractions will help us learn more about the culture, history, ingenuity and art, customs and rituals of Iranians in this period of the country's history. Among these attractions are Persepolis, the historical complex of Naqsh Rajab, Naqsh Rostam, the historical city of Estakhr, the village and the bridge of Band Amir, and the waterfall of Dashtak. Last but not least, there are numerous sights and tourist places to visit in the city of Shiraz itself. Shiraz attractions include Hafezieh, Saadiyeh, Shahcheragh shrine, Quran Gate, Narenjestan Qavam Garden, Eram Garden, Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar.

Best hotels on the route from Tehran to Shiraz

Given the relatively long distance between Tehran and Shiraz, you may wish to rest along the way or have a one-day stay in one of the cities to see the sights of the various destinations along the way. In the following, we will introduce you to some of the best hotels and places to stay on your road trip from Tehran to Shiraz.

Kashan is one of the most attractive cities between Tehran and Shiraz and can be a suitable choice for accommodation on the way. Among the hotels and accommodations of this city, Saraye Ameriha Hotel, Khaneh Morshidi Hotel, Kashane Roshan Hotel, Vanda Hotel and Amirkabir Hotel are worth mentioning.

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Because of its high tourist capacity, Isfahan can be regarded as a good option for a day stay during your trip. The city has many accommodations and hotels, such as Abbasi Hotel, Parsian Kosar Isfahan Hotel, Parsian Ali Qapo Hotel, Safir Hotel, Kianpur Historical House and Mah Bibi Hostel. You can check Hotelyar website to find more about the hotels on this route and also to book any of them.

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Suggested Restaurants on the way from Tehran to Shiraz

Nothing dispels traveler fatigue during a long drive like a meal at a good restaurant. There are many good restaurants to visit for a meal along this route because of the numerous cities you will pass through.

In the city of Qom, which is the first city on the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz, there are good restaurants such as Arg Salarieh Restaurant, Zeytoun Tourism Complex Restaurant, Morvarid Qom Restaurant, Old Qom Traditional Restaurant, Shandiz Qom Restaurant and Baghcheh Khan Traditional Restaurant. The same is true for Kashan. Among the good restaurants of this city, Mozaffari Traditional Restaurant, Termeh Restaurant, Rose House Restaurant and Abbasi Traditional Restaurant are worth mentioning.

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Shiraz

Khansalar Restaurant in Isfahan

In Isfahan, you will find many good restaurants. Among the best ones are Khatun Restaurant, Zayandeh Rood Restaurant, Khansalar Restaurant, Shab Neshin Restaurant, Sar Ashpaz Restaurant, Aziz Khan Restaurant and Mozhan Restaurant.

The next town where you can stop is Abadeh. Restaurants like Hakhamanesh Tourist Restaurant, Bagh Saraye Khan Salar and Danjeh Restaurant are good options for dining on the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz. The last city on the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz is Marvdasht, where you can stop to eat. Zeytoun Restaurant and Sepid Restaurant are two good restaurants in this city.


We have introduced in this article everything you need to know about the road trip from Tehran to Shiraz, including the distance, the best route, the sights along the way and the best hotels and restaurants on the route between Tehran and Shiraz. As you can see, you can experience a very interesting road trip due to the various cities and interesting places along the route.

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