Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd, All you need to know
Last Updated on 11 September 2022

In the cold seasons, Iran's central provinces, such as Yazd and Kerman, tend to welcome thousands of tourists. These provinces have a moderate climate in those seasons and many historical monuments. Moreover, travelers may benefit from desert trekking tours. All the charms of this beautiful city and the massive desire of many people to travel from Tehran to Yazd by their own car have inspired us in Navaran's Car Magazine to write this road trip from Tehran to Yazd article.

This journey from the capital of Iran to one of its most beautiful cities in the central parts of the country could be an unforgettable experience for you. Stay tuned as we will share some tips on making the best of your road trip from Tehran to Yazd.


Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

Why choose Yazd for your next road trip in Iran?

Yazd is considered one of the oldest cities in Iran, and there are plenty of stories about this city's establishment. Indeed, legend has it that this city used to be the prison of the Achaemenid noblemen after Alexander's attack. It was during the Sassanid Empire that Yazd emerged as the center of Zoroastrianism, and many Zoroastrians still live in this city nowadays.

Because of the unique situation of Yazd and the location of this city in the middle of several deserts, invaders and looters were not really interested in this city. This is why the monuments of Yazd and the historical buildings of this city have been preserved undamaged. This is why the road trip from Tehran to Yazd could be an unforgettable experience for you, one that is filled with fun and some sightseeing in a vibrant ancient city.


Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

Distance from Tehran to Yazd

You don't have more than one specific route for a road trip from Tehran to Yazd. It is a 623 km long route that will take between 6 and 7 hours, depending on the weather conditions and the many stops along the way. If you plan to stop or eat on this route, your travel time from Tehran to Yazd will increase.

Most of the travel routes to Yazd are highways, and the rest of the route is an expressway. For this reason, it will be boring to drive non-stop during the long run on this route. To avoid the trip becoming boring and any accidents arising when you get tired, we recommend taking one or more travel mates with you during the trip to Yazd. Additionally, there are various cities and lodging centers on this route. A short or longer stay will help you and your fellow travelers recover.


Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

The Best Routes for Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

When taking a road trip from Tehran to Yazd, the best option is to take the direct route connecting these two cities. You will first leave Tehran and enter the Tehran-Qom highway to take this route. After reaching Qom, you won't face any difficulties. There is no need to enter the city or change the route; you only must leave the suburbs by following the direct route. When passing through the suburbs of Qom, be careful not to enter the Qom-Garmsar highway, as your route will be much longer than usual.

You will still be in the first half of the journey to Yazd, which basically includes three highways and allows you to drive at top speed. The Qom-Kashan highway will be the next part of our road trip from Tehran to Yazd, leading to the gateway of Kashan city, but not into it. Afterwards, the third highway, namely the Kashan-Natanz highway, will be waiting for you.

You will start the second half of the route near the end of the Kashan-Natanz highway, at which you will turn left at an intersection, and enter the road to Naeen. Getting from the end of the highway to Naeen is a long route with few stops. We, therefore, recommend that you inspect your vehicle's condition before embarking on the second half of the road trip from Tehran to Yazd.

By the time you have passed Naeen, the main part of the journey to Yazd is behind you. You will reach the province of Yazd not long after you leave Naeen. There are three other important cities on the way from Tehran to Yazd, including Aqda, Ardakan, and Meibod. Eventually, you will reach the Yazd district after passing through the suburbs of Yazd and small towns such as Zarach and Ashkezar.


Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

Abiyaneh Village

Attractions to see on a road trip from Tehran to Yazd

Along the journey from Tehran to Yazd there are four provinces including Tehran, Qom, Isfahan and Yazd, with two provinces, Isfahan and Yazd, containing plenty of picturesque spots. If you have more time to spend on your trip to Yazd, then you can, of course, visit the attractions of Qom as well.

Among the tourist attractions of Qom there are Jame Mosque of Qom, Haj Asghar Khan Bath, Haj Ali Khan Zand House, Qomrud Castle, Mulla Sadra House, Green Dome Tombs of Qom as well as Old Market of Qom or Big Timcheh.

On the road trip from Tehran to Yazd, the next city after Qom is Kashan. Likewise, the city of Kashan is considered one of the oldest human settlements in Iran, which dates to the Medes. Many historical houses are located in Kashan, among them Tabatabai's house, Boroujerdi's house, and Ehsan's historical house. One of the most scenic parts of Kashan is the village of Abyaneh, which you must visit to enjoy spending quality time in this historic village.

The next city awaiting you on the journey to Yazd is Naeen. Similarly, Naeen is believed to be a settlement of the old ages, as shown by the many water reservoirs in this city. Naeen's main historical attraction is Narin Castle, which is an ancient clay castle located in the historical district of the city. Pirnia historical house, Naeen historical market and Jame mosque of Naeen represent three other tourist sites in this city.


Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

Mandegar Hotel, Kashan

Best hotels on the way from Tehran to Yazd

As mentioned earlier, Kashan is the first city you can visit on your way from Tehran to Yazd. You can expect a unique diversity of hotels in this city. In Kashan city, you will find 46 hotels, most of which are traditional residences, giving you and your travel mates a whole new experience by staying overnight in Kashan.

The Mandegar Hotel Kashan, the Kasian Traditional Hotel and Falahati Kashan Residence are three popular and very reliable places to stay in this city. However, if you are unsatisfied with these three residences, feel free to choose one of the other accommodations available on the HotelYar website.

However, in case you don't want to stay in Kashan, you can take a rest in the next city on this route. Naeen. It takes about 2 hours to get to Yazd from Naeen, and you will not have to hurry to get to your destination. Gol Narges Naeen Hotel and Jahangardi Guest House Naeen are two hotels in this city where you can stay for a short time on your road trip from Tehran to Yazd.

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Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

Melal Restaurant, Kashan

Top restaurants on the way from Tehran to Yazd

It takes about seven hours to travel from Tehran to Yazd in your car, so you will have to eat something during this trip. The first city ahead of you on the road trip from Tehran to Yazd is Qom. Arg Salarieh Restaurant, Mortazavi Restaurant and Alborz Restaurant are the three excellent and well-loved restaurants in this city. In case you prefer not to eat in Qom, then you can enjoy the services of Maral Setareh Complex, located two kilometers off the Qom-Kashan highway.

In the next city on your journey to Yazd, specifically in Kashan, the Melal Restaurant, Mozaffari traditional restaurant and Morshidi restaurant are reliable places to eat. Also, around this city, you can find various lodgings for eating.

Travelers usually do not make another stop on the way to Naeen. Kolbe Zafaroni Restaurant, Persepolis Restaurant and Kavir Restaurant are three renowned restaurants in Naeen. These restaurants have the advantage of being located on the outskirts of Naeen, which means you will not have to depart your route to eat in Naeen.


Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

Safaiyeh Hotel, Yazd

The best places to stay in Yazd

One of Iran's main tourist centers, the city of Yazd, has numerous hotels. You can find 65 hotels and lodging in this city available for travelers on the Hotelyar website. As with Kashan, there are several traditional hotels in Yazd which are considered among the Yazd attractions.

Dad Hotel, Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel and Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel are three famous accommodation centers in this city, offering various facilities, top-quality services, and impressive architecture. Nevertheless, the variety of hotels in Yazd is huge, and you can select one of the lodging centers in Yazd based on your budget and personal tastes.

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Road Trip from Tehran to Yazd

Conclusion: Why is a road trip from Tehran to Yazd a good idea?

Offering a lot of historical sights and recreational activities, Yazd city is a perfect destination in the autumn or winter or the Nowruz holidays. Another option to travel to Yazd is using Navaran car rental services in this city. It is possible to travel to this city by plane or train and then use Navaran to rent a car in Yazd city.

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