11 best driving roads in Iran
Last Updated on 21 September 2022

As Iran is a four-season country offering myriad attractions, it annually welcomes many tourists and travelers from all over the world. Usually, tourists will be able to travel to different cities using a wide range of vehicles; however, going by private car on the beautiful and best driving roads in Iran will bring a different feeling and mood, which may be more pleasant for most people. That is why, in the following, we will introduce you to the most scenic and best driving roads in Iran.

In Iran, as you are well aware, there are many scenic roads, which in the past, most of them were dirt roads, but as time went by, these roads grew bigger and progressed well and turned into what we can see today.

Travelers who are familiar with the most famous and best driving roads in Iran will be able to have a more leisurely trip and can enjoy sightseeing more with their family or friends. Traveling on the great roads of Iran can be a pleasant travel experience.


The most scenic and best driving roads in Iran

So you have chosen Iran for your next road trip and want to find some of the best driving roads in Iran? Well, you've come to the right blog, in this article of Navaran, we will introduce you to some of the best driving roads in Iran. Stay tuned.


Shahroud to Gorgan Road

  • Length: 130 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: You should take the Tehran-Mashhad route, passing Garmsar, Semnan, and Damghan before reaching Shahroud.

best driving roads in Iran

Shahroud road in Semnan province, which leads to Gorgan town in Golestan, is considered one of the best forest roads in the country. Heading to this road, you will see many Tuskestan forest trees. Because of this, many people know this road as "Tuskestan road".

The unique sight of this road with its tall trees can make anyone fascinate. Indeed, one of the most amazing characteristics of "Shahroud to Gorgan Road" changes the look of the trees in autumn, making this road one of the most beautiful and best driving roads in Iran during autumn.

Shahroud to Gorgan road is covered with Urs, oak and alder trees, which makes it considered one of the most scenic forest roads in Iran. You will arrive at the Jahannama Nature Reserve when you cross this road. Offering one of the most beautiful roads in Iran, this area is full of green juniper trees.

The region's pleasant and cool climate draws many tourists yearly to Tuskestan Road, the best forest road in Iran. If you continue on Shahroud Road to Gorgan, you can reach the tourist attractions "Shahvar Peak", "Cheshmeh Haft Rang", "Alangdareh Park" and "Ziyarat Village".


Karaj to Chalous Road

  • Length: 163 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: Karaj city is not far from Tehran and with normal traffic you can reach Karaj in half an hour, before starting your trip on Karaj – Chalous road.

best driving roads in Iran

Out of all the best driving roads in Iran, Chalous Road is the only one established as a tourist attraction. Covering a distance of one hundred and sixty kilometers from Karaj to Chalous, it is such a great, scenic and thrilling road that travelers seek to arrive at the Caspian Sea at any cost through this route. Chalous Road, also known as Road 59, is about ninety years old. Due to its mountainous nature, its construction has been. It is still an impossible masterpiece in Iran at that time and in the rest of the world.

You can see this, especially in the Kandovan tunnel and midway between Chalous and Karaj, in which the heart of the mountain is carved out with shovels and pickaxes down to a depth of one hundred thousand cubic meters (two kilometers long, six meters wide and high), so that one no longer need to go around the mountain and make the road thirteen kilometers shorter, yet more beautiful.

Sharp curves, fog, valleys, rugged mountain cliffs, nested and never-ending forests, the sensation of life with animal power living in the bottom of the beech trees, consecutive climbs and descents, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, dams and handicrafts are a few of the many takeaways of the Chalous Road.

Other than the delight of driving a car on this heavenly road, Amirkabir Dam (which is suitable for boating and fishing), Sepehsalar village waterfall, Nojan and Khor waterfalls, Morad ice cave, Garchan peak, Harijan village and waterfall, Valasht and Kanduchal are the sites around Chalous road.

Preferably, you should not drive on this road in the rain or at night, and be extra careful when entering and exiting tunnels. While on Chalous road, there is no need to rush to the end of one of the most beautiful and best driving roads in Iran and exceed the speed limit. During holidays and such occasions as Nowruz, the Chalous road becomes very congested. Therefore, if you would like a more private and exclusive version of the route, make sure to schedule your trip in the middle of the week and on quiet days.


Asalem to Khalkhal Road

  • Length: 70 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: To get to Asalem from Tehran, you should go to Tehran-Qazvin highway and then take the Qazvin Rasht highway. Before reaching Rasht you should go west and pass Fouman, Rezvanshahr and other towns to arrive in Asalem.

best driving roads in Iran

The road from Asalem to Khalkhal is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the northern provinces of Iran. Starting from the city of Asalem in Gilan province, it runs to Khalkhal in the south of Ardabil province. It is one of the greenest and most rainy roads in the north of this country, and its high altitude means that it has a cold climate. This road has a cool environment, even on hot summer days. Therefore, it is best to take extra clothes for traveling on this road.

At the start of this road, in the vicinity of the city of Asalem, you will encounter a dense stand of trees located on both sides of the curving road, with sunlight shining through the leaves of the trees. You will reach green and open plains at the foot of snow-capped mountains along the way.

As with many forest roads in northern Iran, they are largely untouched and reasonably well maintained. The greatest attraction of this road is the Almas Pass, located 60 kilometers from Asalem. It is possible to stay in wooden huts in this area, which can be pretty unforgettable.

Spring and summer is the best time to travel the Asalem to Khalkhal road. During May, the plains of this road are covered with lots of anemones, and the trees are bursting with greenery and blossoms. This road is about 70 kilometers long, and some other attractions include Nav village, Yeylagh Dashte, Neor Lake and Nare Gar waterfall. These sites are a short distance from this road and accessible through the side roads of this route.

Some of the villages on this road are considered among the prettiest villages in Iran, allowing you to enjoy the untouched nature of this area while walking around. There are also various mountaineering and forest hiking routes on this road for those interested, so don't be in a hurry to pass this beautiful road, and make sure you spend enough time exploring the pristine nature of this area.


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Hajij to Uraman Takht Road

  • Length: 50 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: There are different routes to make it to Hajij from Tehran. However, the shortest one goes from Tehran to Saveh and then Hamedan. From there, you will pass towns like Sahneh, Ravansar, and Javanrud before arriving in Hajij.

best driving roads in Iran

The next on the list of the most beautiful and best driving roads in Iran is "Hajij to Uraman Takht Road", which deserves to be described as one of the most unique and scenic roads in the country. This beautiful country road links Kurdistan province with a village in Kermanshah province. There are green areas with unique kinds of vegetation all along the road.

Rural houses are built in the form of stairs on top of each other along one side of the road. The other side of the road has mountains covered with green bushes, making this mountain road among the best driving roads in Iran. Along the way to the terraced houses, there are lively rivers, offering a beautiful sight even from a distance.

The pristine nature and curvy road from Hajij to Uraman Takht will provide you with a marvelous and unforgettable trip. Many tourists take a long route to cross this road and appreciate its pleasant and unique atmosphere. In case you want to travel from Kurdistan province to Kermanshah and want to cross Hajij road to Uraman Takht, please choose spring and summer.

During these two seasons, the road is filled with wildflowers that attract the eyes of every observer. Nevertheless, in winter, the road from Hajij to Uraman Takht, which is among the most elevated roads in Iran, gets unsafe due to heavy snowfall and is closed most of the time.


Coastal road from Chabahar to Beris

  • Length: 60 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: This is a serious road trip, because just to reach Chabahar you need to drive around 1800 kilometers and pass many different provinces. However, you can take a plane to there and rent a car in Chabahar from Navaran.

best driving roads in Iran

We go from the north and west of the country to the south, where the thunderous waves of the Oman Sea, rocky beaches, the Lipar lagoon, the miniature mountains and mangrove forests together create one of the most beautiful and best driving roads in Iran. It is about sixty kilometers from the port of Chabahar to Bryce, with a landscape so fancifully designed that it is often mistaken for a miniature painting.

The endless blue of the ocean is on your right, and the gray, dry desert landscape is on your left. First, you see waves pounding against rocky shores. By the time you reach the middle of the road, it will make you feel like an astronaut who has landed on Mars: miniature mountains, like those we've seen on aerial photos of Mars, can be seen everywhere and will make you marvel.

Be sure to visit the mangroves when you come here. Located one hundred and twenty kilometers from Chabahar, these forests disappear under water during the monsoon season. If you travel among them by boat, you will see unique wildlife. Flamingos, eagles, and many others nest in the labyrinth of these trees during migration season. You should consider a trip to Chabahar if you want this kind of sightseeing.

We recommend choosing the winter to travel to this area; however, if there is no other way and you have to go in the hot season, there are no regrets here; owing to the wind along the coast, temperatures rarely exceed thirty degrees.


Shahdad to Nehbandan road

  • Length: 216 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: This is another rather long road trip from Tehran to Shahdad. You will pass many cities including Qom, Kashan, Yazd and Rafsanjan to arrive in Shahdad.

best driving roads in Iran

Are you familiar with Shahdad and its unique yardangs? Well, if you find yourself interested in this kind of space, you should know that a 300 km road from Shahdad Kerman to Nehbandan in South Khorasan has been built to connect the cities in the north and south of the country more easily. While most of Iran is dry and has no water, this road is somewhat different, and for some reason, it is one of the most beautiful and best driving roads in Iran.

The yardangs of Shahdad, the sandy plains, the colorful sand hills, and the mirage that forms on the roadway and on the tarmac make for an experience you cannot easily ignore. Driving your car on this road, memories of western movies come alive.

As with all desert routes, you are advised to travel there in the cold six months of the year; however, if during the summer you were tempted to watch the sunrise and sunset on this road and other similar roads such as Jandaq to Moalleman or Tabas to Khor and Biabank, waiting for the arrival of autumn and winter would be impossible. Make sure your car is ready to drive at high temperatures before leaving.


Aras Jolfa border road

  • Length: 163 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: You first need to arrive in Tabriz on your way to Jolfa. From there, you should take the highway to Marand, and then you will be in Jolfa.

best driving roads in Iran

Aras Jolfa road is among the border roads of Iran in the northwestern part of the country and is situated between the provinces of East and West Azarbaijan. Running along the Aras River, this road goes parallel to the forests of Arasbaran to the Jolfa region. While one side of this road is high mountains, the other side is thick forests. When driving on this road, you can get a glimpse of parts of the Armenian and Azerbaijani grasslands.

Shores of the Aras River are among the most beautiful sights on this route; needless to say, in most sections, there is no stopping allowed due to the proximity to the border. There are parts of Iran's most beautiful Hyrcanian forests to be seen along this road.

Other attractions near the Aras-Jolfa road include the Marakan Nature Reserve, which is close to the town of Jolfa. To reach the Aras-Jolfa road, head to the city of Jolfa in East Azerbaijan and then take the border road that runs parallel to the Aras River.

When you drive on this road, you will see mountains and green trees on one side, and on the other side, the beauty of the Aras River will catch your eye. Obviously, the beauty of this border road is doubled, especially in late spring and summer.


Shahrekord to Izeh road

  • Length: 270 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: You will have a few options to drive from Tehran to Shahrekord. The best one, however, goes from Qom to Kashan and then Najafabad before arriving in Shahrekord.

best driving roads in Iran

The major part of the Shahrekord to Izeh road, considered one of the best driving roads in Iran, is in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinces. This small province is situated in the middle of the Iranian plateau within the Zagros Mountains, making the road from Shahrekord to Izeh pass through the most beautiful mountain paths and plains.

Among the most beautiful natural attractions on the road from Shahrekord to Izeh is "Dasht Helen". Helen Plain is a preserved area where the most beautiful valleys, plains, villages, mountains and rivers can be found.

This plain is also home to the tents of the nomads of this province, and when crossing it in the spring, you can see the nomads in every corner of it. The raging Karun River flows in this area and attracts many tourists.

Apart from Helen Plain, we have another protected area on this mountain road known as the "Dehdez Protected Area". Dehdez region is situated near the city of Izeh in Khuzestan province. "Choghakhor Lagoon" is among the other attractions near Shahrekord on this road, located next to the beautiful "Kalar" mountain.

Karun Lake and the dam near this road offer an attractive environment for walking and sightseeing. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit the beauty of Shahrekord-Izeh road. You can take Dasht Helen Road on the right exit after Qamar Bani Hashem square in the south of Shahrekord to reach this beautiful road.


Shiraz to Kazeroon road

  • Length: 140 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: Shiraz is one of the most famous cities of Iran for tourists. You can either rent a car in Tehran from Navaran and take a rather long road trip to Shiraz,, or go there on a plane and then rent a car in Shiraz from us.

best driving roads in Iran

Shiraz to Kazeroon road is among the most beautiful and best driving roads in Iran's Fars province, about 140 kilometers long. Among the most beautiful attractions of this road, which also made it famous, is "Dasht Arjan". Dasht Arjan is situated on this road and 60 kilometers away from Shiraz.

Located on the slopes of the Zagros Mountains, this plain attracts many tourists to the area with its beautiful nature and unique landscape. The Arjan waterfall, known as "Cherab waterfall" by the locals, is located five kilometers away from this plain. In winter, the waterfall freezes and its ice crystals are of unique beauty.

Arjan lagoon and lake are other attractions of this plain. You can also see historical sights such as the steps of Salman and Ali in Dasht Arjan. Moreover, the most important feature of this area is the presence of a rare Iranian deer species in the "Mian Katal Sanctuary" near the Arjan Plain. That area is also known as "Bram Plain". Dasht Baram is the center of growth of oak forests in Iran and the Middle East and has been added to the list of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

Parishan Lake, located near Kazeroon, is yet another attraction on the road from Shiraz to Kazeroon. Spring is the best time to visit the Shiraz-Kazeroon road and the Arjan Plain, especially in May. During this time, upside-down tulips will cover the entire plain. You can go to the city of Shiraz to get to this beautiful road and head towards Kazeroon from the west side.



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Siahkal road to Deylaman

  • Length: 45 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: Your route from Tehran to Siahkal is much like what we mentioned about Asalem. However, it is much shorter. You will go through Qazvin Rasht highway again.

best driving roads in Iran

Siahkal to Deylaman road is one of the minor roads in Gilan province, with very pleasant weather in autumn and spring. While this road's beautiful nature turns green and spectacular in summer, some sunny days can be uncomfortably hot. When you go to the nearby heights to visit the beauty of this road, a unique view and cool air can be experienced. In this area, the forest is dense and is situated on a steep slope.

May is the best time to visit Siahkal Deylaman Road and the nearby sights. During this time, the surrounding plains are filled with yellow and red flowers, and the sound of water and birds chirping can be heard echoing in the air. This road begins on the side of Siahkal with lovely and dense forests. These forests are covered with fog during the first hours of the day, particularly in spring and autumn.

There is a "Lounak waterfall" at the very beginning of the Siahkal- Deylaman road, and there is a suitable place for camping around it. You have to go up the side road to visit this waterfall. The twin Lounak waterfall is 6 meters high and can be easily accessed. From this road, there is a beautiful view of the Deylaman region. Additional attractions on this road are the "Titi Carvansary" and the "Larikhani Forest". Siahkal Forest Park, Pashuran Pool and Kotul Shah Castle are located near this route.

Those who like trekking in the forest can take a long walk through Larikhani Forest to arrive at its mineral water spring. Continuing the way, they will reach the plain and the summer house above the forest. Siahkal town is situated 18 km southwest of Lahijan and 40 km southeast of Rasht. Siahkal- Deylaman road is in the south of Siahkal town. Instead of driving all the way to Siahkal, you can fly to Rasht from Tehran and then rent a car in Rasht to go to the Siahkal.


Filband village road

  • Length: 25 km
  • How to get there from Tehran: Filband village road is situated alongside the Haraz road. You have to drive about 140 km from Tehran on Haraz road to arrive at the beginning of this road to reach Filband village.

best driving roads in Iran

Filband village road is situated on a mountainous path with very pleasant weather on Haraz road, which is cool and springy even on hot summer days. In winter, this road is blocked due to snowfall, and there is no traffic on this road during the cold and snowy winter days. Because of its location on the mountainside path, Filband village road is very steep.

The more you drive on the road to Filband, the more you will be fascinated by the beautiful landscape. Green and wide plains with single trees in between will attract your attention along the way. There are small and large water springs alongside the road, of which the most famous is the "Lar Spring". Filband village is at the end of this road and is known as "Bam Mazandaran".

The best time to drive the road and visit Filband village starts in the middle of spring and lasts until the end of summer. During the spring, you can witness rain, sun, and rainbows on this beautiful road. When you reach the end of Filband road, you can see the highest spot in Mazandaran province. When you go to this area early in the morning, you can walk above the clouds.

The most beautiful plains of Mazandaran are at your feet at the top of Filband village, and the nearby landscapes offer unique views of this province. This area lies near Alimastan forest and Chelaw forest. Sangchal village and Pasha Kola village are among the most beautiful attractions around Filband Road. The nearest towns along Filband Road are Amol and Babol. The length of this road is about 30 kilometers.



In this article of Navaran magazine, we looked at some of the best driving roads in Iran. From Mazandaran to Gilan and from Azarbaijan to Sistan and Baluchistan, these are just some of the best driving roads in Iran that you can choose for your next road trip adventure in the country.

In conclusion, we should note that if you are a tourist just visiting Iran, you can rent a car from Navaran for your trip on one of the roads we introduced in this article. What makes Navaran different from other car rental in Iran companies are the competitive prices and easier car rental conditions with no need to give any checks or promissory notes.

If you have chosen which of these best driving roads in Iran you want to go to, just head over to the Navaran website or application, choose which car you want to rent, set the dates, pay the deposit and the car rental fees, and start your journey in the beautiful roads of the country, exploring Iran attractions.