Rent a Fidelity car in Iran. Fidelity Rental Car Instructions
Last Updated on 30 August 2022

Going on vacation by car is extremely popular, and road trips continue to be very popular. People have good reasons to go on vacation in their own car. However, vacations are often considered the best reason for rent a Fidelity car in Iran.

For example, transporting your own vehicle to distant destinations is difficult and time-consuming. A long drive to the vacation destination and back is also not very restful. Instead, it is much more comfortable to travel by train or airplane without traffic jams and rent a car at the vacation destination. In this way, travelers can always be flexible and independent of timetables.

You can easily rent any car you want through car rental agencies. Being one of the renowned car rental agencies in Iran, Navaran offers many vehicles for different tastes and budgets in Iran.

Fidelity Primes is considered one of the newest cars in the Iranian market, and at Navaran, we have this modern crossover in our fleet. In the following atrticle of Navaran Car Magazine, we will tell you everything about this car and talk about how you can rent a Fidelity car in Iran.


Rent a Fidelity car in Iran.

All You Should Know About Fidelity Prime

Fidelity Prime, known as Jetour X70S in its domestic market, is one of the newest Chinese cars to have entered the Iranian market by the Bahman Motor Group. This seven-seater car (also has a 5-seater version in Iran) is built on the proven Chery Tiggo 8 platform.

It is powered by a reliable 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine with a variable valve timing system providing 155 hp and a torque of 230 Nm; it can be equipped with either a 5-speed manual or 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. However, it is only offered with the latter in the Iranian market.


Rent a Fidelity car in Iran.

Exterior Design

The new car has a distinctive design, both outside and inside. While trying to create a car that would be loved by a wide audience, the designers turned to classic art solutions, supplementing them with bright modern accents. The important point is that apart from the aesthetic aspect, the Fidelity designers devoted quite a lot of attention to aerodynamics, achieving a drag coefficient of Cx = 0.38.

The design of the massive grille with the integrated brand name on it, for example, is inspired by classic Chinese architecture. The headlight design is modern and even trendy, equipped with a combination of projection and LED lights and fully LED daytime running lights.

On the front part, there are significant stamps on the hood and embossed elements of the bumper, which pass into the outlines of the front wheel arches. Thanks to this, the crossover looks quite masculine, but there is no roughness in its appearance.

The crossover profile is quite dynamic because of the long hood, large 18-inch wheels and the original design of the window line. Note that the lower part of the windows is decorated with chrome; meanwhile, the uprights and the upper parts of the frames are black, creating a bright and noticeable transition of colors.

At the back, the most striking element is the lights. When the tail lights are turned on, the combination of four bright LEDs resembling traditional Chinese lanterns becomes noticeable. If you are considering renting a Fidelity car in Iran, feel free to contact Navaran.


Rent a Fidelity car in Iran.

Interior Design

The car's interior design will surprise everyone since the car is equipped with lots of options and offers a first-class experience! In Iran, Fidelity Prime is offered in two configurations, namely 7-seater and 5-seater, and can be characterized as a luxury car. Fidelity is equipped with eco-leather, and the driver's seat is electrically adjustable in three directions.

Passengers in the second row can change the angle of the backrest, increase legroom through forward and backward seat adjustments and enjoy the deep pockets in the front seat backrests. There are also climate system vents and two USB chargers for passenger comfort and convenience. The third row of seats is the most compromised, but it is more than comfortable enough for short city trips or for children.

Fidelity Prime seems to be designed for family trips because the car has an excellent luggage capacity and a high level of comfort. The maximum capacity of the luggage compartment is 1,680 liters, and the second row of seats can be folded down in a ratio of 60/40. Meanwhile, the third row of seats can be conveniently and easily hidden in a special compartment on the floor and get a large luggage compartment.

Multimedia and Equipment

Fidelity is a car full of gadgets whose optional equipment is truly impressive, starting with the fact that there is no place for the conventional gauges in this car. Analogue gauges are a thing of the past. The instrument panel here is fully digital with a 12.3-inch diagonal and original graphic design with three different backlights to the driver's choice. You can control the individual functions of the multimedia system both using the analog buttons next to the display and with the multifunction leather steering wheel.

In the central console, the 10-inch multimedia system with a touch screen, which can be synchronized with modern smartphones on Android and IOS platforms through a USB cable, is dominant. Moreover, the screen completely mirrors the smartphone, allows you to use all applications, and with Bluetooth, enjoy the sounds with the help of six speakers.

The display shows images from cameras, among other things, and the car is fitted with a 360-degree view camera. It is unique in its class and differentiates the car from its competitors. Besides the all-around view camera, the front and rear parking sensors also help to park skillfully.

Included in the list of options, which can be classified as premium, is a vast (1.1m2) panoramic roof with a sunroof and a system of automatic opening of the trunk with an electric drive. Simply have your car key in your pocket and slide your foot under the rear bumper to open the trunk.

Fidelity is also equipped with electronic air conditioning, electric mirrors adjustment with heating, tire pressure control sensors, four electric windows with one-touch lowering and raising function, keyless entry and engine start, and cruise control!


Rent a Fidelity car in Iran.

Platform and Engine

Fidelity Prime is built on the same platform as the Chery Tiggo 8, meaning that the owners of this car are getting one of the most advanced technologies currently at the disposal of Chery holding. And its dimensions (4735 mm length, 1900 mm width, 1710 mm height and 2720 mm wheelbase) indicate that it is a medium-sized crossover.

First, it features a load-bearing body, made with extensive use of high-strength steel, with torsional stiffness of about 16000 Nm per millimeter. Secondly, this crossover has an independent front and rear suspension, allowing excellent handling and a rigid body. The car's ground clearance is 200 millimeters, enabling easy movement in the city and light off-road.

Powering the automobile is a modern petrol four-cylinder turbo-engine. It is pretty small in terms of volume (1.5 liters) according to the latest trends, but it produces 155 hp and 230 Nm of torque. As for the transmission, in Iran, it is only offered with a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Fidelity Prime has a sports mode that changes the gearbox settings and allows "squeezing" the maximum out of the engine, increasing the torque up to 230 Nm.


Rent a Fidelity car in Iran.


This crossover is generously equipped with safety systems: an advanced ESP stabilization system from Bosch series 9.3, four airbags, ABS + EBD, traction control and others. There is also a system of blind spot monitoring and a warning system when leaving the traffic lane and when there is a threat of collision with another vehicle.

The uphill start assist and the electronic parking brake with Auto Hold function will provide extra peace of mind, offering additional relief for the driver in everyday road use, like driving in traffic jams and at traffic lights. The list of safety options and driving assistance systems really impresses, making the car stand out in its class while offering options usually found only in premium brands.


How to Rent a Fidelity Car in Iran

You can easily rent a Fidelity car in Iran from Navaran. We have several branches all over Iran, with most of them located in airports and malls, making us one of the best when it comes to car rental in Tehran. You can rent a Fidelity car and many others at our branches in no time.

There are also some other ways to rent a Fidelity car in Iran from us, which include:

· Go to Navaran's official website and complete the car rental form, choosing a delivery time, return date, and car type.

· Calling Navaran and talking to our experts via WhatsApp and requesting a car rental. You can find our contact numbers in our website's footer section.

Website address:

Contact number: +982144666294 and +982144668961


Fidelity car rental with a driver's terms and conditions

· When renting a Fidelity car in Iran with a driver from Navaran, all costs will be covered by the Navaran Company in case of an accident.

· The customer will be responsible for the driver's food and accommodation costs.

· When renting a Fidelity Prime with a driver in Iran from us, there will be no need for checks, promissory notes or guarantees.

· You can ask to be picked up at your home or hotel.


Fidelity car rental without a driver terms and conditions

· You can rent a Fidelity with a daily driving limit of 300 kilometers.

· You can rent a Fidelity car with no daily driving limits, making it the best choice for traveling with your rental Fidelity car.

· You won't have to give any checks or promissory notes for renting Fidelity.

· You can take your rental Fidelity or return it to us in our branches and Navaran agencies in big cities of Iran.

· You can take the delivery of your rental Fidelity in your home or hotel.

· You can get a discount if you book Fidelity for more than a month.

· The customer will be responsible for any damage in case of an accident.


Rent a Fidelity car in Iran.

What's it like to rent a Fidelity car in Iran from Navaran

· You can rent a Fidelity car in Iran for a few hours or a day.

· You can rent a Fidelity car in major Iranian cities all over the country.

· You will be able to rent a Fidelity car with a daily driving limit (suitable for inner-city trips) or without a daily driving limit (good for traveling to other cities).

· You won't have to give any checks, documents, guarantees or promissory notes for renting Fidelity.

· You will have the option of getting your Fidelity car in 'City A' and returning it at one of our branches in 'City B'. This is good for when you want to save costs as you can return the car in your destination city.

· You can easily extend your Fidelity car rental with just a phone call.

· At Navaran, we offer 24/7 support for our customers.

· We will give you official contracts and invoices for legal entities, public and private organizations, and companies per your request.

· Every time you book a car from Navaran, you will earn points which can later be used to book free rental cars.

· We offer brand new and disinfected cars to our clients, making our rent-a-car in Iran services one of the best in the country.

· In case of any problems, we will send roadside assistance in less than 30 minutes all over the country.

· You can rent a car with or without a driver.

· You can take the delivery of your car at your doorstep or at your hotel.


Rules and regulations of renting Fidelity from Navaran

At Navaran, we always trust our customers and continue to help them meet our car rental rules and regulations in the simplest possible way for our dear customers' convenience. This makes us one of the best car rental in Iran service providers.

In this regard, one of the measures taken by Navaran is to offer the option of renting a car without the need to provide documents such as checks, promissory notes, etc., from our customers. You can easily rent a Fidelity car from us only with your passport.

Like every company or organization, we also have rules and regulations for car rental, which you can read on our rules and regulations page. In the following, you can find two of them to better understand our rules and regulations:

· When renting a car, other than the total cost of car rental, we will receive a deposit from the customer. You can withdraw the deposit an hour after returning the car, provided there are no issues with the car.

· The daily driving limit for our cars is 300 kilometers. If you drive more than this limit, you will be charged 1.050 Tomans per kilometer.


In which cities can you rent a Fidelity car?

At Navaran, we have a large fleet of rental cars and are ready to serve our customers in almost all parts of Iran, particularly in provincial capitals. For example, you can easily rent a Fidelity car and return it in Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Sari, Rasht, Kerman, Shiraz, Kermanshah, and Mashhad. If you are looking for car rental in Tabriz, give us a call or book on our website.

In important cities like Tehran, our company has many centers, which include Mehrabad Airport, Parsian Evin Hotel, Imam Airport, Spinas Palace Hotel, Esteghlal Hotel, and more.

If you wish, you can also get your rental car on your doorstep, hotel, or any place you want.


Cost of renting a Fidelity car from Navaran

The price for renting cars in Navaran's fleet varies depending on the type of car and the additional features or equipment installed on them per the customer's request or the daily driving limit.

Some additional features or equipment you can ask to be included on your rental Fidelity are mobile internet, travel tent, baby seat, etc. The cost of these pieces of equipment will be added to your total cost when you rent a Fidelity car in Iran.

You should visit the Fidelity car rental page on Navaran's website to see the price of renting a Fidelity car in Iran.

In case you are a group of more than five, looking to visit Iran attractions all over the country, you can rent Toyota Haice in Iran from us, and get some top-notch rental automobile in Iran services from our company.

Note: As mentioned before, in case you book your rental Fidelity for more than a month, the cost of renting the car will be lowered.



Fidelity Prime is one of the newest cars in our fleet at Navaran. As a modern car, it offers a first-class driving experience, and you are guaranteed to have a perfect trip with it. If you are considering Fidelity rental in Iran, please call us or book the car from our website.