Advantages of Car Rental in Iran
Last Updated on 13 September 2022

Renting a car is one of the best solutions to help with your travels. You can rent a car for traveling individually or as a business customer and make your trip comfortable. Whether for short or long trips, renting a car will provide comfort, time, and freedom of movement. Renting a car reduces transportation costs when traveling alone or planning a trip with friends. There are many advantages of renting a car, especially for business trips. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of car rental in Iran and see how it can help you to have a perfect time in the country.

Why Should You Rent a Car for Traveling in Iran?

With the rise of car rental, traveling with a car has become an option for everybody. Because of the many advantages of car rental, even people who have their own car tend to rent a car on different occasions. Nevertheless, before your car rental in Iran, it is important to understand the features and services offered by car rental companies.

For example, Navaran is the first and only Iranian car rental company providing world-class services to its customers. But what is included in the excellent services of Navaran? Compared to the best car rental companies in the world, where do the services of this company stand?

Because of the market's need for car rental services, several companies have started to offer various services to meet these needs. With Navaran, you can rent your favorite car easily and safely in all parts of Iran at an incredible and cheap price, often involving seasonal and periodic discounts.

In the following, we will first talk about the advantages of car rental in Iran when traveling. Furthermore, we will discuss why Navaran is one of the best companies for car rental in Iran.


Advantages of Car Rental in Iran

10 Reasons You Should Go for Car Rental in Iran

Many people prefer to travel alone in their own car, or by renting one. Below are some of the most convincing reasons you should go for a car rental in Iran for your travel needs.

Any Class and Parameters

Heavy competition has forced rental companies to apply low margins. This allows you to rent even expensive luxury cars for a very reasonable price. In this way, someone who usually drives a cheap, economical city vehicle in everyday life can try his hand behind the wheel of an expensive, well-equipped SUV.

For example, it may be a vacation trip where the family wants to visit Iran attractions instead of staying in a hotel somewhere and only seeing its surroundings. So they can leave their car where they are and embark on the trip in a roomy, air-conditioned car, which is comfortable enough to cover long distances without getting tired. If wanted, they could choose.

See More Places on Your Vacation

When you find yourself in an unknown place, you are likely willing to explore every corner of it. That means long walks and sore feet in the evening when you get back to the hotel. Sometimes, the place you wish to visit is a little bigger than you expect. You may not cover it all on foot, and locating the proper public transportation may be difficult and time-consuming.

When traveling by boat or plane, you are limited to the round trip between your departure and destination locations. Things are very different when you own a car or rent one from Navaran and you can go wherever your wheels take you.

Provides Economical Transportation for Group Travels

If you travel with more than one person, you can reduce your travel costs by renting a car. Particularly for short-distance intercity trips, it is much more economical than public transportation, depending on the number of people. You will not have to pay for a taxi or travel by public transport. This reduces the problems and costs you may experience on short intercity journeys, especially during holidays.

Bus departure times of the destination, reaching the bus station, and trying to arrive at the bus station after reaching the other point of visit can be an expensive and uncomfortable experience. For this reason, you should consider renting a van from Navaran to reduce costs and have many other advantages when traveling in groups.


Advantages of Car Rental in Iran

You Choose the Vehicle Model You Want

While renting a car, you should choose a vehicle considering your intended use, as this will help your trip to go smoothly. If you are going on vacation with a few people, for example, but choose a vehicle with a small luggage capacity, you may experience problems with your suitcases fitting into the car. Focusing on the purpose of use rather than being price-oriented when renting a car in Iran will prevent you from experiencing such examples.

We recommend that when traveling with a little child, you pay attention to the availability of a baby/child seat. You might not be able to own the car you want for many reasons, but by renting a car, you can enjoy the pleasure of driving a vehicle of any model you want.

People usually use airplanes for long trips to avoid wasting time on the road and try to rent a car from car rental companies such as Navaran as soon as they land at the airport. Still, especially during peak periods, they may not be able to rent the car they want. Because of this, we advise you not to leave your car rental in Iran until the last minute for both short and long trips. If you book your car early before your trip, you have the chance to rent the model you want, and you will get a more affordable price.

Less Stress: Driving Someone Else's Easier

When traveling with a rental car in Iran, suppose you have rented the vehicle from Navaran; you can drive a car of a better class than the one you own with no stress. In case of a defect, the cost of repairing the expensive car, after all, will not fall on you.

As soon as there is a problem with the car, the company will send you roadside assistance and a replacement car in case the vehicle can not be fixed. This makes it possible to take a long route on many roads across Iran without worrying that your car will fail and leave you with high repair costs.

Take What You Need With You

Luggage is one of the things that troubles any long trip. You must make sure that you have only brought the essentials while leaving many valuable things at home that you cannot carry because of their size. That can be a problem when you travel by boat, train, or plane. This means you can't bring everything with you, resulting in you having to make sacrifices. You will have a limited wardrobe for the trip, whether you like it or not.

Carrying extra luggage also will cost you more, considering airline boarding fees. Additional luggage is not a problem when traveling by rental car, as you can bring anything that fits in the trunk of your vehicle.


Advantages of Car Rental in Iran

Rent a Car Only When Needed

Many people don't need a car every day, but only occasionally. For example, suppose someone is working from home, at his own computer, and therefore not commuting to work or clients daily. In that case, he will be wasting money by buying a car sitting idle outside his house during the week. However, once you feel like going away with your family for the weekend, you could rent a car in Iran from Navaran.

Do you need to transport items you can't carry on a taxi or bus? Not a problem; after all; you can even rent a van in Iran from Navaran. You can also rent a car if you need to transport someone elderly or ailing, and it's hardly a single trip for which a cab would suffice. Indeed, there are various family situations in which such transportation needs to be made available to someone.

You Will Have a Comfortable Journey

Renting a car during a vacation gives you a comfortable travel experience. Your travel comfort begins right from home. Without carrying your suitcases and personal belongings from one place to another, taking them down and putting them up, they will be safe in the car until you reach your destination.

You will not be traveling on the same bus with other people. You will have a clean, hygienic and safe journey. In the places you go, you can shop as you wish and bring your purchased items to your home in your vehicle without getting tired and damaging your stuff.

If you are investigating car rental in Kish and want to know about Kish rental car prices, you can check out our website for all the information about Kish rent car.

More Freedom While Traveling

It is also worth renting a car if you have to spend some time in a city, where you arrive by bus, train, or plane. Car rental in Tehran, Tabriz, Kish, or Mashhad is a given, with plenty of Navaran branches all over Iran. You can pick up your car at the airport or another arranged place.

Rather than wasting time getting to know the local public transportation, it is possible then, particularly with the help of GPS navigation, to comfortably navigate an unknown city. This means freedom and independence, particularly for business travelers.

No Accommodation Problems

There are many accommodation options when traveling. However, most people stay in hotels when they are on vacation. If you do not have a car, you will likely want to find a place as close to the city center as possible, making it easy to walk and move to places of interest.

On the other hand, with a car, you won't have to stay in one of the few expensive hotels in the city center. Indeed, there are many lodging options just out of the city center. Bed and breakfasts and farmhouses are great if you can go back and forth at your own pace.

People who travel by plane or bus are limited to walking or public transportation to their vacation spot, so they could find themselves in the situation of not finding a place to stay if they book at the last minute.

Why Choose Navaran for Car Rental in Iran?

While a few companies are working in the field of car rental in Iran, not all of them are necessarily offering high-quality services. In the following, we will talk about what makes Navaran the best company for car rental in Iran.


Advantages of Car Rental in Iran

We Provide Brand New and Clean Rental Cars

The large fleet of Navaran has all types of brand-new cars and vehicles. Furthermore, we supply you with the cars directly, without any middlemen. After each return, the vehicles are sanitized, and the car's periodic services and technical inspections are entirely carried out. The lack of intermediaries means that the rental car price is significantly lower for you.

We Will Give You the Official Contract and Invoice

Sites that are not legally valid might overcharge you for different reasons and refuse to provide a contract. However, Navaran Company will provide you with an official invoice and a contract.

Learn About the Car Before You Rent

You can see the car model and model year and select the traffic plan when you book a car from Navaran. You can rent both Iranian and luxury cars thanks to Navaran's large fleet. One thing worth mentioning is that all Navaran are brand new and very clean. Those cars whose mileage has exceeded a certain limit will be replaced by brand new ones.

Reasonable and Affordable Prices

Despite the cheap car rental prices, Navaran company constantly has special discounts. Besides, you can enjoy exceptional discounts by booking a car from our website or renting a car for more than one day. For more information on this topic, you can visit the Q&A section of Navaran's website.

Car Insurance Coverage

You can travel with confidence and peace of mind without worrying about potential accidents, thanks to the comprehensive insurance coverage offered by Navaran company.

Pick Up and Deliver Cars All Over Iran 24/7

To rent a car in Mashhad, for example, simply book the car on Navaran's website or application and pick up your requested car at the time and place of your choice. Having rented a car in Mashhad, you can also return the car anywhere in Iran. At Navaran car rental, we provide our services to applicants 24/7.

Note: Navaran owns special branches in Tehran airports (Imam Khomeini and Mehr Abad Airport). As a result, you will be able to make your intercity trips by receiving a rental car after arriving at the airport.

24-Hour Support and Assistance Service

No support is available from people and companies illegally working in car rental in Iran. But when you rent a car from Navaran anywhere around Iran, and if your car has a mechanical defect, the Navaran roadside assistance team will be there in the shortest possible time. When the problem cannot be fixed, the car will be replaced with a similar car in the fastest possible time. Navaran will provide you with a suitable hotel free of charge in case of a long period needed to replace the car in remote areas.

Required Documents for Car Rental in Iran

In Iran, Navaran is the first and only car rental company which rents cars under world-class standards without requiring any documents, checks or guarantees. As a result, you can easily rent a car from Navaran wherever you are.

What Makes Navaran Different Than Its Rivals?

In the following, we will talk about some other issues some companies have with their customers regarding car rental in Iran.


Claiming the Diminished Value of the Vehicle at the Time of the Accident

It is common practice for car rental companies in Iran and many other countries to claim the vehicle's diminished value, which can be a high and unforeseen cost for the customer. Navaran is the only car rental company in Iran that relieves the customer's mind about this, states clearly in the contract, and does not claim any diminished value from the customer in case of an accident.

The customer only has to pay the cost of repairing the car up to the specified limit. Significant accidents and expenses above the specified amount are Navaran's liability. Claiming unusually diminished value and higher than the actual amount is considered a false revenue method for car rental companies.

Claiming the Full Damage Compensation at the Time of the Accident

While it is a natural right of all car rental companies to collect the full damage from the customer at the time of the accident, Navaran will collect the damage up to the maximum amount specified in the contract and pay for the remainder, regardless of the severity of the damage.

Meanwhile, many car rental companies will claim these amounts by getting checks and promissory notes from the customer and filing unreal damage claims.

Taking Full Rental Fees for the Days That the Car Is Being Repaired in the Event of an Accident

Yet another hidden cost of renting a car is charging for repair days and receiving the rental for those days at the time of the accident. These days can add up in unknown ways and leave the customer feeling distressed. At Navaran, there is no such concern, and the customer does not have to worry about it.

Providing Different Cars Than What Was Shown on the Website

In Navaran, the exact car seen on the website will be provided to the customer with the same model and even the same color in the highest condition and tidiness. Many car rental companies provide old, and high mileage used cars. All Navaran vehicles are brand new and are being replaced with new vehicles as the mileage increases.

Taking Checks, Promissory Bills, Property Documents, and Other Guarantees by Rental Companies

Providing such guarantees by the customer will weaken their position in any of the above cases and allow the renter to collect additional money. Meanwhile, Navaran only receives a cash deposit of a fair amount, with the maximum amount of the customer's obligation sometimes being higher than this amount, resulting from Navaran's trust in the customer.

Other Things That Make Navaran's Car Rental in Iran Services Completely Different

  • 24/7 service

  • Providing a replacement car when a technical defect arises.

  • Roadside assistance was provided in 2000 locations all over Iran.

  • Option to receive the car in a city and return it in another city without any extra cost.

  • Genuine insurance coverage to minimize liability.


Renting a car is always more cost-effective than traveling with your own car or public transportation and offers many benefits. Furthermore, you will not have to spend on additional expenses such as insurance, taxes, and car maintenance. By renting a car from Navaran while traveling, you'll not only save money but also benefit from the special services provided, thanks to the world-class standards of our company, making Navaran the best company regarding car rental in Iran.