How to Rent a Van in Iran?
Last Updated on 05 September 2022

Planning to go on a road trip? Would you like to travel differently and uniquely? If you answered yes, you might want to take a trip in a van. In addition to being a different way of traveling, renting a van for your trip provides several advantages that any traveler will significantly appreciate. This article will give you everything you need to know about how to rent a van in Iran. As one of Iran's leading car rental companies, Navaran has a great fleet of cars, including the much-loved Toyota Hiace van.

While some might have a few doubts about traveling with a van, an increasing number of travelers are starting to take a route in a van that enables them to trace their own route. If well adapted, it can have all the comforts you want. It is like an RV or a camper van, but much more economical and flexible.

Rent Toyota Hiace in Iran – A quick look at the car

Since the introduction of the first generation of Hiace in 1967, this van has been highly regarded in Japan and around the world as one of the best van cars for almost 50 years. The Hiace 200 series, which we offer at Navaran for car rental in Iran, is the fifth generation model. The new model Hiace 300 series was introduced in 2019.

The Toyota Hiace 200 series has been available on the market since 2004. The Hiace lineup includes diesel-powered and gasoline-powered models, which are popular among Hiace owners for business use.

The Hiace is also suitable for various interior customizations, especially seat arrangements. The Toyota Hiace we offer for rental in Iran has a seat configuration with a total capacity of 14 passengers, which makes it a great choice when you want to rent a van in Iran.

The Toyota Hiace is available in three sizes, based on the length of the body. All three of them provide ample cargo and passenger space. The standard Toyota Hiace is 2 meters in width and 5.5 meters in length. This is a reliable, practical transportation vehicle. Thanks to the build quality and technologies used, the car will remain in good condition even after prolonged use.

How to Rent a Van in Iran


Exterior Design

One of the first things that impress the eyes when looking at the car is the sloping part of the hood. Two crossbars are positioned over the chrome radiator grille at the front of the short hood. The company badge is placed at the top.

This car is equipped with modern headlights and two ventilation flaps. The model with a long wheelbase is equipped with two sliding doors. The doors of the Toyota Hiace are wide and high, making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.


How to Rent a Van in Iran

Interior Design

The interior of the car is spacious. The arrangement of the control elements is straightforward. Materials and equipment are noted for their quality and durability. It is easy to read the indicators of the equipment.

In modern models, the gearshift lever is located on the instrument panel. The cabin is practical and does not have the slightest noise. In front of the car sit two passengers and the driver. In the middle row, there is enough room for three adults. The middle row can be folded down, thereby increasing the cargo space.

Specific versions of the cabin (this is the version we offer for rental in Iran) can accommodate up to 14 passengers. All seats are equipped with a seat belt warning system. The interior is fitted with a door seat, a central console seat, two drink detectors, and a glove compartment for personal use.


Basic equipment

The Toyota Hiace available for automobile rental in Iran is packed with different equipment, including 15-inch steel wheels, a full-size spare tire, a hydraulic booster, air conditioning for the front passenger compartment, a multi-information display, a CD player with AM/FM radio, USB input for ipod, Bluetooth and a power outlet.

Front windows are electrically operated. You can start the car remotely. The list of safety features includes stability control, rearview camera, brake lights, anti-lock braking system, cruise control, brake assist system, triple safety belts, and airbags.


Under the hood

The Toyota Hiace is offered with two engines. The 2.7-liter twin-shaft gasoline engine provides 149 hp of power and 241 nm of torque. It is the only engine offered on Iranian market versions. There is also one more power unit - the 3.0-liter diesel engine with intercooler and supercharged with a total power of around 130 hp.

There are no problems with either one, and both can do what is expected of them. However, the models fitted with the diesel engine are a better choice for permanent transportation of goods, as the engine has more torque. With the gasoline engine, the car needs around 17 seconds to reach 100 km/h from a standstill. This engine consumes 11 l/100 km in a mixed cycle.

In the next section of our "How to rent a van in Iran" article, we will take a look at the driving experience of Toyota Hiace.


Driving experience

Most of the drivers will find a comfortable position behind the wheel. Because of the handles and grip, it is easy to get on and off the car. If the luggage compartment is not heavily loaded, you will not feel any power shortage. The vehicle moves swiftly and efficiently. With an empty luggage compartment, you can feel some vibrations in the cabin. When you push the gas pedal fully, sometimes the automobile becomes sluggish.

The Hiace's stability and handling are enhanced when the vehicle is fully loaded. During intensive driving, you will not feel any defects, and the electronically controlled system will help to balance the steering.

The car's suspension system is designed for commercial use. You should not expect excellent driving comfort, but there is undoubtedly no discomfort. The Hiace is very agile at low speeds. Nevertheless, the small rear view mirrors hamper visibility. However, a rearview camera can solve the situation. The turning radius of the vehicle is 12.4 meters.

As a commercial vehicle, there is a heavy engine on the Toyota Hiace, the noise of which is noticeable during the drive. The situation can be improved by reversing the automatic transmission to five or, better, to six gears. The gears work well. Unfortunately, this car is only offered with two 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmissions in Iran. You can feel the wind noise at cruising speed, which is typical for vans. The vehicle can tow up to 1400 kg.


How to Rent a Van in Iran

How to rent a Toyota Hiace in Iran

Being one of the spacious vans with a good driving experience and, at the same time, as an economical van, Toyota Hiace can be considered a perfect choice for traveling with your friends and family in Iran. Stay tuned as in this section of our howe, to Rent a Van in Iran article, we will talk about how you can rent a Toyota Hiace from Navaran.

If you want to rent a van in Iran, or to be more specific, if you would like to rent a Toyota Hiace in the country, you should visit our website or use Navaran's mobile application.

To make the booking through our website, after visiting the home page, you have to select where you want to get the car and the date and time of the car rental. Next, you should enter the same information for when you are willing to return the vehicle.

When finished, you should click on the "Find Your Ideal Car" button, which will display a list of available rental cars to choose from the city you entered. At this stage, you should select Hiace Toyota from the list of available vehicles.

In the next stage, you should choose any option or pieces of equipment if you want, including a folding picnic chair, snow chain, mobile internet, child seat, etc. In the end, you should select your desired coverage plan, and after paying the rental fee and the deposit money, you will be good to go!

If you are willing to have a road trip in Iran and would like to see Iran attractions all over the country, you can check the van prices in Iran before deciding to rent a car in Iran.


Toyota Hiace rental terms and conditions

When you want to rent a Toyota Hiace on our website, you can either rent the car with a driver or without a driver. In this section of our "How to Rent a Van in Iran" article, we would like to talk about Navaran's terms and conditions on the abovementioned options when renting Toyota Hiace from Navaran.


Toyota Hiace rental without a driver terms and conditions

● You will have the chance to rent Toyota Hiace without daily driving limits.

● When you rent a Toyota Hiace without a driver in Iran from Navaran, there will be no need for checks, promissory notes, or guarantees. You can do just fine with only depositing money.

● You can take the delivery of the car and return it to the company anywhere on Kish Island.

● You can get the car on your doorstep if you want.

● When booking for more than 13 days, you can get a discount from us and therefore reduce the cost of renting a van in Iran.

● You will be responsible for any damage in case of an accident.


Toyota Hiace rental with driver terms and conditions

● When you rent a van in Iran with a driver from our company, all of the costs will be covered by Navaran in case of an accident.

● You will be responsible for the driver's food and accommodation costs.

● When you rent a Toyota Hiace with a driver in Iran from our company, there is no need for checks, promissory notes, or guarantees.

● You can take the delivery of your car to your home or hotel.

● You will be able to pick up the car and return it to the company anywhere on Kish Island.

Feel free to visit Navaran's website and check out our fleet if you want to rent a van in Tehran or in general, you want to learn more about car rental in cities of Iran.


How to Rent a Van in Iran

The cities covered by Navaran

Navaran has multiple offices for car rental in different cities of Iran and is well established in the country's major cities as well. You can, therefore, easily rent a car in most cities of Iran. You can select the vehicle you want to rent from the types of cars available on the website through Navaran's website or application and pick it up at the desired location and the scheduled date.


What's it like to rent a van in Iran?

1. You can rent a van in Iran for a few hours or a day.

2. You will not have to provide any checks, documents, guarantees or promissory notes for renting a Toyota Hiace van.

3. You can quickly renew your Toyota Hiace van rental with just a phone call.

4. At Navaran, we have 24/7 support for our customers.

5 .We will provide official contracts and invoices for legal entities, public and private organizations and companies.

6. Every time you book a car from Navaran, you will earn points which you can later use to book rental cars for free.

7. We have brand new and disinfected cars in our fleet, making our rent a van in Iran service one of the best all over the country.

8 .In case of any problems, we will send roadside assistance as quickly as possible all over Kish Island.

9. You will be able to rent a car with or without a driver.

10. You can receive your Toyota Hiace van at your doorstep or at your hotel.

If you are looking for car rental in Tehran or want to rent a van in Iran, don't forget to visit our website.


Rules and regulations of Toyota Hiace rental from Navaran

At Navaran, we trust you as our customers and will help you meet our car rental rules and regulations simply for your convenience, which makes Navaran one of the best car rental companies in Iran.

In this regard, we offer the option of renting a car without needing to provide documents like checks, promissory notes, etc. You can easily rent a Toyota Hiace van from us only with your passport.

Like every company, we also have rules and regulations in place for car rental, which you can read on our rules and regulations page. Below you can find a few of them to better understand our rules and regulations:

●Under no circumstances will the customer have the right to transfer or lease their rented vehicle, and all responsibilities and legal ramifications will be the customer's responsibility.

●It is crucial to return the car to Navaran at the exact time, and if there is a delay, an additional fee will be added.

●A fee is charged for driving violations, car damage, and so on. When renting a Toyota Hiace, you will be refunded the deposit 24 hours from when the car is delivered to Navaran in case there are no problems.

●The customer is obliged to bring back the vehicle with the same fuel they had received; if not, charges will be applied and invoiced for the missing fuel at the authorized price on the day of the return.

● No smoking is allowed in the vehicles of the Navaran fleet, and this is the reason for the constant good smell and cleanliness of our cars in our fleet.

● If there is a delay in bringing back the vehicle for up to 4 hours, there will be a charge of 63,000 tomans, and for more than 4 hours per day, a total daily amount of 504,000 tomans will be applied.

For more information about Navaran car rental terms and conditions, please refer to the official Navaran car rental rules and regulations page.



In this article, we talked about how you can rent a van in Iran, and in particular, we shared all you need to know about renting a Toyota Hiace. By renting various luxury vehicles from the Navaran lineup, you will have an unforgettable and safe trip to enjoy with your family and friends.

With a spacious cabin, excellent build quality, and a smooth ride, Toyota Hiace will offer you an unforgettable experience of traveling with a van. Hiace is a perfect car for large families and traveling in groups. You can rent Toyota in Iran Hiace daily, weekly, and monthly in all big cities of Iran.