Car Rental in Rasht, Best prices for rent a car in Rasht
Last Updated on 18 September 2022

Being the capital of Gilan province, Rasht city is considered one of the old economic and social hubs in the northern part of Iran. Rasht is famous as a place where different cultures are encountered in various historical periods. It continues to play the role of a multifaceted communication link between the north and the south of the country today. Many travelers and tourists in this city, coupled with many business enterprises, have caused the demand for car rental in Rasht to grow quite impressively.

That is why we want to talk about car rental in Rasht in this article of Navaran Car Magazine and tell you everything you should know about renting a car in Rasht. So please stay tuned until the end and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


Car rental in Rasht

These days, the city of Rasht is an essential economic and cultural hub of Iran. Meanwhile, Rasht is a city with numerous universities. On the other hand, plenty of tourists also travel to this city each year. Then again, several commercial enterprises have established branches in this city due to its proximity to ports and border customs. All these factors go together to make car rental in Rasht a must for many people. Navaran car rental company has been working to offer car rental services in Rasht for the convenience of its customers.


Economy car rental in Rasht

Much of the demand for car rental in Rasht tends to be targeted at economy cars. To rent a cheap car in Rasht and renting an Iranian car in Rasht are both what most car rental seekers and customers in this city are looking for.

In line with the customers' demands, Navaran company has been providing them with Iranian car rental services in Rasht for the past few years. We can mention Renault, Tondar 90, and Peugeot Pars among Iranian cars in Navaran's fleet; thus, if you want to rent a Peugeot Persia in Rasht, you can get this car from Navaran.


Luxury car rental in Rasht

Not all of the cars in Navaran's fleet are economical, and some attractive choices exist for luxury car fans. Among the vehicles offered to those seeking luxury car rental in Rasht is the Kia Sorento, which is a popular Korean seven-seater SUV in the Iranian market. Moreover, you can rent Fidelity in Rasht, an attractive and new crossover from Bahman Motor Company. In other words, you can also rent a luxurious and non-Iranian car through Navaran's application or website.


Rent an SUV in Rasht

Nowadays, SUVs are quite popular among many car rental clients. This is why there is a high demand for SUV rental in Rasht and other cities from customers. Navaran offers SUV rentals to its customer to satisfy their need.

By visiting Navaran's website, there are two SUVs, the Kia Sorento and the Fidelity Prime, available to customers. There is room for seven people in the Kia Sorento, and Fidelity Prime can accommodate five passengers. So, either you are looking for a Fidelity car rental in Rasht or want to rent Kia Sorento in Rasht, all you have to do is to go to the Navaran website and book your choice of SUV.


Rent Peugeot 206 in Rasht

The Peugeot 206 is among the most beloved cars for Iranian customers, and a part of the customer demand for Iranian cars in Rasht is associated with Peugeot 206 in this city. Regrettably, Peugeot 206 is absent from Navaran's fleet. Nevertheless, if you are interested in hatchbacks, it is possible to rent a high-quality and famous model named Renault Sandero from Navaran. You can rent an automatic Renault Sandero in Rasht if you want.


Best Car Rental Services in Rasht

Considering the unique economic, cultural, and social conditions in the city of Rasht, several car rental companies are operating in this city, trying to satisfy the customers' needs. But we recommend you choose the services of Navaran to rent a car in Rasht. Navaran has a complete range of affordable, luxurious, and family-friendly vehicles for you to choose from. Additionally, Navaran provides car rental services at more convenient terms than other companies.

Some of the additional benefits of Navaran car rental services are:

  • Providing a 24/7 service
  • Providing a replacement car when a technical defect occurs
  • Providing roadside assistance in 2000 locations all over Iran
  • Providing a free hotel anywhere in Iran if there is a long-term technical failure.
  • Possibility to receive the car in one city and return it to another city with no extra cost
  • Providing genuine insurance coverage to reduce liability

So if you are either looking for a car rental at Rasht Airport or to rent a car in your hotel, Navaran has your back!


Car Rental in Rasht

Car Rental in Rasht Terms and Conditions

When renting a car in Rasht, you will need to submit the necessary documents for renting a car in Iran to the companies. The documents include identification papers like birth certificates, ID cards, and valid driver's licenses. You also need to provide a car deposit and the payment amount required for the rental so you can have the car at your disposal. Besides these, the following are some of the things you should know about renting a car in Rasht through Navaran company:

Possibility to rent your preferred car without time limit, from one to several days,

Smoking is not allowed in the vehicles of the Navaran fleet.

Renting a car with no need for checks or promissory notes, and only by paying a deposit

Possibility of receiving and returning the car at any place in the city of Rasht

There is a possibility of reducing the cost of car rental in Rasht if you rent the car for more than 5 days.

The exact time of returning the car in Navaran is quite important, and additional charges will be added in case of delay.

If there is a delay in returning the car for up to 4 hours, there will be a charge of 63,000 tomans and more than that, which will be 504,000 tomans per day.


Car Rental in Rasht

How to rent a car in Rasht?

In Rasht, there are several options to rent a car from Navaran company. The first option is to go to the Navaran website and type in the name of the city of Rasht in the "Pick Up Station". Then you have to select the location and date of your desired delivery, and you can see the car types available for rent in Rasht. In the end, you will be able to choose one of the vehicles offered in Navaran according to your needs and budget.

One more option to rent a car in Rasht from Navaran is to get the company's application and install it on your mobile phone. You can quickly search for and select the car you want using the Navaran application.

In addition, Navaran also has a working relationship with some hotels in all parts of Iran. Therefore, if you are staying in one of these hotels, you can enjoy the car rental services provided by Navaran there. We offer car rental in Rasht through our office at Kadus Hotel. As a result, when you stay at Kadus Grand Hotel in Rasht, you can take advantage of Navaran car rental services in person.


Needed documents to rent a car in Rasht

As previously mentioned, Navaran provides the possibility of renting a car in Rasht and many other cities in Iran with no usual hassle for the applicants. In contrast to many other car rental companies, you can rent a car in Rasht with a discount and without a bank guarantee. You only need a certain amount as a deposit to rent a car in Rasht from Navaran. The deposit amount required for each car rental is provided on the Navaran website, together with the price list for car rentals in Rasht.

Along with the deposit amount, some identification documents are also necessary to rent a car from Navaran. A national ID card, passport, birth certificate, and driver's license are among the identification documents required to rent a car from Navaran in Rasht. For the cars rented from Navaran, there are insurance packages available for customers to choose from.

If you are looking for a car rental in Rasht without a driver and with no need for checks or promissory notes, you should head over to our website or application.


Potential issues when renting a car in Rasht

While renting a car in Rasht, one of the possible issues is traffic accidents involving the rental car. The rented vehicles are the customers' responsibility during the time they have rented the car. This means that if you have an accident with a rented car, you will be held responsible for that accident. Accidents are not predictable, so you can be reassured by purchasing the insurance packages offered on the Navaran website.


Car rental in Rasht insurance terms and conditions in

To ensure the customers' peace of mind and minimize the issues while renting a car in Rasht, Navaran has provided various insurance packages for its customers interested in booking rental cars in Rasht. At Navaran, we offer three levels of car insurance: Basic, Intermediate, and Gold.

The basic level is chosen by default for all Navaran vehicles. When this level is chosen, the customer will have to pay for damage to the car for up to 16 million tomans. When the client selects the intermediate tier, the amount of damage to be paid by the client will be reduced to 8 million Tomans. Moreover, the best insurance level available for Navaran car rentals is the gold tier, which will reduce the customer's maximum liability to 4 million tomans and cover the car against all types of accidents.


Car Rental in Rasht

Driving rules in Rasht for car rental

The driving rules in Rasht are all the same as in other Iranian cities, and because of this, you need to follow all the traffic rules when renting a car. What is interesting about the streets of Rasht is that many parts of the city have kept their traditional style; therefore, most roads of Rasht are narrow. While driving in the narrow streets of Rasht, one must remain calm and avoid driving in a hurry.


Frequently asked questions regarding car rental in Rasht

How is the car rental duration in Rasht calculated?

Starting from 24 hours upwards.


How far can we travel in a day?

The daily driving limit is 300 km per day, which will be calculated as the total distance after returning the car.


Who is responsible for the damage when the car has a technical defect?

If the technical defect is not caused by the driver, the company will be responsible for compensating for the damage.


Who will pay for damages caused by accidents?

Damages resulting from accidents are to be paid for by the customer.


How is the gas price calculated in Rasht?

The gas price in Rasht is the same as in other parts of Iran.


Are the traffic rules in Rasht any different?

No, Rasht city has the same traffic rules as other parts of the country.


How many passengers can rented cars in Rasht accommodate?

You can rent passenger cars like Peugeot Pars or Tondar 90 that can accommodate 5 passengers, as well as SUVs such as Kia Sorento with a capacity of 7 passengers.


What things should you do in case of a car accident in Rasht?

Stay calm and contact the Navaran car rental company and the traffic police as soon as possible.


What is the starting price for car rental in Rasht?

The price starts from about 600 thousand tomans and changes depending on the type of car and the number of days of booking.


Is there an official contract and invoice provided?

The customer can ask for an official invoice through their user panel up to 10 days after returning the vehicle.




The most simple and best way to rent a car in Rasht is to use Navaran car rental services. You can check the Navaran website for the list of rates of car rental in Rasht. Moreover, the car specifications, the amount of the deposit, and the rental period are available there. Certain cars provided in Rasht have a time limit, and they must be rented for a minimum of three days.

When looking for car rental discounts in Rasht, you won't find a better place than Navaran. If you want to rent a car in Rasht for several days, you can get a good discount on the final price. For example, if you rent a Peugeot Persia in Rasht for one month, its daily rental fee will be lowered by about one hundred thousand tomans.

The convenient conditions of Navaran car rental and its cooperation with various hotels make customers more willing to rent a car from this company. Moreover, not requiring bank guarantees such as checks or promissory notes to rent a car from Navaran makes our services stand out from those of other companies.