All about Road Trip from Tehran to Tabriz
Last Updated on 10 September 2022

Tabriz is the capital of East Azarbaijan Province in Iran and can be regarded as the most prominent city in the northwestern region of the country. Having various industries and multiple commercial centers in place has made the road trip from Tehran to Tabriz a typical journey for many people.

Substantial traffic on this route and exciting sights and historical buildings on the way between Tehran and Tabriz went together to make it a perfect road trip in Iran. In this article from Navaran Car magazine, we will look into the details of the road trip from Tehran to Tabriz and the famous historical and tourist sites of this lively city.

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Road Trip from Tehran to Tabriz

A glimpse of the city of Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the oldest cities in Iran and Azerbaijan, dating to 3500 years ago. These days, Tabriz is placed nearly in the same rank as Mashhad and Isfahan regarding the economy and population density, remaining one of the major Iranian metropolises.

Tabriz is sometimes called the heart of Azerbaijan and Northwestern Iran. This city has been recognized as the capital of local governments in different historical periods and has experienced many glorious days.

Tabriz is also known as an industrial city and hosts many factories. Because the headquarters of these factories are often located in Tehran, the road trip from Tehran to Tabriz is a frequent commute for some people. The city of Tabriz is also highly full of tourist attractions. It tends to be the first choice of many travelers because of its cool weather during hot seasons.

Most Iranians are well acquainted with the local food of this city, Tabrizi meatballs, and are very fond of it. The Bonab kebab is also another famous dish in the Azerbaijan region and Tabriz city, which you can eat in the restaurants of Tabriz. The city of Tabriz is also known throughout the country for its traditional sweets, and its people are famous for the art of baking delicious confectionery.


Road Trip from Tehran to Tabriz

Distance of road trip from Tehran to Tabriz

You will need to take a long route to travel from Tehran to Tabriz. The distance is about 615 kilometers long and will take about seven hours. Obviously, this time we are talking about a continuous journey with no stops on the way, and in case you want to make short or long stops. You should spend more time on your road trip from Tehran to Tabriz.

The province of Qazvin has a significant role in the journey from Tehran to Tabriz since you can get to Qazvin from Tehran using two different routes. We will introduce these two routes to you in the next section and will tell you which one would be a better choice for you.


Road Trip from Tehran to Tabriz

The best route for the road trip from Tehran to Tabriz

We noted earlier that there are two different routes for the first part of the road trip from Tehran to Tabriz. Indeed, the two routes connect Tehran with Qazvin, with one being slightly longer and adding some 70 kilometers to the total distance between Tehran and Tabriz. Nonetheless, sometimes it can be in the best interest of the driver and the passengers to select a different route to avoid traffic and enjoy the scenery.

On the first route from Tehran to Tabriz, you will pass through the cities of Karaj, Qazvin, Zanjan, and Bostan Abad. This route is somewhat like a straight road in which you pass through one city after another to eventually reach your destination. Tabriz.

An experienced driver is well aware of the fact that Tehran-Karaj and Karaj-Qazvin highways are highly congested at certain times of the year. Therefore, should you encounter such a situation, we recommend that you take the first part of the route, which is the section from Tehran to Qazvin, via the Tehran-Saveh highway, and then arrive at Qazvin through Bouin Zahra.

While this route lengthens your trip, it will save the driver from morning and holiday traffic; therefore, if you do not enjoy long traffic jams, this route will be a better option for you.

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Chehel-Sotoon Palace, Qazvin

Attractions of the road trip from Tehran to Tabriz

The Tehran to Tabriz travel route covers Tehran, Alborz, Qazvin, Zanjan and East Azerbaijan provinces. That is why on the way to Tabriz there are many tourist attractions. To begin with, we will talk about the tourist attractions of Qazvin. The Chehel Sotoun Palace of Qazvin is this city's most important tourist attraction. This palace was the seat of Safavid Shah Tahmasb in the far past.

The Alamut Castle is yet another important tourist attraction in Qazvin. Constructed by Hasan Sabah, the leader of the Ismaili state, Alamut Castle is renowned as a mysterious place and is definitely worth a visit. The bazaar of Qazvin and Qajar bath are other tourist attractions of this city that you can visit on the way from Tehran to Tabriz.

Zanjan, the capital of Zanjan province, is the very next city on your road trip from Tehran to Tabriz. At the time of the Ilkhanate, Zanjan represented one of the most prominent cities in Iran. You can easily appreciate this importance through the historical monuments of the region.

The Dome of Soltanieh is the major historical monument of this province, situated in the historical city of Soltanieh. Located on the way from Tehran to Zanjan, you can easily visit this dome. The bazaar of Zanjan and Behestan Castle are two other tourist attractions along the way from Tehran to Tabriz.



Road Trip from Tehran to Tabriz

Baqdadi Hotel, Qazvin

Best hotels on the route from Tehran to Tabriz

You can use Hotelyar's website if you want to book a hotel on the road trip from Tehran to Tabriz. Qazvin is the first city that has a chance to be selected as a stopover on your route. This city has 10 hotels to choose from based on your budget and needs.

Two of the most popular hotels in this city are the Baghdadi Qazvin Hotel and the Iranian Qazvin Hotel, both of which have been widely recommended by travelers in the past. There are, however, many other options to spend the night in this city, all of which you can check out on the Hotelyar website.

Needless to say, you can skip staying in Qazvin during your road trip in Iran and go for the next city on this trip, Zanjan, as your short-stay option. One of the city's most luxurious and popular hotels is Zanjan Grand Hotel; however, it is obvious that the cost of staying there is relatively high. When looking for affordable accommodation in this city, the Zanjan Tourist Hotel and traditional Dadamaan Hotel are good options for your quick stay.


Road Trip from Tehran to Tabriz

Mashahir Resaturant, Zanjan

Suggested Restaurants on the Way from Tehran to Tabriz

In the city of Qazvin, three very popular restaurants are always available to welcome travelers. Nemouneh Restaurant, Iqbali Restaurant, and Kermani Restaurant are Qazvin's top three best Iranian restaurants. If you are a traveler searching for a new taste, the Mediterranean restaurant in Qazvin, with its Lebanese dishes, would be appealing and tempting.

When going on a road trip from Tehran to Tabriz on weekends, you may come from the Tehran-Saveh highway. For this reason, we recommend you make a stop and eat in Bouin Zahra. Narenji, Iran, and Khorshid restaurants in Bouin Zahra will be ready to serve the guests.

The traditional restaurant Mashahir Zanjan is an excellent choice for anyone interested in Iranian dishes in the city of Zanjan. Similarly, Majlisi Restaurant and Nafis Restaurant attract many enthusiasts in the city of Zanjan. The local Organo restaurant is perfect to dine in if you have unique tastes.

While traveling from Tehran to Tabriz, some of the travelers decide to eat in Karaj city, although it is located near Tehran. There are different types of restaurants in Karaj due to the gathering of diverse cultures in this city.

Roma Restaurant is one of the city's best restaurants, offering high-quality Iranian and foreign dishes. Those people who enjoy foreign food can choose the Sezar Italian Restaurant to eat at. The Noyan Cafe Restaurant is also a beautiful place to enjoy a meal in nature.

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Road Trip from Tehran to Tabriz

Shahriar Hotel. Tabriz

Best hotels in Tabriz

The destination city of this trip, Tabriz, has a decent number of hotels available to serve the public and travelers. This city has 21 hotels, which can be booked through the Hotelyar website. There are three five-star hotels in this city.

Laleh Park Hotel, Pars El Goli Hotel, and Shahriar Hotel are considered the best hotels in Tabriz regarding service provision; however, you will obviously have to spend a lot of money to stay in these hotels.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in affordable and quality accommodation in Tabriz, the El Ay Hotel and Ahrab Hotel are excellent choices. Tabriz International Hotel and Tabriz Gostaresh Hotel are the two four-star hotels in this city offering good services at a reasonable price.


Road Trip from Tehran to Tabriz


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