The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar
Last Updated on 21 November 2022

Winter is coming, and in the meantime, traveling to Sistan and Baluchistan, and other southern provinces of our country is growing. A road trip from Tehran to Chabahar by car can be one of the favorite pastimes of Iranian families in the second half of the year. As a tourist, you can also plan a road trip from Tehran to Chabahar if you are interested in exploring the beauties of the south of Iran. However, before traveling to Chabahar by car, you should know that this harbor city is situated on the outskirts of the Oman Sea and, like other harbors in the country's south, has a pleasant climate in the winter season.

A road trip from Tehran to Chabahar is not solely about tourism, as this city is an important business center in the country's south. In fact, Chabahar is the center of Iranian import and export with the countries around the Oman Sea, including Pakistan and India, and many trading companies are active in this area. If you are planning to travel to Chabahar for either tourism or business purposes, stay tuned for the rest of this article from Navaran magazine.

Chabahar: A beautiful port in the southeast of Iran

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

Chabahar port is the southernmost city of Sistan and Baluchistan province and is situated in the southeast of Iran. Located on the coast of the Oman Sea, this port is a beautiful place to visit. Because of its connection with the Indian Ocean through the Sea of Oman, Chabahar is famous as Iran's only deep sea port and therefore has a special position in the country. This port borders the city of Nikshahr to the north, Hormozgan province to the west and Pakistan to the east. The port of Gavater is the zero-point border in the easternmost part of Chabahar.

In terms of trade, the port of Chabahar is very important, and ocean freighters always dock in this port. Central Asian countries use this port in their maritime traffic on their Indian Ocean transit. The heavily trafficked international route from the Far East to the West, known as the Silk Road, runs through the port of Chabahar. This port's special strategic location has resulted in the development of its road network and sea and air transport.

Few people realize that this industrial and strategic area is also considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the south of Iran. Located on the coast of the Oman Sea in Chabahar, the "Makran beaches" are the most pristine and pure beaches in the south of the country. Villages along this coast are astonishingly beautiful. A variety of rocky and sandy beaches attracts many tourists to this area, which makes a road trip from Tehran to Chabahar an unforgettable experience.

Tehran to Chabahar distance

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

When you take a close look at the map of Iran, you will see that Chabahar is located in the lowest part of this map; to put it another way, Chabahar is among the most distant cities from the capital of the country, so you will have to travel a long way to get there. This might make you think about how far Chabahar is from Tehran!

Based on the information provided by online maps and route planners, the distance between Tehran and Chabahar by land is more than 1800 kilometers and will take about twenty hours. The route runs through the provinces of Qom, Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman to eventually arrive at the province of Sistan and Baluchistan and the city of Chabahar.

There is another route to Chabahar by car, which passes through the province of South Khorasan. This route is longer and approximately 2000 km long. Given such a distance, it would take more than a day to cover this route in your car, which would be exhausting.

The best route for a road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

We mentioned in the previous part how two different routes are available to travel to Chabahar by car. Well, apparently, the first route is more suited for a road trip from Tehran to Chabahar. It is shorter and passes through two provincial capitals, and most of the route is highway or expressway. Therefore, getting to Chabahar from the first route will take you less time.

To get to Chabahar from the first route, you will need about twenty hours of driving. Obviously, there will be no driver capable of continuously driving for a whole day. Needless to say, cars cannot cope with such a workload; therefore, you will need to make one or two longer stops along the way. Over the next few sections, we will look at the hotels and restaurants on your road trip from Tehran to Chabahar to get to know the stops on this trip.

Sights in your road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

Abiyaneh Village

The first route for a road trip from Tehran to Chabahar passes through several central and eastern provinces. Many cities are found along this route, and each has different sightseeing attractions. We will describe in this section the attractions on the road trip from Tehran to Chabahar for each city one by one. We should note that it is impossible to cover all the attractions of Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman provinces in one article. That is why travelers seeking surprises should spend more time visiting the sights of the road trip from Tehran to Chabahar.

Kashan is the first historical city on the road from Tehran to Chabahar. In this city, you can find many old houses attractive for those who are into Iranian history and art. Kashan Silk Hill, located in southwest of the city, is believed to be a symbol of the history and civilization of ancient Iran. Heading to Chabahar by car and after Kashan city, you will also find the historical village of Abyaneh, which welcomes thousands of visitors annually.

The next stop on our road trip from Tehran to Chabahar is the city of Nain, a city in the middle of the desert, which links Isfahan, Yazd and Kashan. Among the tourist attractions of Nain are the Dragon Cave, the historical market of Nain and the caravanserai Neyestanaak. Moreover, the historical part of this city is still a popular destination for tourists with its ancient castle.

Yazd is the second provincial capital after Qom, located on a road trip from Tehran to Chabahar. Being one of the oldest settlements in Iran, this city is home to many historical monuments. To visit the historical monuments of Yazd, you need a lot of time, so it is recommended to consider this city as a stopover. We can mention the following among the historical monuments of Yazd: Dolat Abad Garden, Bahram Fire Temple, Khan Bazaar, Amir Chakhmaq Square and the Zoroastrian crypts.

After several hours of driving from Yazd, you will reach Kerman, the third provincial capital on this trip. Also, one of the ancient settlements of Iran, Kerman, used to be considered one of the satrapies of the Achaemenid Empire. The Prince Mahan Garden, the Ganj Ali Khan Bath, the Kerman Bazaar, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Kerman and the Vakil Kerman Bath are a few of the sights of this ancient city.

Best hotels on the way from Tehran to Chabahar

Moshirolmamalek Hotel, Yazd

In the previous part, we discussed four cities on our road trip from Tehran to Chabahar, which included various historical and touristic monuments. Because the distance between Tehran to Chabahar is very long, we suggest you stay in one of these cities.

The city of Nain could be the first stop for Chabahar travelers on this route. In Nain, there are two hotels, Gol Narges Hotel and Nain Tourist Inn. These hotels in Nain are cheap and suitable accommodations for resting on your road trip from Tehran to Chabahar.

As you pass Nain on your way to Chabahar and reach Yazd, more hotels will be waiting for you. Indeed, Yazd has a rich offer of hotels for you to choose from. There are 63 hotels in this city, according to the website of Hotelyar. The great variety of hotels and accommodations in Yazd will ensure that travelers will not have any problems staying in this city. Safayie Yazd Hotel, Dad Hotel and Bagh Moshirul Mamalek Hotel are a few of the famous accommodations in this city.

Kerman is the next city on our road trip from Tehran to Chabahar, and travelers may be interested in staying overnight in this city. At Kerman, there are 15 hotels, including Pars Kerman Hotel, Assam Apartment Hotel and Jahangardi Guest House, which are some of the available accommodations in the heart of Kerman province.

Best restaurants on the way from Tehran to Chabahar

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

Melal Restaurant, Kashan

In the previous sections, we discussed the road trip from Tehran to Chabahar. Therefore, it is obvious that on this journey, you must also plan time for eating. There are many restaurants and rest stops on the road trip from Tehran to Chabahar, where you can take advantage of their services. But we recommend you use the services of restaurants located in the cities.

Kashan is the first city on this route where you can eat. Several Iranian and foreign restaurants can be found in Kashan, which include Melal Restaurant, Mozaffari Restaurant, and Morshedi Restaurant. Kashan is located next to the highway, and you can drive to this city to eat.

The town of Nain is right in the middle of the road to Chabahar. One can find Kolbe Zafarooni Restaurant, Kavir Restaurant and Golchin Restaurant among the three prestigious restaurants in this city. There are, of course, other restaurants in Nain you can choose from.

Visiting restaurants is one of the activities that Yazdi citizens traditionally enjoy. You can find many traditional, Iranian, fast food and foreign restaurants within this city. Golsorkh restaurant, Dragon restaurant and Foka restaurant are among the famous restaurants of Yazd.

Eventually, we reach the city of Kerman. As the capital of the province, this city has some great restaurants. Max Restaurant, Khan Restaurant and Sahel Restaurant are regarded as three famous and popular places to eat in this desert city.


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Choosing the best places to stay in Chabahar

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

Rock Beach, Chabahar

A road trip from Tehran to Chabahar by car is extremely exhausting for any driver, and inevitably, travelers need a place to stay after arriving at their destination. For booking the best accommodations in Chabahar, please visit Hostelyar's website.

Local hotels and residences have been built in Chabahar port in recent years. Because of the increasing popularity of tourists in this moderately developed port, old hotels and residences also have been renovated. Chabahar hotels offer good accommodation and leisure facilities, and its rural and ecotourism resorts also provide a good opportunity to find out more about the culture of the people of this region.

Four-star Chabahar "Lipar Hotel" is in the industrial and commercial free zone. Established in 2006, this hotel has excellent facilities and plenty of space. It is within easy reach of the main shopping centers and the unspoiled and beautiful beach of Chabahar. Also located in the Free Trade Zone, the four-star Ferdos Hotel is close to shopping centers and the beach. This hotel started to operate in the year 2016. "Shahan Hotel" was opened in February 2016 and provides travelers with comfortable amenities with leisure facilities such as a large restaurant and a swimming pool. This hotel is located on Imam Khomeini Street, Molavi Street, next to the post office.

There are also eco-residences in this city, such as Gavater Eco-Residences and Shajare Beach Hut, where you can book and stay in Chabahar in addition to the above hotels on the Hotelyar website even before you start your road trip from Tehran to Chabahar.

Where to visit in Chabahar

The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

Shahan Hotel, Chabahar

Chabahar is considered one of the ancient settlements of Iran, and its name and surrounding villages can be found in historical inscriptions and letters. As a result, many ancient and touristic monuments can be found in Chabahar. The Lipar Lagoon, the rocky beach, the Tis Fort and the old building of the Telegraph House are a few of the Chabahar attractions that one should visit when traveling to Chabahar and staying in this lovely city.

Best time to travel to Chabahar

It is fair to say that Chabahar is among the few cities in Iran with temperate weather in almost all four seasons. Regarded as the coolest port in Iran, the city is cooler in summer than many hot and dry cities. It has altogether spring-like weather like other southern cities in winter. The humidity peaks during May and June, and the air turns extremely humid.

The temperature in this city does not exceed 31 degrees Celsius in any month of the year. The average temperature in Chabahar during the warmest period, i.e. from the beginning of July to the end of August, is about 31 degrees Celsius. The average temperature during the coldest period of the year, i.e. from January to the end of February, is about 19 degrees Celsius. Generally speaking, the best time to visit the city concerning the Chabahar weather is from the beginning of November to the middle of April. The temperature does not rise above 24 °C and drops below 16 °C during these months. In these months, the average temperature is 21 degrees Celsius.


The ultimate guide to road trip from Tehran to Chabahar

In this article which was a guide to a road trip from Tehran to Chabahar, we discussed everything you should know about it. From the distance between the two cities to the Iran attractions you will witness on the route and places to stay or dine during your trip, you can find all the information to make your road trip from Tehran to Chabahar easier. If you need car rental in Iran for your road trip from Tehran to Chabahar, you can use the Chabahar rent car services of Navaran.

Car rental is one of the side services of the tourism industry in the world. Many agencies and companies offer car rental services in different countries; however, this sector has not performed very well in Iran. Luckily, Navaran solved this shortcoming to a great extent by supplying car rental in Tehran and other cities of the country. Customers of Navaran can now rent a car in Chabahar and other touristic regions of the country without having to present checks and promissory bills.