Why you should travel to Yazd?
Last Updated on 17 December 2022

The city of Yazd is considered one of the tourist destinations of Iran; where domestic and foreign tourists are keen to see the historical monuments and ancient structure of this city, to which it attracts many tourists every year. With its beautiful deserts, Yazd city is the most suitable destination for desert trekking, and a lot of tourists with off-road vehicles visit these areas. Are you wondering why a travel to Yazd will be a special journey for you? Because this city is among the best cities in Iran in terms of culture and history, which makes visiting the sights of Yazd one of the things that almost all foreign tourists include in their plans.

In case you enjoy history and architecture, a travel to Yazd will be filled with perfect attractions and surprises. Travelling there and strolling through the alleys is like getting into a time machine and arriving in the middle of Iran's ancient history. Also known as the city of windbreakers, the city of aqueducts, the city of bicycles and Dar al-Abadah, Yazd is attracting many domestic and foreign tourists every year because of its preserved traditional and valuable Yaz architecture. Besides that, a travel to Yazd with its hospitable and kind people could be among the most wonderful and pleasant travels. Navaran Magazine's article will not only introduce you to Yazd in detail but also explain why you need to travel to Yazd.

Where is Yazd located?

When you study the history of Yazd, you will find that it has its origins in the third millennium BC. Notwithstanding this long history, it is only normal that it has more tourist attractions than many other cities in Iran. This desert city is the first Iranian city to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the second historical city in the world.

Yazd city is located in the center of Iran surrounded by Meibod and Ashkazar in the north, Bafiq and Ardakan in the east, Abarkooh, Taft and Mehriz in the south and Isfahan in the west. I With an area of about 72156 square kilometers, thi region has a population of 529 thousand 673 people. Yazdi people there speak Farsi and the sweet Yazdi dialect. Yazd is actually one of those cities where different religious minorities live together, including Muslims, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians. Needless to say, most of Yazd's population is Muslim and Shiite.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the city of Yazd is the different architecture of the historical buildings and mud houses, which can be attributed to this region's hot and dry climate. The green meadows and beautiful hillsides that surprise the tourists the most in this waterless and grassless land.

A Brief Overview of Yazd

A Brief Overview of Yazd

The province of Yazd, with an area of about 75,000 square kilometers, is situated in the center of Iran, bordering Isfahan province to the north and west, Khorasan province to the northeast, Fars province to the southwest, and Kerman province to the southeast. In the course of history, the city of Yazd has been targeted less by the enemies of the country and water due to its geographical location and being a desert city. Due to the geographical location of the city and the fact that it is located in the global dry belt, it has been given cold and relatively wet winters and hot and dry desert summers.

We should note that because of its climatic and geographical location and the absence of underground aquifers, Yazd city and province do not have green forests and carry out agriculture on a relatively limited scale, however, there are many mines in this province and city. In general, there are lots of things to do in Yazd, making travel to Yazd completely worth it.

The beautiful view of Yazd city

travel to yazd - A Brief Overview of Yazd

Having visited different cities in Iran before, the first thing you will notice on your first travel to Yazd is the great difference in the architecture and views  of this city. Indeed, many buildings in Yazd have made this city one of the most extraordinary cities in Iran. Simply describing the beauty of Yazd city and its resemblance to the desert fails to convey the value of this historic and ancient city. This is a city that can barely be distinguished from its surroundings when you fly over it, and has such a compact and homogeneous structure that the viewer has the feeling that the desert hills have been hollowed out and the city of Yazd has stepped out of it like a statue.

However, it is quite interesting to know that Yazd, as many Iranian cities, possesses great historical monuments and beautiful urban environments. In fact, you will find the beautiful views that you can see in Yazd in fewer other Iranian cities. The historical structure of Yazd city with an area of about 800 hectares may be regarded as the most extensive and fundamental ones in the history of Iran. The historical structure of Yazd is registered in the national list as the second largest mud structure in the world in addition to being the most pristine historical structure in the country.

Because of its location in a special climate and the fact that it is a desert, the city of Yazd has an attractive architecture and special elements that have captured much attention. When you walk in Yazd and look at the city in general, especially in the historical structure, windbreakers, domes and minarets are one of the first elements of Yazd's traditional architecture. Windbreakers are considered among the most important architectural elements of Yazd. The need for this element arises from the region's climatic conditions and the demand for cool air and air conditioning. Windbreakers can be seen on buildings such as water reservoirs, residential houses and mosques.

Sweet accent of Yazd people

One more thing that makes a travel to Yazd an interesting experience for tourists is the sweet accent of the people of this city. Yazdi accent is more than just a local dialect, and it has always been associated with a kind and a good reputation for the people of Yazd, making this sweet and original accent a reminder of the decency of this people for all Iranian compatriots. The people of Yazd possess the most intact local dialects in the country due to their location in the desert, so Yazd is among the historical cities of Iran that has preserved its traditional dialect.

The main characteristic of Yazdi dialect and its main difference from Persian is the phonetic and lexical difference in the stress and tone of words. Yazd's inhabitants, apart from the Zoroastrians and Jews who reside in the country and speak the language of their ancestors mainly in religious ceremonies, primarily speak this local and ancient dialect, something that can be witnessed in the historical structure of the city and in the old neighborhoods of Yazd more than anywhere else.

Yazd delicious Local Foods

There are many local dishes in each city, depending on the climate and tastes of the residents. Several traditional dishes with special colors and smells are on the table of families in Yazd city, which represent authenticity and deliciousness. Pomegranate soup, Abghooreh soup, Shuli Ash, pumpkin soup, mash soup, chickpea stew, tas kebab, Koofteh Lapeh, tomato broth and plum stew are some simple and famous dishes that people enjoy. They prove the art of cooking in Yazd. In the following, you can find out more about the basic ingredients and preparation of some local dishes from Yazd.

Ash Shuli Yazdi

Ash Shuli Yazdi

This soup is remarkable for two reasons. First, Ash Shuli Yazdi is famous almost all over the world. This means it is impossible to go to the city of Yazd and ask the lovely people of this city for the address of a restaurant that serves Ash Shuli without getting an appropriate answer. This way, it appears that it is not difficult to try the flavor of Ash Shuli Yazdi. However, the second reason for this beloved soup's fame is that there are two ways to cook this: with different looks and even with different main ingredients in the warm and cold seasons.

In other words, if you travel to Yazd in summer and have the Ash Shuli Yazdi, you will face a different taste and color and appearance than the same soup in the winter season. Such difference in color, appearance and taste is because different ingredients are used to cook the soup in summer than in winter. In the following, we will talk about some of the best things to eat in Yazd.

Yazdi Gheimeh

One more traditional and delicious dish that is very popular and well-known in the city of Yazd is called Yazdi Gheimeh. Having earned the title of the most authentic dish in Yazd Province, this traditional and ancient stew is something you will not find a restaurant in the whole Yazd Province that does not have Yazdi Gheimeh on its menu. What makes Yazdi Gheimeh different from the Gheimeh cooked all over Iran is the use of chickpeas instead of split peas.

Yazdi Tas Kebab

Yazdi Tas Kebab is another widely popular dish in the city of Yazd. This hearty dish is made with potatoes, onions, oil, minced meat, tomato paste with cinnamon and maybe a small carrot now and then. Yazdi Tas Kebab is a dish that the people of Yazd city bring to the table during their feasts and gatherings. Besides having a delicious and pure taste, this traditional and delicious dish enjoys a pleasant and tantalizing aroma. Navaran highly recommends you to try this delicious dish during your travel to Yazd.

Koofteh Lapeh

There are several types of meatballs that are special to the people of Yazd. All meatballs have the same way of preparation. But not all of them are using the same ingredients to prepare them. Koofteh Lapeh of Yazd is prepared from minced meat, eggs, potatoes, split peas, blackberries, raisins, aromatic vegetables, onions, tomato paste and spices.

Gorgeous souvenirs of Yazd

Gorgeous souvenirs of Yazd

The city of Yazd has very famous and diverse sweets. During your travel to Yazd, you may visit the famous and reliable confectioneries all over Yazd and enjoy the variety of their sweets. Among the most famous sweets in Yazd is Qottab, which you have probably heard about.

This little sugar ball with cardamom flavor is the favorite sweet in Yazd. Yazdi cakes, Almond Loz, Bidmeshk Loz, Coconut Loz, Window Bread, Yazd Baklava, Yazd Pashmak, Ardakan Halwa, Sohan Khani and Haji Badam sweets are some other souvenirs from Yazd.

Termeh, Shamad, Zilooand Yazdi towels have many fans as souvenirs. Clay and ceramic tableware and carpets are some of the best handicrafts of Yazd, and Zaribafi has a long history in Yazd.

Natural attractions of Yazd

Natural attractions of Yazd

It is perhaps better to look at a bigger picture in the case of Yazd and, for example, rather than talking about the genuine and spectacular city of Yazd as an attractive and unique travel and sightseeing destination, have a look at the natural Yazd attractions. After all, this sprawling province is full of spectacular cities, renowned fire temples and many tombs. Even the villages in the corners of this vast and spectacular province have a unique charm and are considered interesting destinations.

Yazd Mountain Park is among the most beautiful green spaces and a beautiful recreation spot for enthusiasts with facilities like an artificial lake, an amusement park, a place for travelers to pitch their tents, pavilions, lawns and skating rinks, along with bicycle and car tracks. Moreover, this beautiful complex is located on the highway near the city of Yazd.

Surrounding the city of Yazd, very beautiful deserts have been attracting the attention of tourists in recent years. Sunbathing and watching the desert sky at night will provide you with unforgettable memories. Many desert tours in Yazd will take travelers to the surrounding deserts. Shabahang desert near this city is among the best options.

Having reached the Quran Gate on Nasr Road, keep driving on the dirt road and after a while you will reach Shabahang Desert Climbing Camp. Camel riding, safaris and four-wheeled motorcycles are a few of the interesting activities in this desert. "Karakal" and "Rig Zarin" deserts are some other famous and beautiful deserts in Yazd area. Keep in mind that you better visit the deserts only in the company of a professional guide.

Historical attractions of Yazd province

Historical attractions of Yazd province

Yazd is a city of many interesting markets. The number of different markets in this city attracts all those who are interested in them. However, these markets are not only economically successful, but they are also a perfect example of the culture and tradition of the people of Yazd and of their extensive handicrafts. Old water reservoirs such as "Rostam Giv" and "6 Badgiri" are also situated in the city of Yazd. The gardens "Dolatabad", "Chahar Khan" and "Bagh Khan" are some of the most spectacular sights in Yazd. The holy sites of Zoroastrians and Jews, ancient citadels, towers and fortress walls, domes and tombs of famous historical figures, old houses, historical schools and Mazari complex are amongst the many attractions of this city. While planning a travel to Yazd, you can visit your favorite places.

Many people have heard the name of Amir Chakhmaq Square as a symbol of Yazd city. This square building is a collection that consists of a tekyeh, a mosque, a bath, a water reservoir, a monastery, a caravanserai and an aqueduct. This collection dates back to the 9th century Hijri and Timurid periods. Amir Chakhmaq was one of the most famous Amirs of the Timurid period. On the north side of the square you can find the tomb of Fateme Khatun, the wife of Amir Chakhmaq, who was also an advisor and companion of Amir Chakhmaq.

The Tekyeh of Amir Chakhmaq located in the Amir Chakhmaq Square was the first registered building in this square, and then the square itself has been registered as a national monument. This square is located on Imam Street in Yazd.

Dolat Abad garden was built at the end of Afsharid period by the Great Khan of Khawanin dynasty of Yazd. This beautiful garden has been included in the list of national monuments of Iran and UNESCO World Heritage. The windbreaker of this garden is the highest clay windbreaker in the world. This garden has ponds, water fountains, pomegranate, and grape trees with many ornamental flowers.

The Zoroastrian Fire Temple is a holy place for followers of Zoroastrianism and a Zoroastrian prayer house in Yazd. The fire inside this temple has not been put out for 1500 years. This fire is very sacred to Zoroastrians. The building of this fire temple is situated in the middle of a beautiful and green garden, which is well worth a visit. You can find this building in Ayatollah Kashani Street.


travel to Yazd

In this article of Navaran Magazine, we have presented you different reasons to travel to Yazd and talked about different things in this city, including natural and historical tourist attractions, local food, souvenirs and many other things. If you are planning a travel to Yazd, we suggest you to visit this beautiful historical city in Iran as soon as possible, a trip that will probably become one of the best experiences of your Iran trip.

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