6 Best Ski Resorts in Iran You Can Drive to by Car
Last Updated on 06 October 2022

Iran is one big country where different weather conditions can be found everywhere. While some areas are arid and desert, there are others that get humid and temperate, and yet others that are mountainous. Having two high mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros, as well as the high peaks covered with snow many days of the year, has provided excellent conditions for those interested in the exciting sport of skiing. The best ski resorts in Iran accommodate many skiing enthusiasts who arrive every year from different cities and countries to enjoy themselves in this area and experience skiing in Iran. In this article of Navaran Car Magazine, we will introduce some of the best ski resorts in Iran that you can drive to them by your car.


6 Best ski resorts in Iran

Choosing the best ski resort in Iran will partly depend on where you are staying during your visit to Iran or where you will be traveling to and also on what you expect from a ski resort. If your purpose of travel is only skiing, for example, then the distance between the ski resort and your hotel should be short.

While Dizin, Pouladkaf, Shemshak and a few other ski slopes are considered the best ski resorts in Iran, in the following, we will introduce all the popular ski resorts in Iran along with their amenities so that you can choose the best of them.


Alvares Ski Resort

6 Best Ski Resorts in Iran You Can Drive to by Car

Alvares Ardabil Ski Resort is among the largest ski resorts in Iran, with its own visitors in all seasons. No matter how old you are, be you a teenager looking for a name, a young adult or an old person, no matter your age and situation, this place has the best amusement and entertainment facilities waiting for you. As one of the top-rated skiing resorts in Iran, you can expect a perfect skiing experience in this resort.

Alvares Ski Resort is located near the town of Sarein in the province of Ardabil and Alvares village. Many people know Ardabil for Sarein's hot springs; however, this ski resort is regarded as one of the special tourist areas of Ardabil. The location of this ski resort in the heights of Sabalan and the temperature inside the area are one of the most interesting features of this ski resort. The vicinity of Alvares ski resort to Alvares village is another one of its features. The village of Alvares is among the tourist attractions near Ardabil, with its own fans.

Leisure and accommodation facilities in the Alvares Ski Resort

Alvares Sarein Ski Resort is one of the tourist attractions of Ardabil, situated in the Alvares Cultural, Tourism and Sports Complex. This complex offers leisure and tourism facilities such as slides, go-karting, cable cars, etc., a perfect place for tours and recreation. In addition, Alvares Ski Resort is among the best ski resorts in Iran and is a convenient place for skiing due to the slow melting of snow in the region. Alvares ski resort was established and put into operation in 2005. Covering an area of about 20 hectares, this complex is nearly always covered with snow despite the rather hot summer weather in Sarein.

How to get to the Alvares ski resort?

You must first drive to the town of Sarein to reach the Alvares Ski Resort. The route between Tehran and Sarein is around 610 kilometers, and it takes around 8 hours to drive. You will pass cities such as Qazvin and Zanjan on your way to Sarein. After arriving on Sarein, continue west on the Valiasr-Sarein road until you reach the bypass and turn right at the square. In the next square, drive 20 km further in the direction of Chitan until you reach the ski resort after crossing the villages of Gazir, Alidashin, Ujur and Alvares.


Dizin Ski Resort

6 Best Ski Resorts in Iran You Can Drive to by Car

Chances are you have heard the name "Design Ski Resort" before. Indeed, Dizin is the most important ski resort in Iran and the Middle East region. "Dizin" is the name of a region located north of Tehran and is located on the slopes of Alborz. On the heights of the Alborz Mountains is one of the largest and best ski resorts in Iran and Tehran, visited by many tourists and athletes from different regions of Iran and the world.

They are attracted by skiing and the fresh snow of the Alborz slopes and enjoying the cold weather in every season of the year. Dizin ski resort is considered to be the first ski slope in Iran and the Middle East that has been approved by the World Ski Federation for holding official competitions, making it one of the best ski resorts in Iran and the region.

Leisure and accommodation facilities in the Dizin Ski Resort

Several technical features of this slope have turned Dizin, including the standard slope inclination, the length of the slope, the competition venue, and also the convenience facilities. The private sector now manages this magnificent slope to carry out the development plans.

Dizin's first aerial lifts were installed on this ski slope more than 50 years ago. Among these lifts are three cable cars, two chairlifts, seven platter lifts and one hammer ski lift. The slopes include the snow park slope, the U slope, the beginner slope and the grass slope. Dizin ski resort has two hotels, 19 beautiful huts and five restaurants.

One more advantage of this slope is the long ski season. You can ski on this slope from the beginning of December until the end of May.

How to get to the Dizin ski resort?

Dizin is 123 km from Chalous road and 71 km from Shemshak road. When you take the Chalous road from Karaj, after about 65 km of driving on the Karaj-Chalous road and having passed Ghachsar, you will drive towards the mountains and arrive at the village of "Velayat Rood". Indeed, this beautiful village is among Iran's most attractive tourist areas. After passing this village and going through some residential complexes, you will reach the ski resort of Dizin.

Obviously, the Karaj-Chalous route is not the only way to reach Dizin. There is, in fact, another route, which is always closed in winter. It is relatively closer and quieter. If you want to use this route, first you have to pass through Lavizan Tehran road and make it to Lavasan Fasham road and then continue to Fasham and then to Meigun. When you continue this route, you will reach Shemshak Track. After about 30 minutes of driving, you will reach the highest point of Dizin ski resort.


Sahand Ski Resort

6 Best Ski Resorts in Iran You Can Drive to by Car

Sahand ski resort is an attraction for adventurous tourists. This resort offers a clear view of snow-capped mountains and is among the best beautiful ski resorts in Iran. That is why tourists who love nature can enjoy memorable moments on the Sahand slope in addition to skiing and snowboarding. Thanks to these circumstances, Sahand ski resort has turned into one of the attractions in the surroundings of Tabriz in East Azarbaijan Province.

From a professional point of view, this ski slope is one of the best ski resorts in Iran and the best in the country's northwestern region, together with the Alvares ski resort. As a result, tourists and professional skiers always consider Sahand ski resort one of the best among the best ski resorts in Iran. In addition to this slope, there are also other facilities over there.

As you may know, the two mountain ranges, Alborz and Zagros, join in the province of East Azarbaijan. Sahand peak is actually one of the highest peaks in Iran as well. This is why Sahand Ski Resort, with an altitude of about 3,330 meters above sea level, is included in our list of the best ski resorts in Iran. With a length of 1,200 meters, Sahand has one of the largest slopes in the country.

As a result, the World Ski Federation has registered Sahand ski resort as an international ski resort. Sahand slope offers good conditions for skiers when it comes to the amount of snow. According to reports, the snow depth on this slope is about 4 meters. Then again, the location of the slope is so that there is never a danger of avalanches. Owing to these conditions, tourists will be able to ski and snowboard on the Sahand slope.

Leisure and accommodation facilities in the Sahand ski resort

During the winter, Sahand ski resort is of special interest to those interested in enjoying skiing due to its mountainous landscape and snow-covered slopes, and in the summer, the pleasant and cool weather in the region and the possibility of nature tourism and recreation in the beautiful villages along the water-rich rivers draw many tourists.

Supported by the provincial sports officials and owing to its many facilities, Sahand Ski Resort Complex became one of the largest winter sports resorts in the country, and upon completion of the infrastructural works, this resort will become one of the most important tourist areas in the province of East Azerbaijan.

As one of the best ski resorts in Iran, the World Ski Federation has registered it as an international slope. As it is the largest ski resort in the northwest of the country, it has become a center for ski talent search for teenagers and young people in the country and the region.

This ski resort has facilities such as a ski lift, men's and women's ski school, snow blasting hall, 12 lifts, residential villa hotel, sanitary facilities and a ski rental shop, attracting tourists and athletes for about 6 months a year. With the construction of the second ski lift at Sahand Ski Resort, there has been a significant increase in the speed and capacity of ski transport on the slope. Sahand ski resort in Tabriz is not only a sports and practice ground for skiers but also many national and international championships in youth categories are held here.

How to get to the Sahand ski resort?

To visit Sahand ski resort, you first need to go to Tabriz. The route from Tehran to Tabriz is long, and you will have to travel a long way to get there. The first option to travel from Tehran to Tabriz is on your own or by a rental car. You can choose between two ways to travel from Tehran to Tabriz by car. The first and simplest way is to head towards Karaj and get on the Karaj highway.

That highway will take you faster than the second route. Taking this route will only drive on highways before reaching Tabriz. Nevertheless, if you are one of those travelers who like to travel by road and visit cities on the way, we would not recommend using the Karaj highway.

It is better to take the old Tehran-Tabriz road in this case. You will pass through the cities of Qazvin, Khorramdareh, Abhar, Zanjan, Miyaneh and Bostanabad on this route and eventually, you will reach the beautiful city of Tabriz. All the cities on the way are nice and worth seeing in their own way.

When you reach Tabriz, you will have to head to the southeast of Tabriz to arrive at the Sahand ski resort. When you come from Tabriz, you just need to drive about 27 km after Tabriz-Tehran police station to reach Sahand ski resort. It takes about 20 minutes from Tabriz to the slope, and you can spend half a day there.


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Shemshak Ski Resort

6 Best Ski Resorts in Iran You Can Drive to by Car

Shemshak ski resort is the second largest ski resort in Iran after Dizin and is among the best ski resorts in Iran. The ski slope was put into operation in 1958. In 1996, thanks to the improvements made, it achieved the title of an international ski slope from the World Ski Federation. Luckily, Shemshak ski resort has various sports and recreational facilities. Such facilities' availability and a short distance from Tehran have brought many domestic and foreign winter athletes to this resort. The highest point of this slope is at 3050 meters, and the lowest point is at 2550 meters above sea level.

There are 4 ski slopes in Shemshak. One of these slopes is intended for beginners who have just started skiing. Then there are three other slopes named Mahtab, Aftab and Shab. At 1950 meters long, Mahtab is the longest slope in Shemshak and is primarily used by professional skiers. The night slope works from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm and provides a different skiing experience for those interested.

  • Aftab slope: This slope is situated on the east side of the Shemshak ski resort and goes from the ski school in the south of the slope to the top.

  • Mahtab slope: Located on the west side, this slope goes from the hotel on the south of the slope to the summit.

  • Shab slope: The Shab slope is located on the west side and stretches from the hotel to the half-summit. This slope is in operation Monday through Thursday.

  • Beginner slope: This slope is situated on the southwest side of the Aftab slope. Its length is 400 meters, and it is used by beginners.

Leisure and accommodation facilities in the Shemshak ski resort

Shemshak has several good restaurants, which begin serving at the same time as the start of the ski slope. Besides the restaurants, there are also a series of small buffets where you can get various snacks. When you feel like enjoying a hot drink, visit the cafes and restaurants in the area. One of the very good facilities at the Shemshak ski resort is a ski school that gives beginner skiing lessons.

Because of the region's tourist nature and professional skiers from different parts of the world, Shemshak has good accommodation facilities. There are several hotels available for tourists in this town. Among them are Shemshak Hotel with 17 accommodation units, the three-star Jahangardi Hotel, Barin Hotel and Meigun Hotel. Barin ski resort and its hotel is highly appreciated by many travelers for their special and beautiful architecture. Inspired by Eskimo houses, this hotel has a very beautiful interior; however, it is more expensive than other hotels.

How to get to the Shemshak Ski Resort?

Shemshak ski resort is situated 57 km north of Tehran in the city of Shemiranat. Actually, there are two ways to reach the Shemshak area and its ski resort. The first one is by Babaei highway and then by Lashgarak road.

Keep going in the direction of Zardband, Haji Abad, Oshan and Fasham. This is where you should turn onto the road from Fasham to Shemshak. After passing Fasham and Meigun, you will arrive at Shemshak. The second route is to reach Shemshak from Karaj, Gachsar and Chalous. Please be aware that the second route is only accessible in summer and is closed in winter due to snowfall.


Tochal Ski Resort

6 Best Ski Resorts in Iran You Can Drive to by Car

Tochal ski resort is among the most beautiful and attractive tourist sites in the north of Tehran, located 5 km away from the capital. Those enthusiasts who are highly interested in winter travel and sports can go skiing and hiking in Tochal ski resort with the snowfall and Alborz mountains covered in white. Being very close to the city of Tehran, Tochal ski resort offers lots of facilities for lovers of skiing and is truly one of the best ski resorts in Iran.

As you know, Tochal ski resort is located on the top of Tochal mountain, which is why this name was chosen. The height of Tochal peak is 3944 meters. In fact, this peak is known as the highest point in Tehran. What is interesting about the Tochal ski resort is that at the time of its construction, there were plans to build the largest ski resort in the world. Still, with the Iranian revolution and the beginning of the imposed war with Iraq, the construction of this place was stopped. During those years, only a small part of this large collection was in use. Moreover, the project was reopened in 2012.

Thanks to its altitude of 4,000 meters, the ski resort of Tochal is one of the first ski resorts always covered in white. If the weather is fine, winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy this large and unique facility from early November to mid-June in one of the top-rated skiing resorts in Iran.

Leisure and accommodation facilities in the Tochal ski resort

Tochal is one of the ski resorts whose facilities are on par with international ski resorts. The facilities at this dream resort include a hotel, two restaurants, a well-equipped ski school and the longest cable car in the country. If you are considering a stay in Tochal, you can spend the night at the Tochal Hotel in Tehran.

Tip: if you want to bring your children to this exciting sport from the beginning, you should not forget that the air in the Iran mountains can be very dangerous for children under 10 years old. Therefore, before making plans for a ski trip, you can consult with the professional ski instructors at the resort's ski school. This is what makes the ski resort one of the most popular ski resorts in Iran.

How to get to the Tochal ski resort?

To reach Tochal Ski Resort, you will need to drive north on the Chamran Highway until you reach the Yemen Road. At the end of Velenjak Street, you reach the entrance of the Tochal complex. As one of the best companies offering car rental in Tehran services, you can rent a car from Navaran to visit the Tochal ski resort.


Pouladkaf Ski Resort

6 Best Ski Resorts in Iran You Can Drive to by Car

Shiraz is among the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations in Iran. Many Iranians and tourists alike are desperate to travel to Shiraz and explore its streets. As many of you are well aware of Shiraz and its tourist attractions, this time, we will go beyond the city and discuss one of the most attractive places around Shiraz. Pouladkaf Ski Resort is what we are going to introduce this time.

Indeed, this large and well-equipped complex is one of the best and most popular recreational destinations in the surroundings of Shiraz, all year round, particularly in the cold seasons. Pouladkaf Sepidan ski resort is a huge and attractive complex located 85 kilometers northwest of Shiraz city in Fars province. To be more accurate, this slope is located at kilometer 85 of the road between Shiraz and Sepidan.

Sepidan Pouladkaf Ski Resort represents the second international ski resort in Iran and the first active ski resort in the south of Iran. This large and attractive recreational complex covers an area of 500 hectares and welcomes tourists and athletes to ski on snow and grass all year round. During most of the cold seasons, the ski resort is covered in white and is a great destination to experience a vibrant snow sport like skiing. During the warm seasons, this resort is also active and invites tourists to experience the thrilling fun of skiing on the grass, riding cable cars, and more.

Pouladkaf Sepidan ski resort is operational all year round and is among the four-season ski resorts in Iran. Needless to say, during the warm seasons, especially in summer, when the snow melts, you can experience skiing in the grassland in this complex. To enjoy skiing and snowshoeing, you must choose the cold seasons to visit this complex. So, the best time to go to the exciting Pouladkaf Sepidan ski resort is from the beginning of November to the end of February.

Leisure and accommodation facilities in the Pouladkaf ski resort

This complex's ski resort is one of Iran's largest and best ski resorts. The altitude of the highest peak of this slope reaches 3,400 meters, and its length is about 3,500 meters. Moreover, you should know that this ski track has a 35% slope. If you don't have ski equipment, you don't have to worry, because all ski equipment can be found in this complex and can be rented by visitors.

Pouladkaf resort has a 4-star hotel that welcomes its guests in a quiet and pleasant environment. All the rooms of this hotel are designed and furnished artistically. Each room has a magnificent view of the mountains. There are 52 equipped rooms, 4 suites and 4 Mongolian yurts at Pouladkaf Hotel. The hotel provides facilities including a meeting room, a restaurant, a cafe, a traditional nomadic teahouse, an Internet cafe, a computer game room, a billiards room and a store. Besides the hotel, the Pouladkaf Sepidan ski resort also has 4 restaurants and 1 cafe with various menus available to tourists at any time of the day.

How to get to the ski resort Pouladkaf?

There are three routes between Tehran and Shiraz, with the shortest one taking around 10 hours of driving. Before arriving in Shiraz, you will pass cities like Qom, Kashan, Isfahan and Safa Shahr. To get to Pouladkaf Sepidan ski resort from Shiraz, you will have to drive to Sepidan city in the northwest of Shiraz. After driving 85 kilometers on this route, you will arrive at Pouladkaf Sepidan ski resort.


Best Ski Resorts in Iran: Conclusion

In this article, we introduced you to 6 of the best ski resorts in Iran. In addition to a general overview of the slopes, we provided you with information about their facilities and explained how you can reach them from Tehran. As a vast country, Iran has many ski resorts, and these six were actually the best of them. In addition to the beautiful nature, these ski resorts will also provide you with very good facilities. You can choose any of these six of the best ski resorts in Iran according to your preferences and taste.

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