7 Unforgettable Day Trips From Tehran 
Last Updated on 23 October 2022

Attractions around Tehran for day trips give us the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life that we are confronted with on a daily basis. The exciting and unforgettable day trips from Tehran provide a wide range of options by which you can plan short trips and even trips of several days. In this way, we would suggest you take a short trip to one of the destinations presented below during the weekend and leave the hectic pace of the city for a few hours.

Several of these day trips from Tehran have many more attractions to offer, allowing you to plan more time for sightseeing. There are certain features of each destination that you need to consider before you go. The difficulty level, the equipment required, and the like are all pieces of information that you need to know in addition to the attractions of the destination itself. In this Navaran article, we will take a look at 7 perfect day trips from Tehran and give you all the information you should know about each of them.


Laloon Waterfall

7 Unforgettable Day Trips From Tehran 

The Laloon waterfall is one of the most scenic natural attractions around Tehran. This waterfall can be found in a valley called Laloon, which has several natural beauties, with the beautiful Laloon Waterfall being just one of them. Some of the other attractions of Laloon valley are Tangeh, Baghestan, mineral water springs, the peak and others, making it a perfect place for day trips from Tehran.

One of the lesser known attractions in South Alborz, Laloon Waterfall is situated in the Zayegan region; and its other name is Kholeno. The water supply source for the Laloon waterfall comes from the Varzob mountains. It also has very clear water, and you can use it for drinking. During summer, if you go to this area, you will be cooled down by the water coming from this waterfall.

To reach the waterfall, which is located in the depths of Laloon Valley, and known as one of the famous Fasham attractions, you must go through a snow tunnel. Shaped like a bridge made of snow and an arch, this snow tunnel runs from one side of the river to the other and is approximately 3 meters from the surface of the river. The path to the waterfall is a bit difficult, but when seeing the beautiful view of the waterfall, the fatigue of the trip will go away in a flash.

If you wish to travel to Laloon, you must take the Lashkarak road from Tehran. Once you pass through Fasham, you should follow the Laloon signs to reach the green village of Laloon; alternatively, you should go east from the main square of Fasham. After 10 kilometers, you will reach Zayegan village and arrive at Laloon village three kilometers further. The distance from Tehran to Fasham is about 50 kilometers, and it is about 11 kilometers from Fasham to Laloon.


Burnik Cave

7 Unforgettable Day Trips From Tehran 

Bornik Cave is situated in Herandeh village in Firuzkuh city and is known as the longest cave in Tehran province and the fourth longest cave in Iran. Being one of the settlements of the cavemen, this cave is of ancient importance. Moreover, it is considered one of the favorite destinations for day trips from Tehran. You have to walk a few kilometers through the countryside to visit Bornik Cave and cross the village of Herandeh, which is very enjoyable.

With its pristine nature, spectacular gardens and water-rich streams and rivers, Herandeh village represents one of the most famous places in Firuzkuh and is within a reasonable distance from Tehran. One can reach the ancient and amazing cave of Bornik from this village following a short hike. Bornik is the name of a stone and limestone cave situated at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and 100 meters above Bornik plain. According to the measurements made so far, the cave's length is 3,470 meters. 

Herandeh village has always been beautiful; however, its unspoiled nature looks very different in spring and autumn. Generally, the best time to visit Bornik is from early spring to mid-autumn. Unless you have experience caving in winter, it is best not to enter the cave and be careful when venturing around it.

If you want to visit the cave, you should first take the Tehran-Firuzkuh road and turn into a side road 12 km before the city, which will take you to the village of Herandeh after one kilometer. Having entered the village, you arrive at a crossroads that will guide you to the cave on the right side. You will then enter a clean path that will lead you through the gardens of the village. You will reach the foot of the mountain at which the cave is located after an hour's walk. Then continue along the river, and after 30 minutes, the entrance of the cave will appear in front of you.


Tange Vashi

7 Unforgettable Day Trips From Tehran 

Tange Vashi is among the best summer destinations for travelers near the capital and a suitable place for day trips from Tehran during hot summer days. Located near Firuzkuh, this area is captivating with its beautiful and unspoiled nature, interwoven rocks, raging river and waterfall. Its geographical location, weather and the Tange Vashi River will make the hot summer day pleasant and enjoyable for you. During a day trip to Tange Vashi, you will enjoy the beautiful nature of the canyons, the beautiful Savashi Plain and the waterfall view.

The best time to visit Tange Vashi would be the hottest time of the year, i.e. summer season. To that end, scheduling this trip from late June to mid-September is better. Nevertheless, if you plan to visit the Tange Vashi, you should inquire about the weather conditions and temperature in the canyon before you leave. In fact, this area tends to be prone to torrential rains and sudden heavy downpours, and because of the narrow nature of some parts of the canyon route, it floods during rainstorms and presents serious risks.

Tange Vashi represents one of the natural attractions and scenic areas of Firuzkuh in the east of Tehran Province and one of the best options for weekend fun. Based on where you are in Tehran, take the best route to the eastern exit of Tehran. Among the most convenient ways to access the east of Tehran is the Sadr Highway, followed by the Babaei Highway.

Continue on Damavand road, and then you will reach the Tehran-Paradis highway; after passing the towns of Bumehen and Roudehen, you will enter Firuzkuh road. Keep driving on Firuzkuh road until you reach the side road of Tange Vashi just before the entrance of Firuzkuh. This side road is located on the left side of the road. You will reach the village of Jelizjand about 10 kilometers later. The Tange Vashi trail's entrance is at the village's end.


Rood Afshan Cave

7 Unforgettable Day Trips From Tehran 

Rood Afshan Cave is among the largest natural and untouched caves in Iran near the capital, which has remained undiscovered for a long time. The cave is recognized as one of the most important attractions of Tehran in Damavand city, attracting the attention of nature lovers in untouched areas. This cave's entrance is the third largest entrance of Iranian caves, and being located on the slope of a mountain part, the entrance of this cave can be seen only from 100 meters away. 

Being one of the largest natural caves in Iran, Rood Afshan Cave is located in Rood Afshan village in Damavand city of Tehran. This cave is situated about 60 km from Firuzkuh, 50 km from Damavand and 100 km from Tehran. Rood Afshan Cave's proximity to Tehran draws the attention of tourists and nature lovers living in the capital to this cave, with many tourists planning to visit it in groups throughout the year and with day trips from Tehran.

The height of the Rood Afshan Cave opening is about 12 meters, with the length of the entrance reaching about 40 meters. Its longest path inside the cave is 783 meters long. Inside of the cave, in particular in remote and inaccessible places, has undergone a lot of changes due to the constant flow of underground water and wall sedimentation.

To reach Rood Afshan Cave from Tehran, you have to travel about 100 km on Firuzkuh road. Reach the Tehran-Pardis highway from the northeastern exits of Tehran. Then, drive through Pardis, Bumehen and Roudehen and go on the Damavand road. Along this road, you will reach Firuzkuh road.

Having passed through Sarbandan, you will arrive at the village of Seyed Abad. The turn to Rood Afshan village is on the right side of the road, immediately after Seyed Abad village. Following the side road, you will reach the intersection of Mashhad village. Continuing the road to the left, you will arrive at Rood Afshan village after about five kilometers.


Dasht-e Lar

7 Unforgettable Day Trips From Tehran 

Dasht-e Lar is one of the most spectacular plains of Iran, located on the border between Tehran and Mazandaran provinces. Situated near Tehran, this beautiful plain is definitely one of the unspoiled and spectacular destinations for nature tourism and hiking in the heart of nature. Also known as Lar National Park, Dasht-e Lar is included in the forbidden hunting areas that are protected as a nature reserve.

The Dasht-e Lar is filled with red anemones and various flowers in the spring. The Lar Dam and Lar Lake, the lovely scenery of Damavand, the waterfalls and rivers, mountains and heights, and delightful and dreamy landscapes are some of the attractions of this green plain and make it a great option for day trips from Tehran.

Dasht-e Lar has a wide variety of plants. A large number of medicinal and edible plants form the vegetation of this delightful plain. The Dasht-e Lar is also filled with beautiful and colorful flowers. Having all kinds of purple and violet wild iris flowers, yellow bird's eyes, and anemones turns this plain into a rainbow of beauties in spring and make it look eye-catching.

If you take Haraz road at the end of Babaei highway and drive through Roudehen and Bumehen, and reach Imamzadeh Hashem pass, you will arrive at Polour from there in less than 10 minutes. Starting from the town of Polour, the route leads from the intersection of Polour to the entrance post of the Dalichai ranger post, which is situated at the eastern entrance of Lar National Park. This trail runs along a paved road to the national park entrance and is easy to walk.


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Afjeh Village

7 Unforgettable Day Trips From Tehran 

Afjeh village represents one of the most spectacular and green villages of Tehran. It is located in the Lavasan-e Kuchak Rural District in Shemiranat county. Having pristine nature, this mountain village and summer resort is one of the best destinations for nature tourism and mountain climbing. Because of its proximity to the capital, Afjeh is regarded as a refined gathering place for the weekend and a perfect place for day trips from Tehran.

Afjeh village has a lot of natural and historical sights to offer. Its beautiful and famous Dasht-e Havij, Paskoohak and Moab waterfalls, Qajar Palace, castle and historical bath, are some of the sights of this village that you can visit. Because of its many natural and historical sights and attractions, this village near Tehran is considered an excellent destination for sightseeing and outdoor recreation.

The northern valley of this village houses untouched and spectacular areas and, as a result, attracts many tourists. Also, this valley is known as a climbing route for mountaineers to the peaks of Atashakdeh, Saka, Yakhchal and Mehrchal. In addition, it is believed that this valley was one of the ancient roads of Afjeh village and the route of the kings through which they moved to the Lar plain.

Afjeh village is placed 30 km northeast of Tehran city. You should drive to the east of Tehran to reach the spectacular village of Afjeh and follow the Lashkarak road via the Shahid Babaei highway of Tehran. Next, you will take the Lashkarak road to reach Lavasan county. When you continue the road and leave Lavasan county behind, you will see the sign of Afjeh village. Continue from there until you reach Afjeh.


Latyan Dam

7 Unforgettable Day Trips From Tehran 

Latyan dam lies on the Jajroud River in the southern part of the Lavasan town. This concrete dam is a source of drinking water for Tehran. The Jajroud area, along with its nearby landscapes and villages, is a major and one of the oldest attractions of Tehran in the city's east. Listening to the rushing of the water and inhaling the clean and cool air of this mountainous region near the bustling city of Tehran is a great treasure. This region's pleasant climate and good tourist facilities make it a perfect place for day trips from Tehran.

Fishing in Latyan Dam is one of the main attractions of this region. Being close to Tehran and its pleasant climate have captured the attention of fishermen. The best time of the day for fishing is in the morning and afternoon. Most of the fish in Latyan Dam are crucian carp, fluke fish and yellowfin. With its various amenities, the Latyan Dam attracts many families and tourists on a daily basis. Hiking in the region's mountains and cycling in its clean air is very enjoyable.

There are two main routes to reach Jajroud and Latyan Dam from Tehran. Taking the first route, you drive from Tehranpars and Damavand road to Jajroud. Once you reach Jajroud Bridge, you will continue to drive north on the road, which runs parallel to the Jajroud River. Approximately five kilometers later, you will be at the entrance of the Latyan Dam. The second route will take you through the northeast of Tehran and along the Babaei Highway. Following this route, you will go to Lavasan, where you should continue the route in the southeastern direction.


Best Day Trips from Tehran: Conclusion

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