7 Stunning Autumn Destinations in Iran To See Fall Colors
Last Updated on 01 December 2022

The majority of tourists prefer the autumn season to travel to the different regions of Iran. Meanwhile, the beauty of the country's mountainous regions, with their diverse vegetation, will get to another level during the autumn season. By the time autumn arrives, the trees will be covered in yellow, orange, and red colors and that is why autumn is the best time to visit Iran.

Moreover, the desert areas also have many attractions to offer in autumn because of their special features. Generally, autumn is the season when the most beautiful colors are combined, and because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to select somewhere to visit in Iran in autumn. This article will introduce you to the best destinations in Iran for traveling in autumn and will reveal some places that have different and unique faces in autumn.

Why travel to Iran in autumn?

While many of us prefer to travel during the summer vacations, you have to know that traveling in other seasons like autumn has its advantages as well. Probably the most important advantage of traveling in autumn is the fact that we can visit cities where it is very hot in summer. With the start of autumn, the weather all over the country becomes cooler; so it is a good time to travel to the southern and central cities of Iran in autumn.

In addition, in autumn the number of local tourists is lower and the cities become quieter. Therefore, in this way, it is possible to visit recreational and tourist places without any rush and traffic and with lower travel costs. That is why it seems that autumn travel is wise and affordable. In the remainder of this article, we will introduce 7 extremely attractive destinations for autumn travel in Iran.


Ulsabelangah, Masal, Iran

Ulsabelangah village is among the green and pleasant summer villages in the north of the country, which is 50 km west of Rasht and 25 km south of Masal. Having unique and beautiful nature and a cloudy sea, Ulsabelangah is regarded as one of the best destinations for nature tourism. Standing at an altitude of 1,489 meters above sea level, this place is of enchanting beauty. Ulsabelangah offers unique views and spectacular scenery.

Ulsabelangah area is under the supervision of the natural resources organization and construction in this area with materials other than wood is prohibited. As a result, this helps to preserve nature in this area. Moreover, Ulsabelangah is not connected to a power grid and the electricity needed by the village is produced by electric motors and solar panels. Ulsabelangah has also no tap water but is supplied from the springs in the area.

Interestingly, after midnight, the village of Ulsabelangah becomes silent and soothingly quiet. For this reason, if you want to visit the village at this time, it is recommended to take a flashlight to avoid any problems. While traveling to Ulsabelangah Masal, you may buy fresh and natural products from this village, such as honey and dairy products, and bring them as souvenirs for your friends and family.

Because of the abundant vegetation in this area, Ulsabelangah village provides one of the most beautiful landscapes full of attractive autumn colors. Therefore, if you are in search of an attractive destination for your autumn trip, make sure to put Ulsabelangah village at the top of your list. You need to travel to Masal in Gilan Province to reach this village. You must take the southern road from Masal and drive 25 kilometers on a mountainous but flat road to arrive at Ulsabelangah. You can drive to Ulsabelangah via the beautiful Abkenar road if you want to travel to this area from Bandar Anzali.

Kish Island

Kish Island, Iran

Located in the vicinity of the city of Bandar Lengeh in Hormozgan Province, Kish Island is one of the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf. More than a million domestic and foreign tourists come to visit Kish every year. This island offers numerous attractions at any time of the year, among them natural and historical sights, entertainment centers, golden beaches, and numerous modern shopping malls.

During autumn, the weather on the island cools down and there is nothing left of the unbearable heat of summer. The coast of the Persian Gulf is a place of pleasure and sightseeing. Traveling to Kish in autumn will allow you to see a new face of the island. Right in the middle of autumn, the island's green landscapes turn more or less orange and yellow colors, making an adorable atmosphere. The autumn on Kish Island is neither so cold that you have to stay at a hotel nor so hot that the fear of heat stroke will keep you from having fun.

The weather is so good in early autumn that you can enjoy a full day of sightseeing and shopping, and you can even take a dip in the water to enjoy the thrilling and invigorating water activities in Kish, but traveling to Kish in autumn doesn't always turn out so fantastic and perfect! Occasionally, the island's autumn is marked by frequent rains, which is not good weather for traveling. However, if you are one of those tourists who enjoy the rain or are looking for an affordable trip, you can expect an exciting and affordable trip to one of the most popular destinations in the country.

Regardless of the day you are on the island, there will always be new and entertaining things for you to experience. Among the advantages of traveling to Kish in the fall season is that all of these activities are cheaper. There are a large number of recreational and welfare activity centers on Kish Island, called Sea Clubs, offering tourists various entertainment options, such as exciting water activities. Besides these amazing entertainment facilities that await you on your trip to Kish, there are also many attractions to see in Kish.

When traveling by car from Tehran to Kish, you are in for a long road trip in Iran. Needless to say, if you plan well, you will be able to visit cities like Isfahan and Shiraz on the way, or Yazd, Kerman, and Bandar Abbas on a different route. Ultimately, no matter which of the two routes you choose, you will need to board a ferry from Bandar Lengeh or Charak Port with your car and head to the island of Kish.

Alangdare Forest

Alangdare Forest

Alangdare Forest Park is among the famous forest parks in the north of the country and among the best places to visit in Iran. Considered one of the typical tourist areas of Iran and the tourist attractions of Golestan province, this forest park is five kilometers southwest of Gorgan city. Hiking, biking, picnics, and family excursions are among the activities you can do in this forest park. Among the park's amenities are a health trail, bike station, electric cars, playgrounds, and sports facilities.

Offering four seasons and spectacular nature, Alangdare Forest Park is a beautiful place to visit. No matter what time of year or when you travel to this forest, you will encounter it bathed in beauty and miracles. Nevertheless, in autumn, this forest park takes on the face of thousands of colors, which is very eye-catching and makes it one of the best Iran attractions in autumn.

In general, Alangdare forest can be regarded as one of the most beautiful natural areas and domestic destinations in autumn. Virtually everyone who has traveled to this forest would agree that autumn is the best time of year to travel to this beautiful forest. Forming a feast of green, yellow, orange, and brown colors, the beautiful trees of the Alangdare Forest provide a breathtaking sight with their plethora of leaves. Chilly air and rain also add to the beauty and charm of this place.

Several options are available to reach Alangdare Forest from Tehran, but the shortest route is the Haraz Road. This 404 km long route takes you through cities like Amol, Babol, Ghaemshahr, Sari, Behshahr, and Gorgan to reach this beautiful forest.

Yush village

Yush Village - Autumn Destinations in Iran

Yush village in Mazandaran province and Alborz slopes was the birthplace of the father of New Persian poetry, Nima Yooshij. That is why it can be said that Yush village has its fame due to this great poet. You might think that visiting the house of Nima Yooshij is the only reason why people travel to this village. However, the house of Nima Yooshij is just one of the reasons to travel to Yush, and while traveling to this village, you can also visit and enjoy the other attractions, especially in the beautiful autumn season.

If you are feeling tired of the daily and endless hustle and bustle of Tehran, make sure to visit this beautiful village. Because of its geographical location, the village is full of natural and attractive resources, each of them polishing up your soul. That is why we suggest you choose the autumn season for a trip to Yush village to witness the beauty of the colorful leaves of the trees. In addition, the river and its green and adorable gardens will change your mood and make you spend happy moments in this village.

Nima Yooshij's house is among the famous historical attractions of this village. That is why many people come to this village every year to visit the house of Nima Yooshij. It takes about 3 hours from Tehran to Yush village, however, choosing Chalous road for your trip is a better idea. By choosing Chalous road, your route will be a bit longer and you will be spending more time on the road, but in return, you will also enjoy the beauty of Chalous road.

Nay Band Village (Tabas)

Nay Band Village - Tabas - Iran

Among the deserts you should visit in autumn is the Nay Band Tabas desert, which is located 225 km south of Tabas city on Tabas-Kerman road. A long-standing junction between the northern, southern, eastern, and western regions, and of great importance to the tourism industry, for this reason, Tabas boasts unique attractions, of which the Nay Band Village is just one.

Unlike a desert area, Nay Band Village is quite green and has many gardens in its heart. Likely, the presence of hot and cold water springs in both the Rostam and Zardgah areas was the reason for the formation of this settlement in this part of the desert. As the lands adjacent to the village offer a suitable platform for growing groves and gardens, multi-storied citrus fruit and vegetable gardens have been established there. Mild winters and hot, sunny summers, together with the presence of springs and aqueducts, have contributed to the fact that the lands adjacent to the village are always ready for farming.

Among the trees and plants of Nay band village, there are all kinds of berries, palms, wheat, barley, legumes, and vegetables used by the households. Besides the better weather, it is strongly recommended to visit Nay band during the autumn season for its different gardens and the many trees in this area.

To visit this spectacular village, you first need to go to South Khorasan province. Then, drive from the south of Tabas on the Tabas-Kerman route and pass Korit, Deyhuk, and Zenowghan. Then you will get to the Nay Band Village sign on the right side of the road. Once you reach the Nay Band Village exit, continue driving until you arrive at this spectacular village.

Mesr Desert

Mesr Desert - Autumn Destinations in Iran

Mesr desert is among the most famous deserts in Iran. In the Mesr desert, there are many places to visit such as Takht Arous, Bayazeh village, the famous Namak Khor lake, and so on. Also, the salt lake in the Mesr desert is filled with polygons giving a beautiful appearance to the region. Besides its attractive sights, the Mesr desert is also a very beautiful area for desert tourism, and both amateur and professional drivers have a special interest in this desert for its sands, hills, and dangerous and exciting roads. These factors have made Mesr a very attractive area for desert tourism.

The Mesr Desert is located near Kashan and Isfahan, and it is 50 km away from Damghan, 600 km away from Tehran, and 200 km away from Isfahan. Because of its geographical location and weather conditions in the desert, during the summer season basically, no one can visit this area unless they are heat-loving people such as the locals who live in the heat day and night.

Once autumn begins, everyone will pack their bags and head to the Mesr desert to thoroughly enjoy this area. During autumn, the weather in the region will not be as hot as in summer, and one can explore the desert in the afternoon. Naturally, some people would rather explore the desert in the morning before it gets crowded because by then the desert is so congested that it loses its peace. When the weather is of more importance to you, autumn and early spring will be the best time for a trip to the Mesr desert.

To get to this desert from Tehran, take the Damavand road and exit Tehran. At the end of Damavand road, you will arrive at Firuzkuh road, and in Amiriyeh village, take the turn to Semnan road using the signs. Upon reaching Semnan city, in the southeast of Semnan, you will arrive at Sar Kavir via Semnan road and then at Masr desert through Jandaq road.


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Churat Lake (Sari)

Churat lake - Iran

Churat Lake is a small lake in the thick forests of Mazandaran and is regarded as one of the best destinations for nature tourism. This is a lake that, although small in size, reflects all the attractions of untouched nature in its entirety. Around morning, when a thin mist hovers over the surface of the water and you can hear the chirping of birds softly, doubles its peace. Churat Lake is always beautiful and spectacular, but in spring and especially in autumn it is completely different. The autumn at Churat Lake is a symphony of colors.

This lake is located in a valley with a steep slope and is encircled by ancient forests and old trees. The geometrical shape of the lake is oval and its depth differs depending on the amount of seasonal rainfall. All of the fish in the lake were brought into the lake by the local people. As a result, fishing in this lake is possible.

To reach this lake from Tehran, you must first go to Sari, the capital of Mazandaran province. From Sari, to reach this lake, you should drive about 23 km south and to Takam village and take a side road after the Churat village sign. Keep driving on this route for about 15 km to reach the village. It is about 10 km from the village to the lake, and there are several routes you can take to reach it. You can get help from local guides to travel over these routes.


We have introduced in this article all travel destinations that are suitable for an autumn season trip in Iran. For many reasons that we have mentioned in this article, the autumn season is considered one of the best times for traveling and sightseeing in Iran.

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