7 Best Places on a Day Trip from Isfahan by car
Last Updated on 21 November 2022

A day trip from Isfahan is something that will surely please any tourist's heart. In addition to historical monuments and spectacular buildings, beautiful Isfahan also boasts pure and unique nature around it. There are deserts, waterfalls and villages around the city, each of which is attractive and unique in its own way. You can find all this untouched nature and many places to visit in Isfahan province, and they are basically not far from the city.

There are so many sights, places and Isfahan attractions, in general, to see in the city itself, and you should spend a lot of time visiting them all. However, if you are one of those tourists who have allocated a lot of time for a trip to Isfahan and are keen on visiting around this city, in this article, we will introduce you to some places suitable for a day trip from Isfahan. If you need to rent a car in Isfahan to visit around this city, you can use the car Rental in Iran services of Navaran company, with its fleet of modern cars and easy rental conditions.

Niasar Waterfall

7 Best Places on a Day Trip from Isfahan by car

One of the tourist attractions of Kashan and the best places for a day trip from Isfahan is the Niasar Waterfall. It arises from a spring called Cheshme Talar, located above the waterfall and next to the four Niasar arches. This is a spring to which Niasar owes its entire history. Most of the water from this spring goes to the waterfall and the Niasar plain. Interestingly, the people of Sarkamar and Barzehzan neighborhoods sacrifice a cow next to the Eskandarieh spring on Eid al-Adha day so that their blood will flow into the water and to other parts along with the waterfall. They believe this will make the waterfall abundant and full of water.

Niasar waterfall is fuller in spring than any other time of the year, which makes the best time to visit it from the beginning of May to the end of June. By and large, the best time to visit Kashan is spring and particularly May; because during this time, the rose water collection of Kashan takes place, with people usually going to one of the gardens around the city to buy fresh rose water, along with visiting the sights of cities such as Niasar, Qamsar and Kashan.

If you are going to Niasar from Tehran, you should take the Persian Gulf highway and then go to Qom and Niasar. After crossing the Square of Flowers, you will continue your way straight until you reach Chahar Taghi. Once you get here, you must park your car in a suitable place and proceed with your journey on foot. As you continue along the path to the waterfall, you will encounter a large park-like area where Raees Cave is located. You must continue your path alongside the river and on the right side of the terrain to reach the waterfall, walking down the stone steps to eventually reach the waterfall park. You will see the Niasar waterfall if you look to the right.

Varzaneh Desert

7 Best Places on a Day Trip from Isfahan by car

Varzaneh Desert is among the attractions of Varzaneh and a natural tourist attraction for a day trip from Isfahan, located not far from Tehran. This tourist area is home to the largest desert recreation area in Iran, which has been recently opened and includes:

  • One-person and two-person ATVs

  • A zip line

  • A safari

  • Camel rides

  • A restaurant

  • A food pantry

  • Camping

  • Paragliding

Various activities are available in the Varzaneh Desert. It is suitable for climbing in the desert and hiking through the hot sand, enjoying the largest recreational area in the Iranian desert.

Located near Varzaneh city in the eastern part of Isfahan province, 117 km from Isfahan city and 150 km west of Yazd, the Varzaneh desert occupies an area of about 17,000 hectares. This desert is approximately 10 km from Varzaneh city and is situated southwest of the Gavkhuni wetland. What distinguishes this desert from the other deserts of Iran are the various winds that create spectacular and extraordinary shapes like long sand dunes, crescents and sand pyramids that reach 100 meters in height at the highest points. These dunes are about 45 km long, and their width ranges from 10 km at Varzaneh to 1 km at Khara village.

As mentioned, the distance between Isfahan city and Varzaneh desert is around 117 kilometers. You can reach Varzaneh desert in just two hours' drive from the city center. You start the route to Varzaneh desert from Abshar road in the east of Isfahan, heading to the ring road, and you must continue the highway until you reach Isfahan-Varzaneh road. Entering the city, go from Azadi Square to Beheshti Street and keep driving to the end of the road until you reach Dastjerd-Varzaneh Street. Take a right turn on Dastjerd-Varzaneh road until you reach the Varzaneh desert after a few kilometers.

As a top choice in the list of best places for a day trip from Isfahan, many tour guides will offer to visit the Varzaneh desert when you want to purchase an Isfahan one day tour. 

Ab Malakh Waterfall

7 Best Places on a Day Trip from Isfahan by car

One has to travel to Ab Malakh Waterfall to truly believe that the most natural pesticide in the world is coming out of the cave and flowing into the river. The Ab Malakh waterfall is among the strangest waterfalls in Iran. It is a natural spraying agent for fields and agricultural lands through its special compounds. It can destroy all invasive grasshoppers on the spot. The Ab Malakh water gets its strange name from this surprising feature. With its unique beauty, this waterfall, which is one of the attractions of Semirom, is situated on the road from Semirom to Yasouj and is among the best destinations for nature tourism in the summer season.

The Ab Malakh Waterfall consists of two parts. One part is the source of the waterfall that emerges from the heart of the mountain. The other part below this source is a green vault curved like a bridge over the Marbar River; the part that is more visible at first sight and is actually the main part of the waterfall. But if you want to see the source, follow the path you have taken until you reach the waterfall, then walk to the top of the waterfall and view it from above. If you feel the exhausting walk and the heat of the air, feel free to drink from the mineral-rich water of the spring. Be assured that it will not make you sick.

When going to Ab Malakh as one of the best places for a day trip from Isfahan, you must pass through Semirom and exit this city in the direction of Yasouj. Driving from Semirom to Yasouj, you will see a dirt road in front of you immediately after the village of Chahar Rah, on which there are two crossroads. Take the left road in both cases and drive about 7 kilometers to the village of Ab Malakh. The village is located in the northernmost part of the Dena mountain ridge. On both roads, you can continue by your car, and if you can use an off-road vehicle, you will probably have an easier time crossing the unpaved road.

However, once you reach the village, you must say goodbye to your car and cross a narrow path on foot. Continuing on the path behind the village, you need to take the direction of the river that emerges at the heights of the village and joins the roaring Marbar River to arrive at the Ab Malakh Waterfall after half an hour of easy walking.

Tameh village

7 Best Places on a Day Trip from Isfahan by car

Situated on the eastern slope of the Karkas Mountains and 7 km southwest of Natanz, the village of Tameh is one of the most beautiful villages in the country. Because Tameh village is in a mountainous region and has springs and waterfalls in the surrounding area, the natural environment around the village is somewhat like the summer home of Natanz and the surrounding desert towns such as Badroud. Most villagers are involved in agriculture and cattle raising, with pears being the main agricultural products. A small river flows at the end of the village of Tame, rising on the slopes of Karkas, and has created several beautiful waterfalls along its path.

There are two beautiful valleys in the western part of the village of Tameh. A beautiful waterfall called Papul is located at the end of one of these valleys, which is approximately 23 meters high and waters the gardens of the historical Natanz and the Tameh village gardens. There are beautiful waterfalls on the way to Vulture Peak as a result of the wealth of water in the region, which further enhances the region's beauty. There are very beautiful seasonal waterfalls which can be seen on the southern trails of Vulture Peak and also on the northern trail.

There are special beauties to visit in Tameh village at any time of the year, making it one of the best choices for a day trip from Isfahan. During winter, all parts of the village are coated with snow and ice. Almost half of the waterfall is frozen, which is very eye-catching and beautiful. You better bring suitable winter clothes and equipment for the winter season. It is about 130 kilometers from Isfahan city to Tameh village, and it will take about an hour to reach this village. You will pass through Dolat Abad, Shappur Abad, Toroq Roud, and others to this village.

Mozdabad Aqueduct

7 Best Places on a Day Trip from Isfahan by car

The Mozdabad aqueduct in Isfahan province is considered one of the wonders built by mankind and registered by UNESCO. The Mozdabad aqueduct is 18 kilometers long and 100 meters deep. It is situated near the main well, and with its high water flow, it seems like an underground river. Inside this beautiful aqueduct, stalagmites and stalactites have formed a special kind of natural beauty that resembles the Ali Sadr Cave in Hamadan.

Studies done by geologists at Tehran University revealed that the Mozdabad aqueduct is the second oldest aqueduct in Iran, dating back to more than two thousand years ago. Because of its special historical value and as the only aqueduct in the world with three underground dams, this aqueduct has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with ten other Iranian aqueducts.

The length of the footpath of Mozdabad World Aqueduct is 95 meters, and its depth reaches 20 meters, leading to the main and old aqueduct of Mozdabad, which welcomes all tourists. It is considered one of the longest aqueducts in the region and is one of the most water-rich aqueducts in Iran, with a flow rate of 110 liters per second. Indeed, one of the features of the Mozdabad aqueduct is its water quality. Its water is hot and cold, while the dams that store the water represent the special features of this aqueduct. 

The Mozdabad aqueduct is located 120 km north of Isfahan, making it a perfect choice for a day trip from Isfahan. If you would like to visit this aqueduct, you must leave the city of Isfahan and go to Meymeh, passing through Shahin Shahr and villages such as Murchehkhort and Vandadeh. You will reach the Mozdabad aqueduct from there after a relatively short drive.

Semirom Waterfall

7 Best Places on a Day Trip from Isfahan by car

The Semirom Waterfall is considered one of the best natural attractions in the Zagros Mountains and a great place for a day trip from Isfahan. Offering one of the most popular destinations in Isfahan province, the waterfall attracts many tourists throughout the year, particularly in spring and summer. The mountainous areas surrounding Semirom Waterfall have various natural attractions, some of the most beautiful places in Semirom in Isfahan. While traveling to Isfahan and especially to the southern parts of this province, you can visit Semirom Waterfall and spend some time exploring and relaxing in this region if the weather is good.

Called the bride of Zagros waterfalls, tourists travel to Semirom to visit this beautiful natural attraction in Isfahan. The area surrounding Semirom Waterfall is marked by beautiful landscapes and spectacular views of green mountains covered with fallen tulips and pink flowers in spring. The Semirom Waterfall is situated between a gorge with stone walls in the Zagros Mountains. Due to the mountainous environment and the permanent flow of water in the gorges around the waterfall, this area has a different climate from the surrounding areas. This is why Semirom Waterfall and the nearby areas are cold many days of the year and even during the summer nights.

Semirom Waterfall is approximately 160 kilometers south of the city of Isfahan and four kilometers east of Semirom. Driving to Semirom is the best way to reach this waterfall. Suppose you want to visit this spectacular waterfall during your trip to Isfahan. In that case, you should drive from the southern exit of Isfahan to Shahreza. Once you have passed through this city, enter the Shahreza- Semirom highway from the southwestern side of Shahreza and resume your journey towards Semirom. Having entered the city of Semirom, you need to go to the eastern exit of this city and to the Waterfall Road. The Molvi Road and Dena Boulevard in Semirom will lead you to Abshar Road.


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Gavkhuni Wetland

7 Best Places on a Day Trip from Isfahan by car

Gavkhuni wetland, whose name sounds terrifying because of the word "blood" in its name in Farsi, which has limited accessibility, is regarded as one of the must-see places in Isfahan province and is the final destination of the trip to Zayandehroud. Having a vague image in the eyes of tourists, Gavkhuni wetland is known as one of the most beautiful and unique tourist areas around Isfahan. It always draws a lot of tourists, especially from the city of Isfahan.

With its mysterious atmosphere, Gavkhuni wetland inspires a vague sense of mystery of life, death, reality and illusion in the minds of the tourists. Regarded as one of the most important reserves of the biosphere, this wetland is being gradually watered by the Zayandeh River. Gavkhuni wetland is 470 square kilometers, where only 50 square kilometers are covered by water. Many consider Gavkhuni one of the best places for a day trip from Isfahan.

When traveling to Gavkhuni, you can see zebras, camels, goats, sheep, wild rams, pigs, wild boars, snakes, lizards, wolves, jackals, sand foxes, hyenas, turtles, horned vipers, jackals, rabbits and other kinds of animals. Watch out for the bats that have found shelter in this wetland. Gavkhuni is situated 167 km southeast of Isfahan, not far from the city of Varzaneh. Starting from Varzaneh city, you will drive 25 km to the east via a gravel road and reach the wetland.

Conclusion: Best places for a road trip from Isfahan

Throughout this article, we introduced you to 7 of the best places for a day trip from Isfahan, and we provided you with general explanations about each of them and their access routes from Isfahan city. As you have noticed, many attractive places are available in the surroundings of Isfahan for day trips, and tourists can enjoy traveling to any of these places.

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