Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran
Last Updated on 17 December 2022

Traveling in winter is a wonderful and different experience that has many fans. Tourist destinations in Iran in the winter season are a major part of winter travel and we see many tours during the winter in the country. Winter sports, and various festivals in the cold season in different parts of Iran make opportunities to have fun in winter. If you also want a unique trip to the heartland in winter, we have good news for you. As our beloved Iran is a 4-season country, one cannot say when is the best time to visit Iran, because it will be different for every person. For this article, we will present you some of the best winter destinations in Iran.

The Best Winter Destinations in Iran

For many people, winter is the season when they spend time at home. The majority of people prefer to spend this time of year drinking hot beverages in front of the fireplace, but there is another way you can spend this time of year that you won't forget. Among the best things to do during this season is to travel. Traveling in winter is a very different experience.

Cities and provinces with cold and snowy weather are great for all kinds of winter activities, and warm cities with pleasant weather are perfect for sightseeing during the coldest time of the year. Simply consider your interests, and if you want to visit Iran in winter, find the best winter destinations in Iran and start a hot and exciting adventure in the coldest months of the year.

Watching Beautiful Sky on Mysterious Desert Nights

Among tourists, Iran is known as a country with beautiful and attractive deserts. If you have ever traveled to the deserts of Iran, you are probably familiar with their extraordinary beauty. If you have the opportunity to travel to Iran during the winter season, we definitely recommend you to visit its beautiful deserts. In the following, we will introduce you to the deserts that can be a special winter travel destination in Iran for you during the winter season.

Mesr Desert

Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran- Mesr Desert

Mesr Desert is one of the best known places in Isfahan province and is considered one of the most beautiful natural sights in Iran and one of the best Iran deserts. Surrounding this beautiful desert to the west, southwest and southeast are mountain ranges which form part of the mountain range of the Central Plateau of Iran. Beautiful sand dunes have formed in natural pits at the foothills of these mountains in the Mesr desert, making them the target of tourism and desert climbing.

Over the past few years, people of Mesr village have increasingly sought to provide accommodation and services for travelers to this region, especially in the tourism industry. The reputation of the Mesr desert has also changed their lives; before, they were mainly engaged in farming and animal breeding, as well as cultivating saffron and wheat, they also raised camels.

Most people who visit the desert do not miss the desert nights and camping in the beautiful nature. Nevertheless, if you don't feel like camping in the desert, you can enjoy the benefits of Mesr desert accommodations, ranging from traditional and eco-friendly lodgings to desert hotels. Most Mesr desert eco-tourism lodges are local houses with completely traditional architecture, giving guests the sweet feeling of living in the desert. When you camp in the desert, watching the desert sky at night can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. This why Mesr desert is considered among the best winter destinations in Iran.

The best time to visit the Mesr desert is between the months of November and the beginning of May, according to tourists who have visited this area as one of the attractions of Isfahan. During this time, the weather in the area is relatively mild, but it is still possible to face a scorching sun. Obviously, many tourists choose the night to visit this desert and by this way they can have a very good experience of seeing the clear and starry skies. Camping in this desert is possible without any problems, but there are many eco-resorts nearby whose services are available for you. Of course, for those who are in search of luxurious accommodation, there are also hotels near this area.

There is a distance of 642 km between the desert of Mesr and Tehran. You will have about 9 to 10 hours of driving on the way from Tehran to the Mesr desert, starting from Imam Reza highway and you will have to go to Semnan and Damoghan. From Damoghan, you will go to Moaleman and Jandaq to eventually reach the village of Mesr via a dirt road.

Shahdad desert

Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran - shahdad desert

The Shahdad Desert is a region in the heart of Kerman province close to the city of Shahdad, which features an interesting phenomenon called Kaloot. Kaloot refers to the mountain ridges formed in the desert's heart. While the surface of the highest point of these Kaloots is completely flat, the surface which faces the wind is fully sloped. In general, these elevations come as a result of ancient lake sediments which were formed as erosional hills.

Shahdad desert is a unique and natural attraction and its Kaloots is only seen in Utah state of the United States. Having very beautiful and attractive images that are a bit mysterious, Shahdad attracts and hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Simply the presence of this unique phenomenon and its up-close observation is reason enough for a tourist interested in the desert to visit and explore this area. Nevertheless, the Shahdad desert in Kerman has other entertainment options for the tourists and invites them to a pleasant and unforgettable trip, being one of the perfect winter destinations in Iran.

Autumn and winter are the best time to visit Shahdad desert. Actually, the weather conditions for visiting this unique and beautiful attraction are very favorable in autumn. If you wish, you can of course choose spring and enjoy a desert trip in this season.

From Tehran, first drive towards the city of Nehbandan and then take the Kerman-Bam road. Keep driving for 35 km until you reach Sirach and then turn into Shahdad road. After driving a few kilometers on this road, you will reach the Shahdad-Golbaf intersection. Go on the road with the Shahdad sign to enter the desert. While you are on the highway before arriving on Sirach, you will have to drive on a mountain road after arriving on Sirach. Be careful driving on this road to protect yourself and other passengers.

Abouzeid Abad Desert

Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran - Abouzeid Abad Desert

The Abouzeid Abad Desert is a section of the Band Rig Desert in the north of Abouzeid Abad and northeast of Kashan, and is considered one of the best winter destinations in Iran. Like any other part of the desert, Abouzeid Abad is hiding its supreme beauty in deep silence, in addition to its hot sand dunes and vast and unique views. The Abouzeid Abad desert is among the most popular destinations for tourists interested in this kind of attractions, alongside other desert attractions in Iran, such as the Maranjab desert and the Egyptian desert.

For visiting Abouzeid Abad desert, the best seasons are autumn, winter, and early spring. Similar to other parts of the desert, during summer, the weather in this area is hot. Nature tourism tours to Abouzeid Abad desert and the underground city of Uyi normally take place in the cold half of the year. Tehran's distance to Abouzeid Abad Desert is about 270 km only, and you can reach Abouzeid Abad Desert near Kashan if you drive three hours from Tehran. You can reach Abouzeid Abad desert from other cities in the country through the cities of Natanz and Kashan.

You can choose the best way to reach one of these two cities based on where you are coming from. To get to this desert from Tehran, you must take the Qom highway from the southern exits of the city and get to Kashan. Once in the city of Kashan, take the right turn off Mulla Sadra Blvd after Basij Square. You will arrive at Abouzeid Abad desert after 30 kilometers on this route. There will be signposts along the way to show you the way. The convenient distance of Abouzeid Abad Desert from Tehran and its easy accessibility attract many tourists to this area, which is amongst the best winter destinations in Iran.

Enjoying the dreamy beaches of Iran's beautiful islands

Being a country with four seasons, you can enjoy the wonderful weather of Iranian islands in the cold winter. Iran has various islands in the Persian Gulf that can be a good host for you in the winter season with their fine weather and dream beaches.

Hormoz Island

Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran - Hormoz Island

Hormoz Island has pristine nature and unique views to offer. It is also considered one of the best winter destinations in Iran due to its mild climate in the winter season. Among the most important features of the island is the edible red soil, which has no equal in the world, making it known as the only edible island in Iran.

The Persian Gulf's blue coast also offers an ideal opportunity to go to the beach and do all sorts of water sports and diving. In addition, on this island you can learn about the way of life of the locals in the south of Iran, their clothes, food and customs. You should definitely visit attractions such as Portuguese Castle, Dr. Nadalian Museum, Valley of Silence, Valley of Statues, Rainbow Valley and Meditation Cave and build a beautiful memory for yourself.

When traveling by car from Tehran to Hormoz, your first stop will be in the city of Qom. Then you should go to Yazd, continue to Sirjan and from there to Bandar Abbas. The distance from Tehran to Bandar Abbas is 1,286 kilometers by road. After arriving in Bandar Abbas, you can take ferries and sea buses to Hormoz Island. Shahid Zakeri Wharf in Qeshm and Shahid Haghani Wharf in Bandar Abbas run special boats to Hormoz Island at specific times every day.

Hengam Island

Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran - Hengam Island

Hengam Island is considered one of the most spectacular islands in the Persian Gulf and the best winter destinations in Iran, which can only be reached by boat across the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. Starting with autumn, this island is home to dolphins that stay in this area until mid-May, adding to its charm. Most interestingly, the island hosts animals such as the jabir (a species of deer native to the Indo-Iranian subcontinent), the Uromastyx aegyptia (a reptile belonging to the lizard family) and the eagle-nosed turtle.

Among the attractions of Hengam Island is its shiny and silver beach, that has a glossy effect due to a kind of shiny mineral in the sand. The Natural Aquarium, a pristine area on this island, boasts crystal clear waters where you can watch fish and other aquatic life swimming among sponges and corals. In addition, you can enjoy swimming in the water if you want to.

In addition to the natural attractions, Hengam Island also includes small historical monuments such as the Portuguese cemetery, the remains of the British ship, the British naval base, the mother and daughter stone statue, creeks and two abandoned villages that appeal to most tourists. Like Hormoz, to reach this island you first have to go to Bandar Abbas and take a ferry to Hengam Island.

Qeshm Island

Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran - Qeshm Island

The island of Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf and one of the most beautiful winter destinations in Iran, attracting many tourists, especially in the winter. Offering unique natural attractions such as Star Valley, Naz Island, Chahko Strait, Harra Forest, Khorbes Cave, Namakdan Cave, and so on, the island became the first geopark in the Middle East to be registered in the world. Furthermore, seven of these attractions have been named the Seven Wonders of Qeshm.

Besides, due to its long history, Qeshm Island has numerous historical sites such as the Kalat Koshtar, Bibi Maryam tomb, Qeshm historical cemeteries, Kamaliyeh historical school, among others, which are well worth a visit. Having preserved the traditional structure of the island, the appeal of your visit to this area will undoubtedly be doubled. In addition to the sights of Qeshm, you can also enjoy the water sports and diving and give yourself a new experience. Moreover, many tourists come to Qeshm for shopping, enjoying the favorable prices.

Unique and Exciting Experiences in Iran's Ski Resorts

Is it possible to talk about winter travel and not consider winter sports and skiing? As already mentioned, Iran is a country with four seasons, where in winter you can find both a beach with hot sand and snow-covered mountains for skiing. In the next part of this article, we will introduce you to three famous ski resorts in the country that are amongst the best winter destinations in Iran.

Pouladkaf Ski Resort

Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran - Pouladkaf Ski Resort

Pouladkaf ski resort, which is the second largest ski resort in Iran, is situated in Sepidan city and is 80 km away from Shiraz. It is possible to use this slope during four seasons of the year. Pouladkaf ski slope has a four-star hotel, 4 dining establishments, a 2 km long cable car, 2 ski lifts with a height of 1,600 m and 8 snowmobiles.

There is a smaller ski resort, the Sepidan Ski Resort, near the Pouladkaf Ski Resort. The strong snowfall in the winter season is the amazing attraction of the Fars province in this area. Because of the location of the slope on the way to the beautiful Margoon waterfall, the ski slope has a special position between tourists.

The availability of suitable and diverse accommodation and recreational facilities for this slope allows this resort to be used in other seasons as well, making it possible to practice the fun sport of grass skiing in this complex during the summer season.

Dizin Ski Resort

Top Adventurous Winter Destinations in Iran- Dizin Ski Resort

While it cannot be said that it is the best ski resort in Iran, Dizin is certainly one of the best ski resorts in our country. Dizin slope is regarded as the first slope in our country to be approved by the World Ski Federation for holding official competitions. Located in the north of Tehran city in Gajereh region, the slope is about 71 km away from Shemshak.

Located between 2650 and 3600 meters above sea level. There are convenience facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and so forth on this track to ensure the comfort of passengers. Besides, there are 3 cable cars, 2 chair lifts, 7 platter lifts and one hammer ski lift to access the Dizin Ski Resort.

You have two ways to get to Dizin. In winter, there is only one way to get to Dizin. And that is the Babaei highway towards Lashkarak and finally Fasham. Why do we say one way? Well, because there is so much snow and rain in winter, the road from Shemshak to Dizin or the upper road is closed. In conclusion, Dizin Ski Resort is one of the best places to visit in Iran of you love winter sports.

Chelgerd Ski Resort

Chelgerd Ski Resort

Somewhat further down in Kurdistan, on the map of Iran, you may find the province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. Actually, this province is one of the most beautiful areas of Iran in the hot days of the year. Its bubbling springs and green nature are God's gift to the people of Koohrang.

Needless to say, the beauty of Koohrang is not only limited to summer. During winter, the town of Chalgerd is home to one of best Iran ski resorts. The Chalgerd ski resort, with a length of 800 meters and a slope of 20%, is one of the attractions in Koohrang, making it as one of the best winter destinations in Iran.

There are snow blowers, ski lifts and several elevators for visitors among the facilities of this ski resort. You need to reach Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province to ski on this slope, then drive to Koohrang and from there find the access to the slope with the help of signposts.


In this article, we have presented you some attractive and the best winter destinations in Iran, together with many other Iran attractions. The massive country of Iran has various tourist attractions to offer in all seasons, and there are different destinations for almost all tourists with special preferences. Whether you want to travel to the deserts of Iran in winter, sunbathe on the beautiful beaches of the Iranian islands of the Persian Gulf, or ski on the slopes of the snow-capped mountains of this country, there are many options for you.

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